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Pros and Cons

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✅ Pros

It has a great variety of images.
Review Pros
Tailor Brands platform is very easy to use for even newbies.
The platform possesses feature versatility.
It has variety of fonts.
It offers good value for money.
The customer support offered on Tailor Brands is one of the best in the business for sure.
All plans include high-quality logo files, access to stock photos, and a 3-page website builder.
The Premium plan includes social media management tools and an online store.
Customers can also dive into designer resources to get more tips and tricks for their business.
It is incredibly easy to use.
It is an easy tool to use.
Extensive range of branding tools are available.
The designs are not only unique but also have ready-to-use quality for all kinds of businesses.
It is easy to use.
From Tailor Brands business cards to email signatures and social media help, the full range of products goes beyond logos.
It offers full suite of branding tools.
The subscription plans are competitively priced, with discounted annual and biennial plans.
Tailor Brands also offers many interesting social media tools as one of its products.
The FAQ section offered on Tailor Brands is unparalleled to any other logo maker service in the world.
It is worth way more than what it costs.
Its pricing structure is reasonable.
Tailor Brands makes everything downloadable. And they ensure that you truly own all your intellectual property.
A wide array of supplementary products and services means Tailor Brands is good value for money.
The automated logo generator at Tailor Brands is simple, automated and offer great outcome overall.
Various logo formats are available.
There are instructions for everything.
Merchandising and printing services are also available.
If you are looking to build your logos on-the-go, Tailor Brands offers a fully functional app for Android devices.
It has an easy-to-use editor.
It is good for newbies.
Affordable pricing plans are available.
It allows multiple downloadable file options.
Even though Tailor Brands focuses on the branding aspect of design across their suite of tools, the tools themselves are high-quality and rock-solid.
The promised timeframe for a reply is a tentative 24 hours, and mostly, they’ve done better than that.
There are three subscription plans.
24 hour customer support is available.
You can get a range of logos designed for free.
Marketing and promotion tools are available.
A range of video tutorials and lots of helpful articles can be found in the knowledge base.
Every logo you design, even if you haven’t paid for it yet, gets saved so you can come back to it later.
It has user friendly interface.
Tailor Brands offers you a fully automated, AI-powered design process.
To all those who confuse the brand with just a simple logo-designing software, it is more than that.
It offers sleek and professional designs.
Since Tailor Brands is fully automated, there are no constraints on time, speed, revisions, requests, or redos.
They offer a wide range of free logos that can be used by the client.
It has brand-relevant logo generator.
They have an entire tool suite that focuses on unifying your entire brand everywhere.
The presentation of your finished product is also top-quality.
The platform focuses on brands over assets.
There is extensive internal knowledge base.
Variety of color customization options are available.
There’s no question of ownership of design assets. You own your brand, period.
One of the major highlights is definitely it’s easy to use, user interface.
Tailor Brands has a mobile app available for Android devices.
It offers great value for money.
The logo editor is simple, mostly self-explanatory, and easy to use if you click around for a bit.
One of the biggest pros of Tailor Brands is that it generates automated yet amazingly useful logos.
The platform is very straightforward and getting a logo design is impressively painless.
It has affordable plans.
It offers the best turnaround speed.
It has easy to use editor with great preview functions.
Users can get a personalized branding kit with business cards, branded merchandise, branded templates, and more.
Add-on services are great.
Tailor Brands use artificial intelligence to create multiple design options for your logo within just a few minutes.
You can create and edit your logo for free.
Mobile app is available.
Custom website builder is available.
The logo maker platform is attractive and easy to use.
AI logo generator works great.

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❌ Cons

Users have to sign up to view and edit logo designs.
There is no contact number.
Limited customization options are available.
Tailor Brands does not provide one-on-one consulting with a designer to deliver a uniquely personalized logo.
There is no free trial.
Limited contact options are available.
The platform does not provide phone support, which is a great downside.
The platform only offers subscription plans.
You need to do many revisions before getting a finished look.
Vectors cost more.
Tailor Brands does not offer one-on-one consultation with their logo designers to discuss your outcome.
There are no .svg image formats.
Limited customization options are available.
There is limited customization in free plan.
There is no monthly subscription for the basic plan.
Logo designs aren’t unique.
Lots of Logo Designing option available with same price.
There are user privacy concerns.
This software lacks more advanced graphic design features.
It is privately using investor money to focus on the product rather than profit or market share.
Customer support needs improvement.
Logos aren’t unique.
Even though Tailor Brands does a lot of the branding & design work for the customer, they still leave a lot of creative work up to the customer.
It’s important to remember Tailor Brands logos are not pre-made and you can make tweaks, such as to the font and color schemes.
There are no social media resizing options.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
Tailor Brands is a comprehensive solution to establish new brands from scratch. It will work great for individuals with no marketing or business background. Newbies will appreciate the ease of use and simplicity when it comes to creating websites or use the logo generator. The system delivers a bunch of additional marketing tools to grow your brand online as well as keep customers engaged. eCommerce functionality is developed enough to start selling online.
Tailor Brands is an online logo maker for businesses. Features include an AI-powered logo creator with editing tools, business cards, branded merchandise, and a variety of social tools. Businesses can use Tailor Brands to create a complete set of high-quality brand assets online.
We’ve designed tons of test samples using Tailor Brands and have never needed assistance. We were impressed with the outstanding Tailor’s tools to create different designs. Although the brand has unique technology, it still has contemporary vibes with the cheapest rates.
All things considered, we can conclude our review on a positive note. If you’re trying to complete your branding strategy in one fell swoop, Tailor Brands is well worth giving a shot.
If you are looking for an easy to use and highly-creative online logo maker, this is all you need right now. The platform is easy to use and feasible for all kinds of businesses and products. The integrated options and customization features are second to none for sure. Try the free trial to know more.
Tailor Brands offers a high-quality logo generator tool that lets you create logos in about 10 minutes. The downside is the ongoing membership costs, surrendering of your private information, and the fact that the generator falls short of what a designer can produce.
Tailor Brands is one of the best logo maker tools out there in the market and they offer the cheapest price as compared to their competitors like Canva. We highly recommend checking Tailor Brands for your logo designing needs. Tailor Brand is a great option if you are for your first stop for your logo design to build your brand, in case you are looking for advanced logo designing Tailor Brands can surely help but there are other platforms that have expertise inexperienced logo designing.
Aside from logo generation, Tailor Brands also provides AI-driven website design, social media marketing tools, and some print work to put your logo on things like business cards and shirts. The pricing is odd, considering it’s a subscription-based service, and I’m honestly not a fan of the way Tailor Brands implemented that.
In our opinion, Tailor Brands is a great logo maker service that offers various marketing and business services. However, the company strives to be more of a logo maker including the website builder tool of its own. It is a great choice for graphic designers from medium-sized to large businesses. If you need more affordable services of logo maker tools, there are few other choices as well.
By bundling design management tools, including a social media editor and quality website builder with an automated logo & brand designer, Tailor Brands has figured out something new & different. If you are a non-designer trying to build a consistent brand identity across the Web & offline, Tailor Brands is worth a try.
If you are looking to build great logo designs quickly and affordably for your business besides other designed elements, Tailor Brands is a perfect choice. You can go through all the sort of designing and customizing without much effort.
If you don’t have the time or money to invest in a professionally-designed logo, or you’re worried your tech skills aren’t up to scratch, Tailor Brands might just be the answer. More experienced users may find the customization options a bit limited, or be put off by the pre-designed icons. But thanks to the features available on its premium plans, Tailor Brands can also offer a more long-term service. It can be your automated branding consultancy.
Tailor brands not only offer an affordable logo making solution but it offers subscribers access to a full range of branding and social media tools to help freelancers, business owners, and entrepreneurs grow a successful brand online. Tailor Brands will create you numerous logo designs in less than 3 minutes using the artificial intelligence designer. You can then fully customize your chosen design with the logo maker editor to get the exact look and feel you want.
To conclude our Tailor Brands review, we can confidently say that you won’t be sorry if you trust Tailor Brands to help you with your logo. The Tailor logo maker is incredibly easy to use and affordable, providing its customers with optimal value for money. The interface is pretty straightforward, and the design process is as uncomplicated as possible to cater to beginners and novices.
Tailor Brands is a bargain – it’s easy-to-use, yields beautiful results, and helps you with comprehensive branding solutions. So, our Tailor Brands review bottom line is clear: If you need an awesome logo without hiring a designer, this is the tool for you!

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