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✅ Pros

The software can copy all trades from your Telegram, onto your chosen MT4/MT5 account – no matter what language the signal is sent in.
Review Pros
The same developers have created a sister tool called TelegramFxBacktest.
Telegram Fx Copier is compatible with all of the Telegram channels and chats you could be joining.
Compared to some of the other forex trade copiers on our Best Trade Copiers listOpens in a new tab., the price of Telegram Fx Copier is fairly competitive and certainly not too far on the high end.
The tool comes with a huge amount of risk management options, allowing you to fully customise stop losses, take profits, risk, lot sizes and much more.

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Review Summaries
In summary, Telegram Fx Copier is a great tool for copying forex trades from Telegram, to your MT4 and MT5 accounts. It’s of course much more limited than the other tools on our Best Forex Trade Copiers ListOpens in a new tab., as it just focuses on Telegram, but it does this better than any other solution in the industry.

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