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✅ Pros

There’s increased balance and agility at play when using the Terra-Core.
Review Pros
You can use the Terra-Core in a similar way to how you’d use a plyo box.
The Terra Core has tons of beginner exercises.
It’s more versatile than others like it.
The base is incredibly sturdy and well-made.
There are two different sets of handles on the flat underside that are perfect for doing planks, mountain climbers and pushups.
Terra-Core Fitness has partnered with the American Council on Exercise to offer certifications in Terra Core classes and training.
The top dome is made of a thick, smooth plastic and a rougher plastic to provide some traction.
It’s also perfect as an aerobic step or for crossfit exercises.
The Terra-Core is very well built.
It is 46”, nearly 4ft long and weighs 28lbs so with the hand-grips and sidebars on the base.
Every time I work out with my Terra-Core, I find new ways to target the same muscle groups.
As a weight loss tool, the terra core is unrivaled. It is optimal for doing crunches, building abdominal muscles, shoulder muscles and leg muscles.
The Terra Core offers so many possibilities for exercises.
What I love most about the Terra Core and what I think makes it so genius is the handles. This allows me to do overhead presses, rows, and more.
The Terra-Core can also be used as a dumbbell, thus incorporating even more strength and toning exercises into its training uses.
It comes with a small air pump and instruction video, so once you get it blown up you are good to go.
By varying the exercises you can target your entire body.
The versatility of this bad boy is insane.
It literally takes minutes to set up your Terra Core.
It has a maximum weight limit of 1,000 pounds.
It’s practically an entirely new piece of equipment.
It gives access to hundreds of different exercises, and numerous types.
Terra-core balance trainer benefits are scientifically proven to engage 4 times more muscle groups than the same exercise on a flat, hard surface.
Beginners can benefit from using it to improve balance.
The Terra Core Balance Trainer is seriously legit.
It has an inflated side and a flat side, both of which you can use for different exercises.
The trainer can be paired with various fitness accessories to maximize your results.
The oblong shape provides a lot more surface area to work with.
The terra core is designed to work by itself or with resistance bands, dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine balls, trx and all other fitness accessories.
It is suitable for all fitness levels.
The bottom side offers pushup handles and other exercises to help build balance and agility.

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❌ Cons

It’s more expensive than some fitness aids, but excellent value considering its quality and all it offers
This ingenious all in one home workout piece is a little bit pricier than some of its competitors.
While every Terra-Core comes with a poster showing several dozen exercises you can do with the equipment, it’s really just an introduction.
The Terra Core is a bit on the pricier side of exercise equipment, running $199 plus tax.
For me, it’s cumbersome to carry.
Learning to balance on the dome can take time, but it is well-worth persevering.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
This ingenious all in one home workout piece is a little bit pricier than some of its competitors. It is designed to mold to the individual user’s body, and the exercise options it offers are virtually limitless. While other balance boards provide similar benefits, not all can boast the durability of the Terra Core Balance Trainer.
At 35 pounds, the Terra-Core is heavier than you might expect and it’s around 47 inches in length, so you need the square footage to use it and store it between workouts. It’s portable but heavy (depending on your definition of heavy—for me, it’s cumbersome to carry).
The Terra Core is like a combination of a balance/stability trainer (like the Bosu), a bench, and a stepper plus a lot more. nlike most other stability trainers that have a flat, mostly unusable bottom surface, this one has a BUNCH of versatile features like power grip handles, long metal bars for carrying or lifting, and grooves along the curved edges to hold all kinds of resistance tubing.
All in all the Terra-Core is a very well built, highly versatile, efficient and fun piece of equipment for your home gym or wherever you want to train. Beginners can benefit from using it to improve balance and in doing so, toning other muscles and more advanced fitness enthusiasts can include it in HIIT cardio workouts and more intense muscle exercises.
Terra-Core Balance Trainer is a portable weight-loss gym equipment which is compact and fits in our room. The Terra-Core combines tools for resistance training, aerobic training and functional training for everyone from beginners through advanced fitness trainers.
With two sets of handles for push-ups and divots for resistance bands, the Terra Core Balance Trainer is literally the only piece of equipment you need for a killer full-body workout.
If you’re looking for a simple, but effective piece of equipment to add to your home gym then I 100% recommend looking into the Terra Core!

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