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✅ Pros

HostSoch’s security options are good, offering tools that combat some of the most common website risks.
Review Pros
Unlimited resources are available.
Lifetime domain registration is avaialble with advanced or better plans.
It has rapid and reliable uptime guarantee.
Budget-friendly hosting packages are offered.
It provides you free backup and restore via R1Soft.
You get free CDN from Cloudflare when you host with HostSoch.
HostSoch always uses a CDN to maintain an uptime of 100%.
It offers pocket-friendly hosting packages.
It allows unlimited resources with Advanced plans or better.
It offers cost-free site migration and SSL.
It offers lifetime domain registration with Advanced plans or better.
It offers fee SSL & site migration.
HostSoch offers pocket-friendly services with free .com domain for lifetime.
It has excellent 24/7 customer support.
Free privacy protection is offered.
It offers pocket-friendly hosting packages.
It has high performing servers.
Renewal prices are same.
Experienced support team is available 24×7 to look after HostSoch complaints.
Along with free domain name you also get domain privacy protection free of cost.
HostSoch also comes with a dashboard full of applications so that you can integrate various services, like Google Apps and the aforementioned CloudFlare, to increase the possibilities of your site.
It excellent customer support.

❌ Cons

It has limited scalability: no VPS or cloud hosting.
HostSoch servers a slower than competition hence you must bear that.
No SSL certificates are included in packages.
It has sluggish response time.
Prices are more or less similar to the competitors.

Final Say

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Review Summaries
HostSoch is one of the top best for website hosting. Because there are many options and offers they provide to their users. It has multiple hosting plans so any kind of user can easily buy the hosting and domain names at the affordable cost. For the new blogger to start a website is a good choice.
Hostsoch is an excellent choice for SMB’s in India looking to establish their first company website – or perhaps shift over from a different hosting provider. However, their lack of VPS and cloud hosting packages may prove problematic for rapidly-expanding startups.
HostSoch can be a great choice for a small online business or to set up your first company website. If you wish to change your hosting provider then you can prefer this hosting as a perfect solution. But it might be challenging for an expanding business that needs some extra resources to steady its ship.
HostSoch has proven to be reliable and budget friendly host. We recommend HostSoch to all the beginners or the ones with a tight budget to go for it and combine it with some server optimization techniques.
HostSoch has established itself as a reliable and cost-effective Web Hosting service provider company because of positive HostSoch Reviews from valuable customers. The HostSotch can be recommended to every customer or business enterprises that are looking for budget-friendly services along with server optimization systems.

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