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✅ Pros

It is delivered in a biodegradable package.
Review Pros
It is made of locally-sourced ingredients.
Instead of using isolates, The Brothers Apothecary uses hemp flower in its capsules, teas, and smokeable blends and rosin for its honey to keep in line with the company’s ethos to produce more natural applications of hemp.
It is best for sleep & relaxation.
In over 6 years in business, the brand has expanded from teas to honey, herbal capsules, smokable blends, and essential oil blends.
The hemp is proudly sourced from organic, local farms in Oregon.
Everything sold by The Brothers Apothecary is either made in Portland, Oregon.
Utilizing Rosehip Oil as a primary ingredient, known as a “dry oil,” allows this smooth and luscious cream to somehow effortlessly kiss the skin once applied – leaving little to no residue whatsoever!
It is 100% hand-made.
They have utilised Green Leaf Lab in Oregon for their tests.
It is vegan & organic.
It can help with anxiety.
First thing we noticed when applying this product is it is on the thicker side and a little goes a long way.
Along with hemp flowers and smoking blends, The Brothers Apothecary sells CBD tea, skincare, lattes, honey, tinctures, and more.
It makes for a very reasonable price if you’re looking to get a high amount with your tea.
As with the brand’s herb blends, they combine many different organically grown or wild-harvested ingredients, including everything from turmeric (used in latte mixes) to valerian (used in tablets and teas).
It has been tested both in-house and with reputable third-party labs.
It is tested for purity and potency, ensuring the highest-quality top-shelf product every time.
It is sold in 3 pack sizes.
The Brothers Apothecary has active accounts on Instagram and Facebook, where you can learn about the latest events, products, and more.
Offering 200mg of the highest quality CBD oil, this product comes jam-packed with quality ingredients and retails at a great price of $29.99!
The honey is from organic wildflowers.
Offering an ingredient list for each product with corresponding, detailed description and photos,The Brother’s Apothecary achieves assuredness and education for their customers.

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❌ Cons

The price is around $15, which might come up higher than your normal average box of CBD tea.
Unfortunately, few of these tests include heavy metal, pesticide, residual solvent, or microbial contaminant testing. Most of these tests are focused on the cannabinoid content of the sample product.
Might be too potent for beginners, some CBD tea reviews claim.
At this time, Brother’s Apothecary only ships to the United States.
The company doesn’t have USDA certified organic hemp at the moment.

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Review Summaries
If you’re looking for a new, well-constructed face cream using CBD all at a great price, we very much advise you to check out Brother’s Apothecary Renewing Face Cream and their entire lineup! The quality, attention to detail, and effectiveness speaks for itself and we really feel like you will be very pleased with your purchase!
Beyond CBD, the Golden Dream also includes chamomile, which is a popular natural remedy for insomnia, with its abundance of apigenin helping to create a calming effect in the body, allowing you to drift off to sleep easier at night.
The Brothers Apothecary has unique product offerings with a wide range of formulations so customers can personalize their CBD supplements. If you’re looking for a more natural and holistic approach for your CBD supplementation, we highly recommend The Brothers Apothecary capsules and smoking herbs. It uses whole hemp flowers and a blend of medicinal herbs to better leverage the effects of CBD for the desired condition.
Over the last few years, The Brothers Apothecary has grown from a unique idea into one of the industry’s most exciting brands. And despite its growth, it continues to operate as a small, family-run business, with the titular brothers at the helm. All hemp is grown organically in the United States and is tested for purity and potency, ensuring the highest-quality top-shelf product every time.
The Brothers Apothecary Golden Dream Hemp CBD herbal tea is the ideal beverage to soothe your mind and body. In addition to full-spectrum, Oregon-grown hemp, this unique formula contains relaxing chamomile, refreshing spearmint, and vitamin-rich orange peel — all hand-selected to help you relax and improve your slumber.

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