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✅ Pros

Customers are free to share their ideas for their bespoke jackets in a free design consultancy via email.
Review Pros
The make and stitching of the jacket is impeccable as there were no loose threads.
They handmake each jacket with the utmost attention to craftsmanship and detail.
All products by The Jacket Maker are handmade.
The process of ordering was very simple.
The Jacket Maker totally offers full customization options as well as opportunities.
The Jacket Maker is the direct-to-consumer approach.
Zippers were smooth.
It is also well crafted; no loose threads, a smooth-moving and durable zipper, tonal lining, straight stitches, etc.
The suede is beautifully textured.
I do like the collar and the details on the sleeves.
They verified sizes and adjusted the pockets in my bespoke jacket to ensure that everything fits.
The process was straightforward and my design consultant kept me informed every step of the way.
The Jacket Maker offers video tutorials to help you get accurate measurements.
Many reviewers note how great their customer service is, even if there does happen to be an issue with their jacket and they need to return or exchange it.
You know exactly when the package will arrive.
The Jacket Maker really does keep as many different people and many varying sizes in mind.
It is perfect for travel as it is so lightweight.
Only the best raw materials are used.
It is quite affordable.
The style and color are exactly what was on the website.
The price is unbelievable.
The polyester lining inside is quite cozy and soft, making it very comfortable to wear over a short-sleeve t-shirt.
This jacket is surprisingly warm.
The Jacket Maker also enables customers to have a preview of their order, just before it is delivered.
Since it came via DHL I received a text and email when it was shipped and provided the date and delivery window.
The design consultant will courteously guide you through the creative process, leaving no stone unturned.
It’s a perfect fit.
The Jacket Maker does not have any brick and mortar stores and is entirely online.
You can choose to buy it in a standard size, choose to have it “made to measure,” or customize the product.
There are no signs of wrinkles in the hide, which is one of the indictors for high quality skins.
The Jacket Maker seems to have made a name for itself with its customizable jackets.
The design consultants at The Jacket Maker ensure all customers are given state-of-the-art assistance.
They have free international shipping and that you even can have your clothes custom-made.
There are limitless possibilities with custom tailoring.
The idea of having a coat customized so that it fits perfectly is really appealing.
The Jacket Maker’s direct-to-consumer model, enables their products to be sold at ¼ the price of what luxury brands would sell them for.
They foster diversity and expression by way of a full customisation program.
The Jacket Maker offers free shipping all over the world, on all orders, with no minimum order sizes or special exceptions.
Made-to-measure option only costs $30 extra.
They seem to have a relatively affordable price tag.
It was a highly collaborative process as ideas were tossed back and forth.
All their jackets are made with full grain natural leather, using YKK zippers and polyester lining.
I also really like the style.
The feel is very soft.
All products at The Jacket Maker are handmade.
They provide fair pricing directly to the consumer.
They use the finest raw materials.
The quality is surprisingly good.
They have excellent and attentive customer service.
You can even go for print, monograms or any kind of artwork or embroidery that reflects your personal style and individuality.
With The Jacket Maker, you get a dedicated design consultant to work on your custom project without any charges and final commitment to purchase.
They offer every possible size.
All their jackets are offered in eight standard sizes from XS to 4XL along with a Made-to-Measure and Customized option.
As for the design, I really love the matte finish of the leather.
Their delivery times are exceptionally fast- around 10-20 days.
The Jacket Maker’s website and the sheer number of styles they have available are both incredible.
The Jacket Maker seems to come by generally good reviews by its users.
They offer free worldwide shipping.

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❌ Cons

It smelled like chemicals.
The interior pocket design may look a little strange compared to what you’d find on an off-the-rack coat.
Stitching on buttons may be inferior to rest of the stitching.
The leather isn’t as soft and luxe as my jacket from Universal Standard.
The jacket had a bit of a chemical smell when it came out of the box.
The zip quality I am a little worried about.
The jacket’s a little snug, and it’s across the entire torso and back.
It was too big and not funky enough for me.
Packaging felt a bit haphazard.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
Overall I found the experience and customer service was top notch and the results were fantastic. And I never had to leave my home once during the process — everything was done online.
The Jacket Maker is the place to visit for all your leather apparel needs. The custom leather apparel feature, especially; is something that is definitely contributing to creatively disrupting fashion retail and in so doing has managed to transport the fashion industry into the future. While all this may be truly impressive, what you can take to the bank is that The Jacket Maker involves every customer at every stage of this ‘one of a kind experience’. Making them one of the somewhat few who truly put their customers’ needs first.
To date, The Jacket Maker has fulfilled over 60,000 custom order requests, delivered to over 1000 cities around the world, and garnered over 700 5-star reviews. Going the extra mile in every possible regard, the brand guarantees nothing but the highest levels of quality, craftsmanship, customisation, and customer satisfaction.
The Jacket Maker’s most attractive feature is their price point. While we wouldn’t call it “luxury,” it’s clear that the leather jacket we tried punches above its weight class for quality and fit.
In this era of fast fashion even when one pays that extra cash. The disposable attitude to fashion is worse than ever. It is a jacket I would not hold on to. I gave this jacket away as it really was not a jacket for me. I am all about quality leather items. It was too big and not funky enough for me. it’s a jacket for a more conservative personality.
If you want to get an entirely customized jacket, you can go to their customization section and describe what you want for your custom order. They seem to have a relatively affordable price tag. Many reviewers note how great their customer service is, even if there does happen to be an issue with their jacket and they need to return or exchange it.
it is pretty evident that it is one of the best leather outerwear brands that stays true to its credo, guaranteeing customer satisfaction and so much more. Head on over if you’d like an experience you will always remember.
The Jacket Maker offers styles for men and women. At the time of writing this, The Jacket Maker had over 45 styles of jackets, blazers, trenches, dresses, and vests for women made of leather and suede. Every style can be made to measure, customized, or available in off-the-rack sizes from XXS to 3XL and are offered with free worldwide shipping.
I felt like the jacket really was made with my measurements in mind. I measured the jacket myself after getting it, and every detail was spot on. In fact, the sleeves were just about right and the shoulder length fits my measurements. My guy really likes his jacket and he said that it fits him really well, and I agree!
In our opinion, a good leather jacket starts in the $300 to $400 range. But there are only so many styles out there on the racks, and sizing can be tough. The Jacket Maker works closely and carefully with you to suit your fit and style, whatever that may be. I might have spent a good deal more (try three times what this jacket would cost) purchasing the one that initially got me thinking at the Varvatos store.
The affordability mixed with the quality is wild. Are there better leather jackets out there? Of course. But The Jacket Maker isn’t going after those manufacturers. They’re carving out their own niche, offering direct-to-consumer jackets at killer prices.
The Jacket Maker is the ideal place to visit for any type of leather outerwear. A design destination that is just as inclusive as its offering wide, varied and diverse. What makes The Jacket Maker experience memorable, unique and definitely enjoyable is that every step of the way is carefully designed and a reliable person assigned to assist every customer with whatever it is they are looking for, this could be regarding sizing, color options, materials or a host of other questions that they answer you in record time.
The leather blazer from The Jacket Makers is a well-made, affordable, figure-flattering luxury wardrobe addition for women who love leather attire. It’s also a great choice for women who seek to buy more sustainable/durable clothing or want customization.

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