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✅ Pros

It is a versatile cleaning solution for a car including leather seats, instrument panels, and dashboards.
Review Pros
It left an incredibly smooth to the touch and silky feel to the paintwork.
It is a very good consumer-level product.
It protects UV rays, dirt, grime, and water spots up to 6 months.
It is actually pretty good value for money.
It is a hydrophobic solution for a car and no harmful chemicals are found.
TLC claims that this product will give you 4-6 months of protection.
It was easy to apply.
It is a better water repellent solution that contains no silicone and oil.

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Review Summaries
If the last coat would be the last one sealant on the earth it can easily serve your purpose for 6 months of car protection. Now you can beat the tough spots with the non- hazardous car polish spray and leave a glossy shine just in a moment of seconds.
Initially, I am quite impressed with TLC and I am glad I got to try it out ( thanks to a generous reader! ) I have seen some people complain about how much it costs ( I think it’s around $40 per bottle), but given the amount I have used on the first application, this bottle will go a LONG way. I think I could easily get 10 full applications out of the bottle, so I guess it is actually pretty good value for money.

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