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✅ Pros

An insightful background on health and wellness is given by the expert Nick.
Review Pros
There’s also a bunch of suggested tapping patterns (with phrases) you can use throughout the book if you’re having trouble getting started.
Some of the sections and questions definitely made me re-examine and re-evaluate things that have happened in my own past that have led me down this path.
It gives an in in-depth explanation of how tapping can retrain the brain, reduce stress, and heal relationships.
It is fast paced and intense, with no filler paragraphs you can skim past.
Having an excerpt by Christiane Northrup is very convincing validation for how great the book is and how important the topic is, for every woman.
It explains the practical applications for implementing this do-it-yourself therapy into your life.
The Tapping World Summit provides enthusiasts with a forum to trade ideas, discuss concepts, and further their understanding of the revolutionary alternative treatment method known as Tapping.
It also comes with an extensive glossary, recommended reading list, and bibliography relevant to The Tapping Solution.
The Tapping Solution has been recommended by a number of renowned experts in the health industry, including Wayne Dyer, Jack Canfield, Louise Hay, Lissa Rankin.
I applaud Jessica for her vulnerability in sharing her story, which was not easy for her.
The quotations and opinions in the beginning of the book are from some of the most respectable and admirable women of our time.
The book also explains the history and science behind tapping.
A clear outline and diagrams of the major tapping points on the human body are included.
Other than the tapping scripts in the book, you also get access to fuller scripts by following a link within each chapter.
I found it enabled me to release the cravings for cakes and chocolate and biscuits that I had prior to EFT.
Tapping can be used anywhere and applied without the use of external objects.
Nick goes into detail in each chapter giving great food for thought about why we have certain issues through the real life stories he shares.
The book is well-written and divided into clear sections.
It not only teaches you how to start tapping, but has you going straight for your first tapping practice in just the second chapter. No wasting time.
Pretty much all claims are backed with references to scientific papers.
The organization offers a number of products to help consumers make the most of their Tapping.
The book walks you through exactly how to do it step-by-step.
Page after page is filled with solid information and real life accounts of regular people who made huge strides with EFT.
With clear examples and easy pointers, it lays out a map one can follow to sort out their entire life.
EFT also cured my extreme phobia of wasps and bees.
It covers important topics like dealing with emotional eating, limiting beliefs and past events, finding pleasure in moving your body, taking care of yourself, and food myths.
I like that it’s geared toward women, but that it also helps men.
For a self-help book, you will find it refreshingly interesting.
Each chapter is broken down into easily digestible pieces, surrounds a specific topic, and has you tapping a few times to clear different issues in these areas.
It is easy to follow.
I loved Jessica’s story and how real and relatable it was.
Tapping focuses on releasing fears and clearing limiting beliefs that are holding us back from creating the life we desire.

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❌ Cons

I don’t think tapping by itself will solve anyone’s body issues.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
The Tapping Solution looks like an EFT treatise, but what it really is is a life manual. With clear examples and easy pointers, it lays out a map one can follow to sort out their entire life. If you are like me who greedily skips over pages to get to the “meat of the book”, you’re in for a surprise.
She shares her own personal struggle with weight in a way that makes you feel less ashamed, more proactive and more likely to do something about your weight. She offers you the tools, primarily tapping, also known as EFT, to explore your weight loss issues with lots of consciousness an self awareness which means, with a need to find the truth.
If you want to feel more empowered and confident, healthier and less stressed, this book can definitely help you on the way (though I’m not going to say it’ll make you lose weight – but then again that’s not really the primary objective even though it’s in the title).
The science behind Tapping is relatively sound, with a number of studies backing it as a potential solution to several problems faced by the average consumers. Ultimately, The Tapping Solution offers products well worth the cost for users who might want to integrate the process into their own lives.
Ready to be free from the chains of overwhelming stress, and beliefs that aren’t serving you? Show yourself some love and get The Tapping Solution right now! The EFT techniques taught in this book will help you work through deep rooted emotions and experience the freedom you desire and deserve.
‘The Tapping Solution’ is the most thorough book I have read on the subject of EFT and is a real motivation to tap. Whereas other EFT books have fallen short for me, this book covers in more depth, with full examples of how it has helped people, to fantastic tapping scripts and exercises that can really support a person’s growth and change.
The Tapping Solution guides readers through the process of tapping therapy, giving them a powerful tool for reducing stress and healing emotional and physical pain.

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