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✅ Pros

It also offers Google Analytics integration.
Review Pros
It meets the Amazon policies.
It allows you to sort your links into categories.
You can easily import from third-party APIs like the Amazon Products API.
You can categorize your affiliate links for better organization.
It utomatically links specific keywords in your content to make sure you don’t miss any earning opportunities.
It offers commission protecting affiliate link 301 redirection.
You can add images to your affiliate links and insert those directly into your posts.
The CSV Importer add-on lets you import affiliate links from a spreadsheet straight into ThirstyAffiliates affiliate link management plugin.
It has link picker to quickly insert your affiliate links into pages, post and comments throughout your site.
It allows you to create good looking affiliate links and makes linking them to the relevant products very easy with a single click through the WordPress editor.
When you install this plugin, you have the power to cloak the ugly and difficult link into a strong, good looking and easy to remember one.
You can use ThirstyAffiliates Autolinker Addon to automatically add affiliate links to certain keywords.
ThirstyAffiliates setting are very easy and minimum.
You get notified when a link has been clicked a certain number of times.
It helps shorten ugly affiliate link URLs to a shorter URL on your own domain name.
It is easy to use.
You can choose how you want to redirect visitors via your affiliate.
Different link types are offered to leverage images and shortcodes.
Autolinking and Amazon add-ons helps transform your site into an affiliate marketing beast.
If one of your affiliate links stops working, ThirstyAffiliates will let you know so that you don’t miss out any money.
This plugin also supports shortcodes.
Trigger based event notifications are also supported.
You just need to specify the keywords within your blog and it will link to these keywords automatically.
Link categorization is offered for smart segmentation.
With statistics add-on you can track how many clicks you have got for all affiliate links or for a particular affiliate link.
Handy affiliate link picker toolmakes it easy to insert affiliate links in posts, pages, and comments.
Google click tracking module helps you to track your affiliate link clicks using Google analytics.
Using ThirstAffiliate you can use your own domain name with a prefix of your choice and it will seamlessly redirect your users to the affiliate link.
The free version has good no.of features.
The basic plugin is free.
Thirsty Affiliates detect where customers are in the world and redirect them to different destination URLs.
Unlike other affiliate link plugins, ThirstyAffiliates doesn’t have bloat or unnecessary features, and it won’t slow down your site.
Auto linker will save you loads of time.
With ThirstyAffiliates you don’t even need to remember the shortened URLs.
It offers excellent support.
Auto keyword linking feature is present.
Geo-targeting helps you to use multiple countries affiliate links with a single cloaking link.
With ThirstyAffiliates, you can completely customize your links either on a global or per-link basis.
It has the ability to shorten the links within the plugin.
It has customizable link prefix options to give vistors the right impression before they click.
You only have to pay once.
You can get advanced reports with CSV export option.
Handy quick add tool lets you easily create new affiliate links without even leaving the post edit screen.
It will cloak your affiliate links and prevent commission theft.
ThirstyAffiliates uses the built-in WordPress technologies like custom post types and taxonomies for the links you add.
Support of ThirstyAffiliates is awesome you will get a quick response and also with accurate reply.
You can easily insert any affiliate link in your posts and pages by searching for these links in the insert link box in the post editor.
Full importing and exporting support via standard WordPress tools is available.
Link health checker is also offered in the pro version.
ThirstyAffiliates includes a user-friendly tool that lets you add affiliate links right from the WordPress Editor.
You can add a new affiliate link in just 30 seconds.
ThirstyAffiliates’ add-ons are worth their value in gold.
It has the ability to import Amazon links & images.
Stats lets you report on clicks based on categories your affiliate links belong to.
ThirstyAffiliates allows you to keep all your affiliate links in one central location.
It doesn’t bloat your database with extra tables.
Using ThirstyAffiliates, you can also add an image instead of a normal hyperlink.
Adding affiliate link to a keyword is very easy in ThirstyAffiliates.
ThirstyAffiliates also enables link redirection for your affiliate links.
Josh, the developer, is an awesome guy and responds really fast to questions.
It is compatible with any other plugins that you use on your WordPress site.
Advanced settings panel is present for global configuration.
You can customize how your links are placed.
It offers Amazon API support for easy affiliate link creation.
This Affiliate link management plugin comes highly equipped with features to increase your affiliate sales.
With a comprehensive country list, you can add country specific affiliate link URLs for just about any country on earth.
It helps you create branded affiliate URLs and replace it with keywords.
The import dialog lets you easily add the Amazon products to your affiliate links and you can edit a number of variables.

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❌ Cons

There is no split testing or rotation feature.
For additional options you will have to get optional paid add-ons.
If you want to avail its advanced features, you need to purchase its Add-on.
It does not offer integration with digital downloads.
The iTunes add-on is no longer sold.
Perhaps a hosted version or the ability to host elsewhere might help with improving performance?
If you want to continue receiving support, you will need to renew license for each add-on you wish to continue using.
Pro version is a little bit expensive.
Pro version may be expensive for some affiliate beginners.
It does not offer integration with woocommerce.
Free version only does basic things which are necessary.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
ThirstyAffiliate is best Affiliate plugin for marketers. The basic plugin is free & paid addon makes this plugin a powerhouse to increase affiliate sales. Amazon addon is superb for anyone who is part of Amazon affiliate program. Easy to use & right on budget.
It’s an easy way to manage your affiliate links in one place, and use pretty redirection links instead of ugly default links that’ll scare away your readers. It’s also a lightweight plugin that won’t slow down your site, and gives you precisely the options you need without excess bloat.
Considering the price of this WordPress plugin, it’s a must have tool for any serial affiliate marketer. If you’re looking for a reliable way to manage your affiliate links, Thirsty Affiliates is a no-brainer.
Free version does basic things which are necessary. You can also track clicks on your links with the free version. If you need more features like auto-linking or Geo-target, you must go with the premium version.
If you do some sort of affiliate marketing on your blog, then you must use ThirstyAffiliates. It is a great product with good support and you won’t be disappointed with this plugin and yes ThirstyAffiliates comes with 60 day satisfaction guarantee.
If you’re serious about affiliate marketing on WordPress, having a tool to help manage your links is a massive help.ThirstyAffiliates gives you all the important features you need to do that.
It helps you to add, manage, and easily insert affiliate links into your posts and pages. It allows you to store your affiliate links, organize them into categories and sub-categories and manage them efficiently.
The ThirstyAffiliates Pro plugin helps in organizing your affiliate links. It will save you lots of time, especially with the auto linker feature, import/export of settings and affiliate links. It pushes events to Google Analytics so you can better track your goals. ThirstyAffiliates also provides statistics about your links from your WordPress dashboard.
ThirstyAffiliates is a very useful and popular plugin for any WordPress website that uses affiliate marketing links. It’s really easy to manage your ugly affiliate links at one place. It’s very lightweight WordPress plugin and won’t slow down your website.
ThirstyAffiliates is a WordPress affiliate link management plugin. It allows website owners to add, manage, and easily insert affiliate links into their post and pages. ThirstyAffiliates is by far the best WordPress Affiliate link management plugin.
It is a great WordPress plugin for inserting affiliate links into content. It is very easy to use with simple settings and interface. The best part is that is free.But for additional optio ns you will have to get optional paid add-ons.
You can organize affiliate links into categories and also there is a shortcut in the visual and text editor to insert or create links really fast. There are great add-ons to look into but you might not even need to use them. The plugin is free so why not try this out?
ThirstyAffiliates solves all the problems by providing an all-in-one solution so you don’t have to look for plugins anymore. y comparing it to other plugins, you can easily say that ThirstyAffiliates is one of the best affiliate link cloaker and management plugins.
ThirstyAffiliates is a free plugin with premium extensions for WordPress. If you’re working on content marketing for your startup or just trying to earn some money on the side via blogging, grab a copy of ThirstyAffiliates and its lifetime licenses!

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