Thrive Market Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

Thrive Market Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

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Product Description

Enjoy all of the health benefits and beauty uses of Organic Virgin Coconut Oil with this 15 oz. jar exclusive to Thrive Market. Produced without the use of pesticides the certified organic fair trade non-GMO coconuts used are sustainably harvested at a small farm in the Philippines. Then they’re cold-pressed into pure unrefined coconut oil and packaged in BPA-free recyclable packaging. A staple in Paleo and vegetarian diets coconut oil is the perfect healthy cooking fat for every dietary need. It’s completely plant-based but its creamy consistency makes it a great swap for butter (good news for the lactose intolerant or those who are allergic to dairy!) Naturally low in sodium Thrive Market coconut oil also has zero artificial ingredients or preservatives. At room temperature it solidifies into a butter-like consistency (great for baking!) but melts quickly for use as a cooking oil when heated. The Nutritive Value of Coconut Oil Coconut oil is a saturated fat so for a few years it got a bad rap for being unhealthy. However in the past few years research has revealed that not all saturated fats are the same and that some types that have been vilified in the past might even be good for us. Since coconut oil is not hydrogenated it does not go rancid. Sixty percent of the fats in coconut oil are medium-chain triglycerides or MCTs which are easier than other fats for the body to break down. MCTs are able to permeate cell membranes without needing extra enzymes to be utilized by the body. Instead of getting stored as belly fat they get sent directly to the liver where they are converted into energy. This energy is used to stimulate the body’s metabolism which helps promote weight loss. Cooking With Coconut Oil Open up a jar of organic virgin unrefined coconut oil and you’ll get a whiff of fresh coconut but the actual taste is very mild—you probably won’t be able to discern the flavor once you add it into your recipes! The delicate flavor is just one of the reasons that coconut oil makes a delightful cooking oil because it easily folds into sweet and savory recipes. Another reason chefs love to keep it in their kitchens? Thrive Market Organic Virgin Coconut Oil has a high smoke point at a whopping 350 degrees Fahrenheit. This means that it won’t burn at higher temperatures which makes it a great oil to use for sautéeing baking or frying. Coconut oil also helps to lower bad cholesterol and increase levels of good cholesterol and it’s safer to use for cooking than hydrogenated vegetable or corn oils. Coconut oil not only tastes great but it’s also full of vitamin E which is great for skin hair and nails. Use it in baking stir-fries and as a butter replacement to spread on toast or top off pancakes and waffles. You can even blend it into your morning brew for a healthier take on “Bulletproof” (aka butter- and MCT-infused) coffee. Health Benefits of Coconut Oil Coconut oil isn’t just good for increasing your metabolism—it can ward off disease too. This is in part due to the lauric acid found inside which is converted into monolaurin by the human body. Monolaurin is a monoglyceride that has antibacterial antiviral and anti-protozoa properties. Monolaurin actually has the ability to destroy fat-soluble viruses like herpes measles influenza bacteria and dangerous protozoa like Giardia lambia. Of course coconut oil alone isn’t a cure-all but thanks to it’s antipathogenic properties adding some into your diet certainly can’t hurt. Coconut Oil and Heart Health Coconut oil helps promote natural and healthy platelet or red blood cell function in the body. Other unsaturated vegetable fats encourage platelets to stick together potentially forming blood clots and leading to heart disease. Thankfully coconut oil is a delicious more heart-healthy alternative to other conventional cooking fats. Coconut Oil and Diabetes Since coconut oil is sent directly to the liver to be converted into energy it provides energy without spiking blood sugar. This is great news for diabetics—because coconut oil does not produce a rapid increase in blood sugar like carbohydrates it can be an excellent nutritional source for those worried about blood glucose levels.This quick energy helps keep you going throughout the day—without prompting a sugar high. Coconut Oil and Weight Loss Research suggests that coconut oil’s unique ability to be converted to quick energy without spiking blood sugar may help obese individuals (70 percent of Americans are considered overweight) shed extra pounds—without taxing their body too much. Coconut oil gives you a great energy boost ideal for fueling workouts and the MCTs in unrefined coconut oil like Thrive Market’s encourage increased metabolic rate and fat burning. Coconut Oil and the Thyroid Properly functioning thyroid hormones are essential for weight loss. If your thyroid isn’t working properly it becomes almost impossible to reach your ideal weight. Extreme fatigue digestive issues and mood swings are all symptoms that may indicate a poorly functioning thyroid gland especially if you exercise regularly but can’t seem to lose weight. Most thyroid medications simply bypass the function of the thyroid by providing a chemical substitute. Coconut oil holistically nourishes the thyroid gland and can help aid in restoration of proper thyroid function. Lauric acid as well as capric acid—both found in coconut oil—are two medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs) essential for proper thyroid function. In fact it could be said that the thyroid craves them. Coconut Oil and Skin Health The high concentration of vitamin E an antioxidant in coconut oil helps protect the skin from cancer-causing free radicals. By cooking with coconut oil or applying it directly on the skin you’ll reap the benefits of this powerful superfood. As a beauty aid it can exfoliate dead skin while simultaneously reducing visible signs of aging like the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Most soaps have the tendency to dry out the complexion which can bring on wrinkles roughness and a flakiness. Washing and moisturizing with coconut oil actually draws out impurities from the pores and naturally hydrates leaving the skin supple and smooth. Coconut oil is even gentle enough for use on babies and works as a pleasant-smelling natural diaper cream. Cosmetic and Personal Care Uses for Coconut Oil Coconut oil can be used to remove eye makeup—simply spread a bit of coconut oil onto a cotton pad wipe across the eye and your makeup is gone. Massaging coconut oil into lips makes an emollient all-natural lip balm and quenches dry cracked skin. Plus it tastes great! You can also use it as a cheap and effective leave-in conditioning treatment for hair—apply to damp locks and voila—healthy shiny hair that smells faintly like the beach! Coconut oil can also help heal an itchy or dry scalp and reduce dandruff. Apply it to parched ankles and elbows helps to keep them smooth and soft. Since coconut oil is so rich in vitamin E it also makes a great topical remedy for scars varicose veins cellulite and stretch marks. Use it as a carrier oil to dilute essential oils when applying them to the skin directly. Under the arms it functions as an effective natural deodorant too. Oil Pulling With Coconut Oil This method of maintaining dental health originates with Ayurvedic medicine the 5000-year-old traditional holistic health system of India. How it works: you swish oil—like coconut—around in the mouth a few minutes and then spit it out—and with it comes all of the impurities (aka “ama”) that were hiding in the gums along the tongue and in between the teeth. (Note: just be sure to spit into the trash as it could clog drains!) In Ayurveda reducing ama is akin to reducing inflammation. The cooling nature of coconut oil combined with its antibacterial and antiviral properties makes it a fantastic option for oil pulling. Dentists recommend combining oil pulling with the usual flossing and brushing. History of Coconut Oil People in Polynesia and Asia have used coconut oil for almost 4000 years even though different cultures have historically used different names for the fruit. “Coco” comes from the Spanish-Portuguese word for “a grin” and “(a monkey’s) face” (picture the three “dots” on a coconut). Essentially wherever coconuts grew the indigenous population used them. In 1500 BC Ayurvedic medicine documented them in Sanskrit as being crucial components to maintain aspects of the body mind and spirit. The Short-Lived Vilification of Coconut Oil Not so long ago during World War II coconut oil was used like margarine; and in the 1950s it was readily available even in American supermarkets. Around 1954 heart disease along with saturated and unsaturated fats became hot topics of discussion in the medical field. Dr. Ancel Keys stated that because coconut oil was a saturated fat it was detrimental to cardiovascular health. Keys published a paper citing data from non-coconut consuming countries and showed a direct correlation between saturated fat consumption and heart disease. Yet Dr. Keys’ study focused exclusively on populations who ate very meat-heavy diets. Meat fats contain long-chain fatty acids the saturated fats that form blood clots. The distinguishing fact that the fatty acids in coconut oil are medium chains rather than long chains was overlooked in Keys’ study and thus coconut oil got lumped into the group of harmful saturated fats. In recent years we’ve seen a reversal since the truth is out—coconut oil is actually really healthy. Coconut Oil’s Return to the Health Food Spotlight Throughout the 1980s all saturated fats were still viewed as “killers” and harbingers of heart disease. However research pertaining to the antiviral effect of coconut oil as well as the benefits of medium-chain fatty acids and lauric acid picked up again putting unrefined organic coconut oil back on the superfood pedestal. Traditional Uses for Coconut Oil Cultures all over the globe had used coconut oil for different uses. Indigenous folks in Papua New Guinea have been using coconut oil topically as an effective moisturizer for years. Residents of Panama drink it to ward off sickness. It’s also believed that coconut oil helps speed up recovery from disease. In Jamaica coconut oil is given as the first remedy for any sickness but heart disease in particular. In Nigeria Somalia and Ethiopia coconut oil is also the preferred method of treatment for disease. In Samoa native medicine men and women use coconut oil to treat disease. Mothers massage infants with coconut oil to help their bones grow strong and their skin stay clear. Massaging the soft spots on a baby’s skull is also a common practice. In Thailand and Sri Lanka coconut oil is used for cooking every dish and is found in natural remedies as well. In the Philippines people of all ages use coconut oil in the hair to keep it shiny. Coconut trees are referred to as the “Tree of Life” in the Philippines. People in Zanzibar make candles out of coconut oil and Central and South American healers employ it in healing ceremonies. Thrive Market’s Organic Virgin Coconut Oil We created our own coconut oil because it’s important to us to have an ethically sourced socially conscious product. Thrive Market sources its coconut oil directly from organic sustainable farms in the Philippines and makes unrefined premium coconut oil available to the masses. Source

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