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✅ Pros

The TILT is easy to sanitize.
Review Pros
There is option to log data on Google Sheets.
You can easily see fermentation trends, activity, and terminal gravity.
It’s accurate.
It syncs with Google Sheets and several brewing apps.
Using the app, the TILT is easy to calibrate.
It reduces beer wasted due to gravity sampling.
I had responses within minutes from the guys over at TILT.
There is no need to replace cells halfway through a brew.
You can monitor from anywhere on the planet with a wifi connection.
With the Tilt, you won’t need to open the fermenter to know the temperature.
Depending on your recipe, it makes it easy to know when it’s time to take action like raising the temperature, halting fermentation, or agitating the brew to get the fermentation going again.
It limits opening up the fermenter, preventing oxygen exposure to your beer.
It has dramatically improved wireless range.
It is calibrated and ready-to-go straight from the factory.
Open the TILT app on your smartphone and the device is detected seamlessly.
It is very helpful to monitor gravity for hopping/spunding schedules.
It has real-time gravity and temperature measurement.
It gives accurate specific gravity measurements.

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❌ Cons

Many serious brewers have found the Tilt Hydrometer to be an invaluable tool to aid the brewing process.
Accuracy of readings can be inconsistent during very active fermentation.
The Bluetooth range can be affected by fermenter design.
It’s possible that the battery can be drained during shipping long distances.
Two-point recalibration is often needed when you change the battery.
One criticism of the device is that it doesn’t automatically take and record the readings unless your phone (or whatever device is running the app) is close to the device.
There is no battery level indication.
It is more expensive than a basic glass triple-scale hydrometer.
If you’re wanting to use the TILT Pi feature, there is a little bit of a learning curve.
There is no concurrent data feeds from same-color devices.

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Review Summaries
I love this device, and the amazing customer support from the TILT crew makes owning the device even easier. During the setup process I was having a little trouble with the Raspberry Pi side of things and the TILT customer support team was responding to emails within hour, if not minutes!
At the end of the day, more control over your brew will lead to better quality and more consistent batches. If you’re a data-fiend, you’ll love exploring the detailed datasets generated by the Tilt. If you’re more of a laissez-faire brewer, the Tilt might not be worth the investment.
Many serious brewers have found the Tilt Hydrometer to be an invaluable tool to aid the brewing process. By monitoring the temperature and specific gravity throughout the fermentation process, you’ll gain greater insight into the fermentation process and have greater control over what happens with your beer. But understand that if you want a continuous log of your data, you’ll likely want a dedicated device to keep near your brew.
The Tilt Hydrometer solves several problems for anyone wanting to brew beer at home. It keeps track of the brew’s temperature and density, so you always know what’s going on inside without looking inside. The addition of a more powerful Bluetooth transmitter is a welcome addition indeed. And unless you live in a mansion, the Tilt Hydrometer can communicate with all your devices no matter where you are in the house.

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