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Pros and Cons

✅ Pros

TimeCamp time tracking software helps track billable hours in projects for accurate implementation and customer satisfaction.
Review Pros
The roles and permissions allow users to directly replicate their company’s hierarchy in the system and work in accordance with their own rules.
At a glance, the team leader can see how much his team has logged in as well as how much time they have taken off.
It allows automatic and manual task tracking.
There is a free version available with limited functionality that is great for freelancers as well as testing the app.
It has light weight app – 4 MB.
It is free for one user.
It has timetable view to note to-dos of the day.
Users can track their time in a number of ways – text, calendar or via 3rd party app integration.
TimeCamp is available in English, Polish, German, French and Spanish.
TimeCamp can create an invoice based on your project hours.
Time-tracking capabilities are intuitive and easy to learn.
The TimeCamp reporting and dashboard capabilities are excellent.
TimeCamp is designed using a unique formula for combining time tracking with billing and invoicing features.
Time Camp offers visual time tracking, with a graphical timesheet that integrates with your calendar, though a regular timesheet is available as well.
The Time Tracking App and the Attendance feature certainly help with the problematic scenario of a last-minute-information-dumping member.
TimeCamp has a search option, which works smoothly.
You can keep track of time for projects.
The app’s timer is more than powerful, as the information it records can be saved and extracted for accurate reporting.
Tracking time is seriously simple.
The Graphical Timesheet feature will allow you to draw up a calendar for all the tasks you and your group wish to accomplish.
Their customer support is fast, friendly, and very helpful.
TimeCamp works on Windows, Mac and Ubuntu. It has native apps for iPhone and Android as well as a Chrome extension.
You can keep track of budgets.
TimeCamp automatically pulls your customer data from Insightly, making it easy for you to track a project or task for each of your clients.
It offers keywords-automate time tracking.
It is extremely useful for tracking what you’re doing while logged in.
Getting started is really simple.
TimeCamp is simple thing focusing on doing one thing well.
It integrates with popular products that you may already use in your business, including Trello, Slack, and Asana.
The time tracking software promotes productivity by providing the visibility for users to self-monitor their productivity as well as know how their colleagues are spending their time.
It has very competitive pricing for Basic and Pro plans based on robust features.
TimeCamp comes an amazing customer support service.
It helps businesses accurately estimate costs of projects.
TimeCamp allows employees to self-monitor their productivity.
It has 45+ solid integrations, including Zapier, QuickBooks, BaseCamp, Trello and Insightly.
There is also an option to forward timesheets to managers for approval.
Several users rave that it works seamlessly with their CRM systems.
Time Camp also integrates with a long list of third party applications including Basecamp, Breeze, Dropbox, Constant Contact, Google Docs, QuickBooks, Xero, Zendesk and Zoho.
With multiple users TimeCamp has really cheap options.
This software tracks your activity on PC.
Invoicing is done quickly online and allows users to track different clients and different jobs by client.
It has good time and budget project tools and estimates.
It also has an offline tracking system.
Bank-level SSL encrypted security is present.
The app is supported by all Android devices of version 4.1 and above and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch that have iOS 8.0 or later.
You can export to Excel or PDF.
TimeCamp integrates with many solutions and also has numerous add-ons available including a Chrome extension.
Time Camp offers solid reporting and invoicing functionality.
Windows and Mac client is offered.
TimeCamp can be used for desktop and mobile devices and work also as a browser extension.
It lets you create projects and divide these into tasks.
Graphical timesheets placed in the calendar allows for an easy visual representation of how much time was used on what tasks on what hours for what days.
One can access certain features of the TimeCamp app offline, like logging your time.
The app is user-friendly and fairly intuitive.
TimeCamp is able to generate powerful reports with the data it collects for each project and for each user.
The invoicing and reporting features are very helpful.
Online Report sharing using link or direct email can be done.
TimeCamp offers three different pricing options.
Time Camp can be used as a desktop application, or with iPhone and Android devices.
TimeCamp is ideal for professional service agencies, companies and consultants.
It comes with free Solo plan with unlimited projects and auto time tracking.
TimeCamp can track billable hours through several features including the automatic time tracking and calendar integration.
As an administrator, you can quickly create users and assign them to tasks.

❌ Cons

The mobile version does not look use sophisticated colors as much as the website version.
For larger teams, the app can become too heavy and syncing may take considerable time.
You can’t define clients and assign projects.
It lacks expense tracking/reporting.
Sometimes total time is not being calculated correctly.
TimeCamp doesn’t provide traditional project management structure.
The software gets a little clunky at times.
API for developers is pretty basic.
It includes functionality beyond simple time tracking, which can impose a bit of a learning curve.
There is only one member under a free account.
Some consumer complaints about buggy software and down times.
Desktop version far more intuitive that the iPad version.
Interface is a bit more cluttered than top choices.
It can not track noncomputer activities– meetings, phone calls.
It has a mobile app, but the app is cumbersome to use compared to the web-based version.
Instances of incorrect times for certain activities is pretty damning of an app that is supposed to track time accurately.
The extra few key-strokes to track each activity for your team members will be a problem.
Some manual effort is required in order to start/stop tracking, which can result in manual errors.
Due to the nature of the app and that it tracks everything a users does it can easily pick up on an employees website usage.
Sometimes reports do not refresh when the timer runs.
On mobile devices, especially iPhones, the buttons and tabs are actually quite small.
For a large operational team or an enterprise-scale situation, the lack of an auto tracking capability is a huge gap.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
TimeCamp is a time-tracking software that allows users to log their hours even while they’re on the go. It also has additional features for managing projects like task creation, billing, and invoicing.
It does what it says it will, it offers great value and gives small operators and teams insights that can make a real difference to the way they deliver outcomes.
Time Camp is a time tracking and time management app ideal for professional service companies and consultants. Time Camp can be used as a desktop application, or with iPhone and Android devices. Time Camp offers visual time tracking, with a graphical timesheet that integrates with your calendar, though a regular timesheet is available as well.
The company promotes time management through its time tracking software to provide its many advantages to users and help them successfully manage their business. It aims to be the equivalent of Google Analytics for people’s computer use and offline work time. It continues to add new features and integrations with popular applications as well as improve existing features.
TimeCamp is an advanced time-tracking app which also offers a variety of reporting, billing, and invoicing features. It is the perfect management tool for many small, medium, and large businesses around the world which struggle with cumbersome time tracking programs, inaccurate client bills, and lost and inaccurate reports. Available almost anywhere in the world, TimeCamp tackles and solves many significant business problems, and has a flexible payment scheme with a free plan to make it even more attractive.
This software tracks your activity on PC. You can use timesheets, invite other members to your team, even freelancers. There is a free version available with limited functionality that is great for freelancers as well as testing the app.
With Timecamp make every second of working day a notable contribution to success. The app provides the capability to note how is the day spent and the amount of time wasted. Timecamp is an easy to use and affordable tool for businesses and individual that converts the effective efforts into beneficial outcomes.
For instance, if you want to work very effectively in your company with your teammates with Timecamp, It shows all the basic data you need to evaluate: total project hours, the budget remainder, and how much everyone has worked on which tasks.
TimeCamp is a robust web-based time tracking system that helps businesses forecast project budgets more accurately, and helps individuals understand how much time they spend on various tasks. By enabling employees and project managers to gain a better understanding of where time is being spent, TimeCamp helps improve overall productivity, and ensures that resources are being allocated to the right projects.
Project managing can be hard. But it doesn’t have to be, when TimeCamp is here to help. Go ahead and give it a whirl—they offer the Free version without an credit card information input, and are much cheaper than their competitors. Avoid the headaches and utilize all the helpful features of TimeCamp to have a smooth project managing journey.
TimeCamp is a multi-platform time tracking solution packed with features to allow users to boost productivity and profitability while seeing where time is spent during business operations. TimeCamp integrates with many solutions and also has numerous add-ons available including a Chrome extension.
TimeCamp is a powerful timekeeping software that deserves serious consideration. TimeCamp offers most of the features as our top winners, and their reporting tools are among the most robust we’ve seen. They also have a free Solo plan that gives you basic time tracking tools. Some users report that the software and mobile apps are buggy and unreliable at times.
TimeCamp is an easy-to-use app, backed by a young, capable and enthusiastic team. It’s a good choice of app if you work on the go and need to update your team members. It gives you the flexibility of updating your timesheet or managing projects even when you’re away from your computer.
Timecamp has a desktop app that can be downloaded for Mac and Windows, and it works directly in the web browser, so it has you covered no matter how you want to use it. It also integrates with Trello, Basecamp, Pivotal Tracker, and MS Outlook with more services coming soon. Best of all, you can use it free for one user, and if you need to keep track of a whole team, the rates are quite affordable.