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✅ Pros

It contains massive library of characters, props and backgrounds.
Review Pros
Unlike it’s most of the competitors that are cloud-based, toonly is desktop software.
No coding skills are needed.
It is easy to save and export.
It is convenient to download Toonly on your laptop as well as on MacBook.
Not all animation software apps or services offer a zooming feature. With Toonly, you can fine-tune each frame for pro-grade animation outputs.
The best part about toonly is that it is pretty easy to use.
You can upload custom images.
Free regular updates are available.
I’ve played around with a lot of different explainer video programs. Toonly is one of the easiest to use.
It is very easy to use and user don’t need to have any professional design skills.
Drag and Drop editor can create attention-grabbing videos in seconds.
It is very easy to use and user don’t need to have any professional design skills.
It has affordable pricing plans.
It comes with professional-looking templates to start creating videos.
Unlike other software where you can view the final product only after saving, Toonly lets you preview the animation from the beginning.
The learning curve is almost absent.
You can export your videos in up to 4k resolution.
There is no buffer period when previewing your videos.
It has an easy-to-use and intuitive user interface.
You can sign in to unlimited computers using the same toonly account.
It comes with professional-looking templates to start creating videos.
Sometimes, a few of us like working without internet distraction, or some people also have limited access to the internet. Thankfully, Toonly can be used offline.
Toonly comes with various designer-made background scenes.
Toonly is also cheaper than the majority (I think all) of its competitors.
It can be downloaded on a Mac or PC machine.
Toonly also allows you to export your video to other devices or software.
You can upload your own images, backgrounds, music, objects, and a lot more.
Toonly has an easy-to-use intuitive surface.
You can create amazing explainer videos for any niche and industry.
Toonly comes with an option to download your video at low to high quality, in a variety of ranges.
It supports JPG, PNG, and GIF image upload.
It comes with 30-day money-back guarantee.
It is easy to use.
You can use pre-made scenes to help you create videos faster.
It is incredibly easy to learn.
There is 30-day money-back guarantee and one-time fee option.
You can install Toonly on multiple computers with your one login.
Toonly comes with regular software updates.
It is quite inexpensive.
Video exporting is easy.
It has vast library and plenty of animation features.
It is cost-effective.
I really, really like their character lip-syncing feature.
Toonly offers you some pre-designed scenes for quick development of situations.
Toonly offers 30-day money-back guarantee.
It has a 30-day money back guarantee so I was confident in trying it first.
It has a lot of regular updates.
You are getting plenty of character options inside toonly, you find any type of character such as a doctor, child, labor worker, etc.
It has a lot of images and audio.
Drag and Drop editor can create attention-grabbing videos in seconds.
It has more than enough variety to cover most people’s animation needs.
You can directly upload the created animated video or download it to your PC.
You can add your audio files or voice-over.
Perhaps my favorite thing about Toonly is that it is really intuitive and easy to use.
The camera zoom feature is pretty neat as well.
The company returns you the money with simply an email with its 100 days money-back guarantee.
Most of the animation software are available by subscription. However, toonly is available on a lifetime deal.
Toonly offers you the traditional undo-redo options to make amends and create the entire video while trying different animations or objects.
Toonly comes with a plethora of images.
It is suitable for a variety of businesses.
It is a downloadable software.
It has user-friendly and intuitive interface.
Toonly comes with a massive library of characters, props, background, background audios, and a lot more.
You can add your audio files or voice-over.
Once you buy Toonly, you can use it across all your devices.
It offers a huge library of music, people, and objects.
It has beginner-friendly interface.
The 30-day money-back guarantee is an excellent way of ensuring that you get the best from the software.
You can upload your own font, as long as it is OTF, TTF, or WOFF.

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❌ Cons

It has different packages, and cheaper ones offer a limited range of features and less variety of functions.
It will not create your video for you, you still need to create a good explainer script.
There is no free trial.
You need another tool to generate subtitles.
There’s no free trial.
Like Doodly there’s no option to sync a sound with a specific animation.
There is no auto-save option.
You still need to create copy and content.
It requires a little bit of creative and technology skills to create engaging videos.
Free trial is not available.
Sound and specific animations cannot be synced.
There is no auto-save feature.
There is no free trial.
There’s no free trial or free plan.
There is no free trial.
No web version is available.
One of the biggest con of toonly is you can’t change the project ratio.
Autosaving is not possible.
No animations are possible for custom images.
It requires an internet connection to work.
You are not allowed to add custom animations.
Free tutorial videos are rather basic.
The second biggest con of Toonly is it doesn’t come with pre-made templates.
Toonly doesn’t have a free trial option.
Despite there being quite a few character animations to select from, there is no way of manually adjusting these through keyframing.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
There’s no doubt that text content simply doesn’t offer the benefits that video content does. But whether or not Toonly is the right tool for the job, is up to you. As an all-in-one platform, you can create sales funnels, landing pages, email marketing campaigns (and more) to add your videos to!
Toonly can be used to create videos for giving instruction or any tutorial, product or service marketing, etc. Toonly works on both MAC and PC. It is available when you go for a single membership plan and don’t need a separate license for this. To use this software, you need an internet connection even though this is not cloud-based.
Although this tool doesn’t allow you to make your own animation, it makes a great choice for beginners and those looking to make different kinds of dynamic videos without wasting much time.
If you want to create a lot of videos at a much cheaper price and don’t mind downloading software, go with Toonly.
Toonly is the best-animated explainer video software on the market. Toonly is simple to use, you don’t have to be an expert to use it, and it can create impressive and engaging videos than any other software. Despite its drawbacks (which Toonly can easily rectify in updated versions), we will recommend it to create animated explainer videos.
Toonly helps you do just that: make unlimited professional-looking videos per month with ease by yourself. It is one of the easiest animated explainer video creators. It might seem expensive at first, but considering all the bucks you are saving overall with visual content creation, it is definitely worth it.
Today there are so much software that makes it easy to make animation videos for everyone. Toonly is one of them and it justifies its cost. However, if you are willing to spend more then you definitely better alternative like CreateStudio. Anyway, that’s it for this blog post, if you have any questions do let me know in the comment section.
While it is slightly more expensive than your regular animation software, plenty of customization features and animations make it certainly worth the cost. If you want to make explainer videos, there are very few options that are as good as Toonly. While it comes with its fair share of cons, the good outweighs the bad. Get Toonly today and start animating your videos!
Toonly is a one-of-a-kind animated video editor with pre-designed animations cutting short the budget required to utilize professionals for the same ends. Since the catalog of different features is updated almost frequently, Toonly offers a good deal over other competitors. Given the customization and multiple purchase options, Toonly is an in-demand software service offered by a strong brand emphasizing providing quality services and updated animations.
If you are looking for ideal software for explainer videos, there is none better than Toonly at such vying rates. Go for it!
Yes,we recommend this software. If you are searching for a cartoon animation video maker then you should definitely check this out. As we have seen in the Toonly review post, this software comes with a lot of cool features to make appealing videos. No need to have the technical skill or operating of complex software.
There is a reason why everyone is using videos. Video’s show up on Google (and Bing) search results. It’s good SEO. Not to mention YouTube is the number 2 largest search engine. Toonly is a quick and inexpensive way to make your own videos. It’s simple and easy to use.
Toonly is my favorite and one of the best options out there if you’re looking for explainer video tools and software. Toonly has tons of animations, poses, scenes that you can use to relay an engaging story about your brand. You can also import different scenes as there’s enough customization available when using Toonly. You can even add your own custom audio for unique voice-overs.
If you’re after an explainer animation software that is super easy to use and creates professional-looking videos, then I totally recommend Toonly, particularly their more premium Enterprise plan. However, if you are after more control of your animations and images, then you may want to look elsewhere.
Yes, we recommend this software. If you are searching for a cartoon animation video maker then you should definitely check this out. This software comes with a lot of cool features to make appealing videos. No need to have the technical skill or operating of complex software.

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