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Top 4 Things

People love these 4 things about TopspinPro:

  1. TopspinPro is a solid product that helps teach the fundamentals of topspin shots for beginners and intermediates, and can be used in the comfort of home or backyard.
  2. The guidance screens act as a visual and physical aid to keep the racket face at the correct angle for topspin, and it can be adjusted to the height of a 5 year old up to 7 feet tall.
  3. This training aid forces one to brush up the back of the ball to hit topspin, and it promises to teach the topspin stroke in just two minutes.
  4. It gives automatic feedback if the ball doesn’t spin, and is perfect for high intensity practice sessions.

Featured Review

The Topspin Pro has turned over £125,000 in a year, after tennis coach Phillip Hofmeyr began selling the gadget on a street corner in SW19 during the 2015 tournament. At £99, the hi-tech gadget promises to teach one of the game’s most elusive techniques using a tennis ball suspended on three legs.

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