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✅ Pros

TopstepFX trading software is operated on a MetaTrader 4 platform available to all their clients.
Review Pros
TopstepFX allows trading beginners to practice trading by using a demo account in a real trading environment.
There are “reviews and testimonials” everywhere on the internet about these guys funding many traders.
The team has extensive experience, which leads to excellent education material.
The company is even claiming to provide education and support to its traders.
The charts have multiple ways to display data, featuring candlesticks, bars, line, bid/ask volume, heiken ashi, renko, and point & figure.
Forex traders can earn a funded account, keep the first $5,000 of profits, and enjoy an 80% profit share after that.
It is the the only funder offering both Forex and Futures.
There is a chance for traders with little capital to trade full-time.
Max loss is calculated at the end of day so the drawdown doesn’t take in funding.
They allow trading with a leverage of 100:1.
The evaluation process is straightforward.
Traders can keep 100% of the first $5,000 earned and 80% after that.
If you do succeed and get a funded account, the profit split is very generously tilted towards the trader.
If traders can prove that they can profitably trade and manage risks professionally, they will be awarded any of the funded live accounts.
They are as trustworthy as they come.
Trading instruments offered to traders are 22+ Forex currencies.
Large buy and sell buttons right on the charts make it easy to place intra-day trades on quick timescales.
Traders can use 22 pairs of foreign exchange.
You can add technical studies to your charts, create notifications, and run custom scripts.
There are 24 currency pairs available for trading, which increases your options for achieving success.
Traders on the simulation can trade any CME Group product, while funded traders also have access to EUREX products.
TopstepTrader is upfront about their business.
They claim that candidates can keep $5000 in the first month and 80% of profit thereafter.
Three different TopStepFX accounts are available, a $200K, $300K, and $500K account.
First 5K$ in profit at 100% goes to the trader.
There is a great amount of educational material: from coaching to podcast.
Traders are offered some capital by the company to trade the Forex market with.
There are no limits on how long it can take you to reach the profit target during the Trading Combine.
TopstepFX MT4 comes with powerful analytics and online charting, low commissions per lot, no platform fees, and availability of add-on tools.
They have a edicated support team.
You can practice on a demo account for free, get quality trading alerts from experienced brokers, and learn how to become successful traders.
It forces you to have high standards for your trading.

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❌ Cons

It is unlikely to get funded.
The traders must pass 2 phases to obtain funding.
Nickel and dimes members with fees and high membership costs.
To qualify for “funding”, one needs to jump through hoops and hurdles in the name of a trading combine.
The rule about max weekly loss seems unnecessary to me.
The monthly subscription is pricey.
Even the smartest asset managers in the world cannot meet the standards that have been set by TopstepFX.
The prices are quite excessive.
There is restriction on trading over economic releases.
The reset fees can quickly add up if you need multiple attempts at the Trading Combine.
TopstepFX makes it very difficult to achieve a funded account and to remain funded.
If some participants can’t prove their trading abilities, the monthly subscription will be forfeited.
Trader have to pass the two-step evaluation by reaching the Profit Target within the defined risk parameters.
Only 1 funded account is allocated per trader.
We could not find anything on FPA regarding the company.

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Review Summaries
Truth is, nobody has ever qualified for Topstepfx account funding. The phony stats which they use in their promotion materials are too misleading. Before you believe this bullshit, ask yourself why the owners of this company are not able to trade for themselves and why they have a “lot of money” which they are “willing to give other traders”. They always say that when the deal is too sweet, think again.
TopstepFX is an excellent platform for traders who want to become more efficient and professional at Forex trading. TopstepFX.Com belongs to the same parent company as TopstepTrader. While TopstepTrader offers futures funded accounts, TopstepFX offers Forex funded accounts for approved traders. The developers of the TopstepFX service promote it as a challenge where participants go through a two-step evaluation process to finally gain access to a funded live account with up to $500,000 in purchasing power.
The professionally designed website and the well detailed information is impressive and encouraging. However, just to be thorough, since no registration we checked with the NFA and did not find TopstepFX among the list of licensed brokers in the US. It may not be an issue but we just thought it important for readers to be aware.
Based on TopstepTrader’s numbers, only having funded 1,537 traders in total, with an average weekly profit of $549, and the vast majority of traders not being active at any one time, it seems that TopstepTrader makes most of their money off selling subscriptions to their trading simulation and the dream of getting a funded trading account. However, one cannot dispute that TopstepTrader would be an excellent way to test if you’re actually a profitable trader. If you cannot get funded, perhaps you’re not as good a trader as you thought?
At Topstep, all start with a demo account, but once a trader proved that his trading capabilities lead to success, a funded trading account is provided by the Topstep funding company. Topstep is a great starting point for beginners. Still, it is also an excellent opportunity for traders with extensive trading experience looking for new ways to leverage profit potential.
I like to define TOPSTEP “the original funder”: offering funding to retail traders since 2012. This is the company that served as the model for all the others that came out since. In March 2021 they funded 1178 traders, and in these first 3 months of the year they paid out over 1.2 Million $: very impressive! It’s great to see them sharing this information, you are in good hands with TOPSTEP’s combine.
TopstepFX is designed for forex day traders who want the opportunity to trade with a funded account rather than their own money. Given the high cost of resets in the Trading Combine, TopstepFX really only makes sense for traders who know going in based on their past trading experience that they can stay within the platform’s weekly loss rules.

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