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✅ Pros

Practicing with the Smart Ball will quickly give you the correct feelings when pitching and will help transfer the movements into your full swing.
Review Pros
I know a lot of golfers who use this device.
I think the Tour Striker offers very significant value.
It is great for short game.
Hitting the ball anywhere other than on the miniature clubface will result in either a fast worm-burner or a simple topped shot dribbler.
It teaches proper takeaway, transition & pivot into follow through with perfect balance and more power.
The Tour Striker is simple to use.
It ensures that the user’s hands are able to channel the golfer’s power.
Real-time feedback enhances golfer’s awareness of the connection between their body and arms.
It is perfect for drills addressing unwanted curves – hooks and slices.
It’s worth mentioning it doesn’t matter if you are a right-handed or left-handed golfer the PlaneMate is reversible.
The Tour Striker does come with an instructional DVD.
It is short iron so the hole target becomes perfect.
It corrects positions and posture.
They are available in steel and graphite shafts.
Tour Striker clubs are cast of 433 stainless steel and come with True Temper, Uniflex Steel Shaft.
There is a Tour Striker for women and younger players also.
Swinging the club felt natural for the most part as I began to get used to hitting balls with the TourStriker.
Overall, swinging with this training aide is entirely possible.
It stores easily in golf bag & can be used anywhere.
You can do target practicing with it.
I’ve seen it work first hand. Better ball compression=better scores.
It increases strength & flexibility.
The Smart Ball training aid can be used in many ways that help it appeal to golfers struggling with almost any part of their game, tee-to-green.
The inflatable design of the Smart ball allows you to increase and decrease the size of the ball.
The Tour Striker is fun to use.
The Tour Striker is every bit as impressive in longevity as it is in effectiveness.
It gave each of us something slightly different to focus on based on our individual swing differences and tendencies, which was remarkable.
I particularly like that it doesn’t tell you how to do things; the Tour Striker is focused purely on the results.
The Tour Striker PlaneMate offers a seven-day training program to help you learn to properly use this device and implement it into your golf swing.
It doesn’t change your swing-just your position at impact.
The Tour Striker is cast from 431 steel and should last a long time.
The club feels like a normal iron in your hands in terms of weight, however addressing the ball is certainly “odd” at first thanks to the specially-designed clubface.
There is no set up with the Tour Striker – unwrap it and take it to the range.
The Smart Ball reinforces muscle patterns that promote cleaner, crisper contact for longer, straighter golf shots.
Tour Striker is available in a number of different models to fit different players.
Newcomers and newly beginners did benefit a lot from using the Smart Ball to learn proper putting form.
The directions are laid out and quite easy to follow. Indeed, nothing to complain about.
We were amazed at how it truly could be used through the entire golf swing.
It comes with unmatched instructional video training.
You can focus on making great golf swings rather than worrying about the flight of your brand new training aid.
We love that in addition to selling a tool, they also want to help the golfer transition the feelings from the tool into their golf game.
It allows the user to know the distinction between “feel” vs. “real”.
It is quite suitable for shorthand.
After a few swings and even a grip change, I was able to keep my hands forward on more than half of my shots, resulting in a true ball flight.
For those that struggle with the 7 Iron, there is an 8 iron and a sand wedge, which are both much easier to use.
There are several models of the Tour Striker available.
There are a variety of shaft flexes and lengths in each model, too.
The lanyard ensures this training aid won’t fly down the golf range when it drops out.
It provides instant feedback after a shot.
It improves scoring shots by developing the skills to excel around the greens.
There is ample great feedback on the device on the major golf forums and message boards on the web (and forums will give you both good and bad feedback).
The Smart Ball is very simplistic in its design, which lends itself to being very easy to use.
If you release the club too early from your backswing or attempt to “lift” the ball off the ground, the club will be very unforgiving.
I have found it be a very effective tool for instilling the feeling of leading with the hands.

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❌ Cons

The lanyard attachment can be rough for players with sensitive skin so removing that piece may be their best option.
There are some golfers out there who already hit down or lean the shaft forward too much. For those guys, the Tour Striker is not the solution.
The TourStriker is best used on a mat or completely even surface; hills or an uneven tee area may cause the bounce of the iron to react in odd ways when hit.
If not positioned properly, the educator can be prone to move and come out from the top attachment of the golf club.
It just felt arbitrary, which might be because we already have the fundamentals down in our putting swings.
The first few days with it take some getting used to but once you hit that first pure one you are all set.
It takes about 2-4 business days for shipping (my buddies received theirs in 2 days though).
Players unable to control their wrist angles may need to add other aids, such as the Tour Striker Power Click, with the Smart Ball for their best results.
Better players might find that success comes too easily.
Transferring the training aid from club to club could be tiring and time-consuming.
When we took it to the putting green, it didn’t prove to be very helpful.
For the less-experienced or higher-handicapped players, making proper contact with the club might come as an accident.
It is physically demanding.
It can be difficult to hit at first because the sweet spot is smaller and the position may not be familiar.
My only negative comment about the Tour Striker is that, like any training device, it can be cheated.
Some of the benefits of the Smart Ball can be replaced with other aids that golfers may have already purchased.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
Though this tool cannot make you an overnight golf superstar, it can help you improve your golf techniques immensely. It corrects numerous problems that could make or break a shot by providing feedbacks on what you did wrong. Also, it is a product from a reputable company that offers the most salable golf products. This training aid does not only improve the user’s performance but enhance the enjoyment of playing as well.
I obviously think very highly of the Tour Striker. I found it to be effective, and I found myself wanting to use it and wanting to share it with others. While I enjoyed the Tour Striker very much, I do have to acknowledge some of the concerns that came up during the review process. Better players might find that success comes too easily, and higher handicap players might find it too frustrating.
There are some golfers out there who already hit down or lean the shaft forward too much. For those guys, the Tour Striker is not the solution. That said, those guys are vastly outnumbered by the weight-on-their-right-foot, shaft-leaning-backwards, never-taken-a-divot-in-their-lives flippers who need the Tour Striker very badly.
I recommend the Tour Striker to all levels of golfers, but those who will benefit the most from it are mid to high handicap players. This level of golfer have not yet learned to hit the ball with a descending blow and lead with the hands, and the Tour Striker is ideal at showing you how to produce this impact position in real time. There is a model available for all abilities too.
I recommend the Tour Striker PlaneMate if you need help with any part of your golf motion. I say motion because it helps with chipping and pitching as much as with the full swing. Learning how to turn through and maintain proper arm structure in my pitching and chipping has made me much more consistent and helped with my scoring immensely.
Players can use the Smart Ball on the putting green, chipping and pitching areas, or for full swings on the range. The Smart Ball is singular in its ability to help players stay connected within their swing and deliver the golf club in a way that promotes their ideal shot. While no training aid could be best for every golfer, the Smart Ball is one that we recommend that most people try. Several variations of swing types can make use of this aid and we believe it can help your game as well.
In summary, buy the Tour Striker Smart Ball if you are looking for a training aid to help your arm rotation, connection and release. However, please do check your fundamentals (grip and posture) before you spend hours on the range trying to master your swing. I urge all golfers who buy a Smart Ball to also head to the pitching and chipping area
As a very low handicapper I will definitely use one in the future based on what I’ve seen. I honestly think the best benefit will be for the mid to high level handicapper as they will realize a position in the swing that they never felt before.Overall, I give it a 9/10.
All-in-all, I am pleased with the TourStriker product. I plan on making a few additional trips to the range with the club to work on my impact position while will hopefully translate to more distance and control with my irons.
We love the free and easy feeling you have while wearing the PlaneMate. You never feel like you are stuck, and you never feel like your golf swing is restricted. Instead, you feel like you are being guided. The combination of the gentle guide along with the fact that this can work for a wide range of golfers makes this a training device we would certainly recommend buying.
If you want to train yourself for playing golf with the passion, you just need to avoid the negative words of few people and then it will certainly work right. You will soon become proficient in targeting by practicing with it. We can assure you that you will get 100% benefit using this.
​​​The Smart Ball is one of the simplest to use trainers we’ve ever tested. It is also one of the most affordable swing aids out there.This tool will absolutely benefit you by unifying arm and body movement through your swing in almost every type of shot, including pitching, chipping, iron shots, and drives. This versatility truly makes this a remarkable tool.

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