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✅ Pros

An impressive selection of research tools are available.
Review Pros
TradingView has a social function through which you can publish trade ideas.
Numerous indicators and tools are available.
You can get access to real-time data.
It allows basic charting and analysis with free account.
There is a large database of indicators to help with technical analysis.
Free accounts are available.
Many features are available at no cost.
Excellent charting tools are available.
It offers author’s unique indicators with descriptions and practical analysis of strategies.
It offers a trading system simulator and the ability to connect a TradingView demo account to a live account of brokers and partners.
Wide range of tools, indicators, and chart features are available.
It is accessible through a web browser and smartphone app for true mobility.
You can learn from trading ideas of others.
You get access to real quotes for over 100 thousand various assets in multiple markets, including futures.
A library of community produced indicators is available.
It offers your own analysis with the trading community.
It offers superior charting system in HTML5.
It has multiple platforms, including a new desktop system.
It allows flexible backtesting with Pine script.
TradingView’s social platform allows you to share your monthly stats with people can not only hold you accountable, but understand the situation and can do it in a way constructive to your success.
TradingView makes looking at the timeframes much easier by allowing you to see multiple charts on the same screen.
It offers great user experience.
TradingView has more than 100+ built-in technical indicators that are not available in MetaTrader 4.
It gives you the ability to create your own indicators based on the platform language.
There is a large community of developers.
This is the smoothest charting I’ve ever used.
Hundreds of trading indicators are available.
More than 90 drawing tools are available with all plans.
It offers a variety of charting tools and trading ideas.
Advanced stock, crypto, and forex screeners are available.
There is a huge amount of functionality in one charting package.
It is cross-platform (web, iOS, and Android) compatible.
Whenever I want to explain something to someone or draw for my own reference (where I think the price will go), I take the pen inside TradingView to draw freely.
It has amazing free plan.
A free plan is available to test out the platform.
Community-produced indicators are available.
It provides comprehensive stock screening.
It is compatible on both desktop and mobile.
With TradingView, you are able to draw.
Stocks, forex and crypto screeners are available.
Users can choose from various chart types, time frames, technical indicators, trading volume insights, and research tools.
It is a great backtesting tool.
It is a very cost effective solution.
It supports a large number of markets and exchanges.
Users can use the screeners to scan the market based on performance, valuation, dividends, margins, income statement details, balance sheet figures, oscillators, and more.
Users can also define their own time intervals with TradingView Pro, Pro+ and Premium.
A growing community of chartists provide good ideas.
One great feature that separates TradingView from its competitors is the quality of the graphs and charts, and how much you can interact with them.
Asset and market research tools are available.
The social aspect combined with its great charting and opportunities for detailed analysis make it a great platform for getting a much more conclusive understanding of the markets you are trading in.
It gives you access to online charts on your browser.
Wide selection of engaging educational resources are available.
It offers the best usability & setup.
It supports many asset classes.
It has server-side alerting system.
Backtest trading strategies and paper trade to practice are available.
Web, desktop, and mobile versions are available.
100,000+ user generated strategies are available.
There is a arge number of global markets and assets.
Global markets and even crypto data can be charted.
It has an active online community.
Free tier will satisfy most users.
Social networking tools are available.
TradingView offers 4 plans with different advantages.
It is one of the best charting platforms on the market.
10 million user community is perfect for learning.

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❌ Cons

Customer service is lacking.
Profiling of some asset classes like ETFs is of low quality.
No level 2 data (DOM is available if you have a CQG account).
There is a lack of concentration on ETFs.
There is no offline usage.
It has weak newsfeed and fundamental analysis tools.
Many features are unavailable without a subscription.
Even in the premium plans, it does not come with any level 2 data which is considered by some to be crucial when day-trading.
There is sub-quality work of some indicators.
One of the troubles I have seen on TradingView is that you never really know whether the drawings you made on your chart got saved.
There is limited stock broker support.
There are limitations for the free version.
It is quite a weak system that doesn’t sort news by its importance very effectively.
If you are looking for a bit more artificial intelligence-based technology along with a backtesting module, then TrendSpider might be the better choice for you.
There is no tech support with a free account and limited support with paid accounts.
It has pricey premium packages.
There is a small list of compatible brokerage firms, especially for trading equities.
As TradingView offers some amazing features, a fraction of them is reserved for paid members.
A trader needs to look for a signal in TradingView and open a trade in a brokerage terminal.
TradingView by itself isn’t a trading platform through which you can place trades.
Customer service choices are not all-inclusive.
It doesn’t integrate with most “household name” full-service brokers.
It struggles to feature the news that is most influential to traders first, compared to other more minor news.
Scanners need you some improvements.
It does not offer the best value for dividend investors

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
TradingView is one of the most powerful technical analysis tools for investors, trading beginners and experienced traders. It is affordable and reliable, comes with extensive features, and the low price for the paid version makes it an excellent choice.
TradingView is a powerful technical analysis tool for both novice and experienced investors and traders. It is reliable, comprehensive, and has most of what you need day-to-day when trading. Despite the few issues, its relatively low price makes it a no-brainer.
If you already have access to a standalone trading platform like DAS Trader or ETRADE Pro, it may not be worth it to pay for another charting service. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a comprehensive platform for day trading or short-term investing, then TradingView offers a ton of value. At the end of the day, TradingView has a lot of great tools, but the real star of the service is definitely the charting.
TradingView is a charting platform, not a broker. Consider using TradingView to use advanced charts and tools for stocks, ETFs, bonds, forex and crypto. Look elsewhere if you are looking for a broker to actively trade securities.
TradingView is a stock charting and trading platform that offers hundreds of custom indicators from its social network of 30 million traders.
TradingView is a browser based platform which shows real-time data and online charts. TradingView offers a wide range of tools and indicators that allow you to simultaneously learn from the trading ideas of others while sharing your own analysis with the trading community (if you want).
TradingView’s diverse offerings make it palatable to most types of traders but I think there is a bias among the members towards medium-short term trading. First off, the free account plan is perfect for most investors and longer term swing traders who don’t require more than three indicators on their charts. Besides them, I think the general demographic of TradingView is technical based swing and intraday swing traders.
The TradingView platform will attract those who understand or want to understand graphical and technical analysis and also people who are engaged in the professional development of trading systems and who like to test new ideas, communicate, and develop their trading skills.
For me, I think it became a must. When I travel, there’s no way I’ll run Meta Trader 4 on my Mac as it consumes way too much battery. Having a website I can easily access makes it easier to load a chart quickly and close it whenever I want. I can draw anything and share it with “anyone” (I include my trading journal in ‘anyone’). However, if you’re always trading at home or on a PC, TradingView might not mean the same thing. It’s up to you to see whether you’ll truly benefit from it – although I doubt you wouldn’t.
TradingView provides an affordable alternative to the various desktop-based charting software. with powerful tools and features. We like it as an alternative to more expensive charting software like eSignal.
Whether you’re into active trading or just curious about what the market is doing from time to time, TradingView is an excellent tool to use for researching, charting and screening your favorite stocks. You get a ton of research tools for free right on the home page, and with a basic account, the avid beginner can practice charting and mock trading for free before placing trades at their favorite brokerage.
We believe that the platform is an excellent source of data and analysis. With tools to support both newer and experienced investors, TradingView far surpasses its competitors. However, the value inherent in some of their premium membership levels is questionable. Only a small number of investors will find value for money, particularly in its Pro membership program. Overall, we consider TradingView charts to be essential for any serious investor.
TradingView is a great platform. It has some of the best and smoothest charts around, making your experience jitter-free and letting you focus on what is important. They also have some of the best and definitely the most drawing and analysis tools around. Their indicators are also incredibly extensive and hard to be rivaled. Coupled with their amazingly helpful social networking side, they have created a site and service that is envied by most trading services out there. It is truly a quality competitor of the market.
This TradingView review finds it is great for traders wanting global coverage of stocks, Fx, and cryptocurrencies. TradingView automatically identifies chart patterns, Elliott Waves, and Candlestick patterns. Excellent backtesting and the world’s best trading community make TradingView a great choice for chart traders.
Comprehensive, packed with unique tools and brimming with information, TradingView is an investor’s best friend. For many, it’s the best stock chart website out there. Although TradingView can be a bit overwhelming for newer traders and those who are intimidated by its sheer range of tools, superior educational resources and paper trading accounts can help you begin with just a little practice.

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