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✅ Pros

You can get replacement top covers for just $15.
Review Pros
If you have any sort of foot pain you need relief from, these can work wonders and make them more than worth their price.
It is firm but flexible.
I love how customizable and modular these insoles are with varying materials and top layer thicknesses.
It is made with a 2-part system.
High-quality materials have been used.
Customers praised the firm arch support, help with sore feet, and plantar fasciitis.
Tread Labs offers you a 30 day trial period.
The four arch heights will ensure you’ll find the right one for your feet.
Top cover replacement is possible for only $15.
The arch supports are solid.
They’re guaranteed for a million miles (which is another way of saying: a lifetime).
Hiking with the Ramble was super comfortable.
There is deep heel cup for ultimate shock absorption.
Velcro attached to the top of this plastic support allows easy changing from BLUE to RED and back.
The top covers have had a PURE antimicrobial fabric treatment.
They offer free US shipping and free returns.
Tread offers million mile guarantee.
They offer great support for a non prescription insole.
EVA foam layer is comfortable without sacrificing performance.
They pay for the shipping costs.
The thicker foam top layer makes for very comfortable running.
The ability to interchange the 2mm and 4mm cushioned tops is a great benefit for athletes.
They are well cushioned.
The 2mm and 4mm tops are flat until put into the arch support. This means you could use one of these under the full insole to fill more volume in the shoe.
You shoes will stay fresher due to, “PURE antimicrobial fabric treatment kills 99.9% of bacteria.
They have customization that ensures you can find something that helps you.
The Tread Labs insoles rank as one of the most comfortable insoles that I’ve ever tried.
The arch support is attached to the top cover with a Velcro-like system.
You can replace the top cover for just $15.
These insoles last longer and provide the best value for your money in the long run.
It comes with molded arch support.
Tread Labs makes decent insoles for its price point.
The company appears to be reputable.
Tread Labs insoles provide solid support.
It was an easy upgrade that offered support that I wasn’t even aware I was missing.
Each insole comes with three different top pads so you can fit your new insoles comfortably into any of your boots or shoes.
It is a quality product with a lifetime time guarantee on the arch plates.
They may look simple, but these insoles hold up to the test.
I was pretty impressed with the process Tread Labs recommended to determine which insoles I should get.
They are durable.
It is made from an open cell polyurethane foam.
The ability to replace just the cushioned top will save you money over the long run instead of having to purchase a whole new pair of insoles.
It comes with PURE antimicrobial treatment.
It comes in multiple arch heights.
Hard plastic foundation supports the heel, arch, outer foot, and forefoot.
You have thirty days to return insoles, and insoles may be returned even if you do trim them to size.
Both sets of these insoles dramatically improved my comfort and support in all three shoes.
You can replace the footbeds if you want to try a different style or they wear out while keeping the firm arch support piece.
Made in 2 parts – the top cover is cheap and easy to replace, the arch support is guaranteed for life.
They are true to size.
When I received the insoles, I was able to slide them directly into my trainers without much adjustment.
I felt like my feet were at a better angle inside of my shoes, and the insoles really quickly broke into my shoes.
They aren’t expensive compared to other orthopedic insoles and represent a great value overall.
Heel cup ensures the foot stays planted.
Unlike some insoles that I’ve bought in the past, Tread Labs come with a 30-day money back guarantee.
The replacement covers cost just $15.
I can’t stress enough how natural it felt to put the Tread Labs insoles into my trusty walking shoes.
Durability makes these insoles a great choice.
A top cover for the Pace insole will cost you merely $16 while the whole insole retails for $65.
Tread Labs has a convenient fitting guide on their website.
The top cover of Tread Labs has a PURE antimicrobial fabric treatment that kills 99.9% of bacteria.
The deep heel cups hold your heels securely.
The cost is $75 which is much cheaper than a custom pair of orthotics.
The Stride Insoles can be helpful for providing great stability for trail running.
The insoles nicely pulled moisture from my socks during intensive activities.
They are specifically designed for low volume cycling shoes.

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❌ Cons

The threading that makes up the Tread Labs logo on the insoles’ top covers, has come loose a bit.
They do cost a bit up front.
The only complaint I have is that the insoles are not as breathable as the original insoles of my hiking and running shoes.
IMHO, the met pads should be built into the insole.
I found my two insoles to be a little squeaky when I wore them around the house for some time.
Large metatarsal bumps are available but optional.
My two insole pairs became a little squeaky after a while.
Unlike custom fit orthotics, you may also have to trim to your own foot if you have a narrow foot or in between foot size.
They don’t do much to explain the difference between the footbeds.
Tread Labs Strides cost twice what a regular pair of insoles cost.
Do not hit the trail with these insoles if you have not broken them in with the exact shoes you’re hiking in.
The insoles may take some time to wear in and may cause some discomfort in the beginning.
Installation and placement are user-defined.
Dash insoles are not the most comfortable to run longer distances with the thin foam insole. I’d recommend using them with the thicker 5mm foam insert
Drawbacks include no heel cup, less cushioning, and the tendency to be a bit on the noisy side.
Given how silent the house is, the noise may be a little audible.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
I have slightly higher arches, so I opted to use the medium arch version, which fits my feet perfectly. The arch support fits my foot very well, providing the support along the inside of my foot where it needs it the most. The deep heel cup molds nicely around my heel and gives my foot a greater sense of stability when I’m walking.
The insoles were a perfect fit.The arch support feels good under my foot without being too stiff.
I was really impressed with the Tread Labs Pace insoles that I tried. They were effective at helping to reduce some nagging foot pain that I’ve been dealing with and this was much-welcomed relief. For that alone, I would recommend them. But they were also very comfortable and improved the performance of my footwear that I was already fond of as well.
If you suffer from Plantar Fasciitis as a runner, and are less worried about getting performance gains from your insoles but are seeking some help with the foot pain, then these insoles can be used to replace your running shoes’ existing foam insole.
I’ve found my new favorite insoles. My Stride insoles have given me the support I’ve always longed for, even in the long run. They look as great as they feel. They’ve helped me get rid of my knee pain and will prevent me from developing plantar fasciitis ever again. I know I can’t prove that I won’t get PF anywhere in the future anymore, but I’m feeling pretty confident!
All in all, I’m really satisfied with the Pace insoles. They provide great support, improve the position of the foot and make you footwear more comfortable. They are also suitable for just about any activity, from running to hiking. I was also very satisfied with moisture-wicking performance and odor resistance. The only downside is that they are slightly less breathable than insoles that come with high-quality hiking and running shoes.
The solid plastic insert featured in Tread Labs insoles offers much more support than any gel or foam product I’ve tried. The amount of customization you get, from arch height to flexibility, makes Tread Labs a must-have for anyone who has flat feet, plantar fasciitis, or just wants more comfort from their boots.
Great company that has a unique solution for those with low volume shoes or high volume shoes.
I highly rate Tread Labs Strides and consider them the best insoles for walking or standing all day. The inserts have provided me with the support I needed, even in the long run. They look and feel great, helped to get rid of my knee pain and prevent plantar fasciitis. Comparing Tread Labs to regular insoles, I find that the former are sturdily built and do not bend even when under pressure. Tread Labs insoles keep their form and provide excellent arch support.
All in all, I really enjoyed the Tread Labs insoles I tried! I will absolutely keep using them, and would recommend them to hikers and travellers who will be on their feet all day. But, be sure you break them in with each pair of shoes you hope to use them with, otherwise the experience is completely opposite.
I am extremely impressed with the visual enhancements Tread Labs made to their packaging, and insoles. But that’s not where the improvements stopped. The Pace is a really nice upgrade to the Stride from a few years back. They are really comfortable, durable, and most importantly…relieve foot and knee pain.
Tread Labs’ best selling insole is the Ramble. They’re made using a 2-part system, which Tread Labs has become known for. The great thing about these insoles is how easily you can customize them to your own feet. They come with a molded arch support piece and a top foam layer. When buying, you can choose if you want the molded arch support for low, medium, high, or extra-high arches.
Don’t let the agony of foot pain keep you sidelined. Firm support from Pace Short insoles reduces stress on your plantar fascia and promotes proper body alignment. The perfect opponent for foot conditions that cause pain.
These are very unique insoles and I like them a lot. Wearing Tread Labs insoles in my running shoes showed me how comfortable they are and how much support they gave in comparison to the regular flimsy stock insoles found in many of today’s shoes.
Tread Labs is not a substitute for high-end insoles, but it’s a fair compromise between the most expensive options and twenty-dollar insoles.

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