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✅ Pros

Free delivery is available.
Review Pros
These are simple heat and eat prepared meals.
Trifecta also maintains that all its meats are humanely raised and free-range, beef is grass-fed and seafood is wild-caught and not farmed.
The items we received prepped well and looked appetizing when plated.
One of the best things about Trifecta Nutrition is that they realize that those on diet plans frequently fail to stick to their plans because of the repetitiveness and overall sameness of the meals and flavors provided.
Balanced meals help you stay full.
This isn’t an option like HelloFresh where you need to put the ingredients together. Everything arrives ready to eat.
It offers free shipping throughout the United States.
It is different eating styles accommodated.
Meal trays are easy to transport.
Shipping is free on all orders.
Meals are vacuum sealed and stored in an insulated container.
They offer free shipping to anywhere in the US.
They offer customers the option to place a weekly order consisting of either one, two, or three meals per day.
We found the Trifecta meals to offer a range of diversity, making sure our meal plans didn’t feel boring each week.
High quality ingredients are used.
Shipping is always free in the US.
It offers plans for several dietary patterns.
The Flat Iron Steak’s texture was also good.
Customers can fill in the foods they dislike eating or are allergic to and the chefs will work with those guidelines accordingly.
The company recently announced a partnership with the UFC, which is further proof that some of the nation’s top athletes are finding Trifecta’s approach to food a good fit for their needs.
They accommodate multiple dietary restrictions.
Menu changes every week to provide variety.
They offer bulk ordering.
Their foods and meals have nutrition labels attached, which take away the guess work of how much you’re getting.
You could also pop some of them into the freezer (as I did) and get a much longer shelf life.
Your meals will be prepared by Trifecta Nutrition’s team of chefs under the guidance of dietitians and nutritionists.
Grass-fed meats and wild-caught seafood is used.
All Trifecta meals feature fresh ingredients and organic produce.
They use high quality ingredients (organic, grass-fed, wild-caught).
They offer free shipping to all 50 states.
They offer organic, healthy, and macro-balanced meals.
They have a wide variety of a la cart options.
Their meal plans are specifically tailored to specific diets, such as vegan, vegetarian, and Paleo.
Trifecta’s meals may be able to help you lose weight.
We found it straightforward to navigate the Trifecta website and order meals.
Trifecta meal delivery currently ships to all countries inside the U.S., including Alaska and Hawaii, for free.
Once you take a quick quiz that rules out some foods you don’t ever want to see on your menu, Trifecta takes care of the rest.
There are tons of meal plans to choose from, including paleo, vegan, keto, and more.
Their meals are cost-friendly for as low as around $6.
No artificial sweeteners, refined sugars, or processed meats are used.
Trifecta’s meals are healthy, with lots of lean meats, vegetables and whole grains.
It is ideal for low-carb dietary needs.
All of Trifecta’s meals are gluten-free and are proven to help people with their weight loss journey.
They use science-based approach for organic foods.
Trifecta also uses mostly organic produce.
Trifecta meal services delivers their pre-prepared meals directly to you. No chopping, boiling, grilling, rubbing, frying, smearing, or crying.
They also have a very helpful fitness app.
Tracking app and nutrition counseling are available.
The meals are delicious, and Trifecta doesn’t mess around when it comes to ingredient quality like their sweet potatoes.
It offers substantial portion sizes.
Keto, Paleo, and vegan diet options are available.
Grocery and à la carte options are available.
They deliver all throughout the US.
It features organic and sustainably sourced ingredients.
It may help support weight loss and improve health.
Trifecta Nutrition delivers to all 50 states.
Their meals are nutritionist-approved.
Meal plans cover a variety of diets.
It includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner options.
Trifecta Nutrition uses only organic ingredients.
The meals are generally very flavorful.
It is nutritionally balanced.
Meals are well packaged.
Every meal is healthy, featuring organic, sustainably sourced ingredients.
The Salmon was surprisingly tasty for being pre-cooked and heated in the microwave.
It is healthy, freshly pre-prepared food using clean and organic ingredients.
No cooking is required. Just reheating gets the work done.
Their a la carte items were placed nicely, and didn’t move around in the package like some looser containers can allow.
Meal options include breakfast, lunch, and dinner selections.

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❌ Cons

There are several meals that do not taste very good.
You can’t select your meals on any of the convenience plans.
It allows you to exclude only up to two ingredients from your weekly menu.
Trifecta make it somewhat difficult to cancel.
You aren’t able to choose exactly which meals you get each week unless you choose from the A La Carte menu.
You may encounter shipping problems.
You may receive duplicate meals, pending on available ingredients and your preferences/allergies.
Depending on the plan you choose, you may not be able to choose your meals.
Because of the organic ingredients and the quality of the food, the price can be on the higher side.
You have little control over what exact meals you receive.
There’s no way to select the meal you want.
While you can edit your subscription online, you have to make a call to speak with someone if you want to cancel it.
Texture and flavor may not suit everyone.
Since this organic meal delivery service offers meals chosen by the chef, you don’t have much control when it comes to the food you receive.
Portions can be a little on the small side.
There is a minimum purchase of under $120 to purchase from the A La Carte menu.
It has high minimum order requirement.
It is on the expensive side for what it is.
It may become expensive over time.
It is expensive for single-serving meals.
It is lacking customizability.
It is expensive.
Some recipes had the same vinegar dressing.
It is not the cheapest option.
Meals could use more flavor.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
Trifecta is a good choice if you’re looking for a food delivery service that provides ready to heat organic meals for around $6 a portion. Their meals are reviewed and approved by nutritionists to maintain optimal macronutrient content. They cater to several dietary restrictions, which is ideal if you’re looking for meals that align with your dietary preferences.
If you are looking for a convenient way to get high-quality ingredients with macronutrients that align with your specific eating plan, then Trifecta might be a good fit. But try a limited subscription first to be sure that you enjoy the food.
This meal delivery service may be best suited to customers with dietary restrictions, as finding vegan/paleo/keto/vegetarian meals can sometimes get exhausting. It is a game-changer for these people. Plus, its other health trackers, such as the Trifecta water intake calculator, are helpful to an overall healthy diet.
I 100% believe that Trifecta is worth the hype and definitely worth the money. Just think of all the time you’ll save! Plus, you get peace of mind knowing that you’re eating healthy and nourishing your body. One less thing to feel guilty about or stress over!
While it’s a great option if you’re looking for nutritious, fully prepared meals, the service is a poor fit if you’re on a tight budget or prefer to have more control over the exact meals and ingredients you receive each week.
If you’re someone who wants organic ready-made meals with solid nutrition background, then Trifecta is likely a good choice for your goals.
I want good, nutritious food that compliments my physical goals, and I want to get it onto my plate with as little effort as possible. Trifecta solves both of these issues beautifully.
Every vegan looking for meal delivery should try Trifecta for a week. The company constantly puts out coupon offers for new subscribers that will help you save up to 40 percent on your order. While Trifecta isn’t perfection, it brings you many more bites closer to vegan bliss than other delivery services.
Trifecta takes a science- and nutritionist-based approach to help customers transform their overall health with macro-focused, low-carb diets. Trifecta has a tracking app, which goes alongside its motto of “eat like you train,” and even offers nutrition plans for extra weight-loss support. However, we ran into some confusion as we selected our meal plan, and were a bit disappointed in the redundancy of our chef-curated meals.
Trifecta is a great option for anyone looking to make nutritious eating quick and easy. This meal-delivery service not only offers customers tasty cooked meals, but it also gives the option of support from trained nutritionists.
I do like Trifecta’s meal planning bundles or a la cart delivery and would contend those are the best bargains that the service offers. Four portions of wild-salmon would cost you a whole lot more than $23 dollars at the grocery store, for instance. The other high-quality meats, fish and produce are also priced fairly for you to buy and have on hand for healthy lunches and dinners all week.
This prepared meal delivery service comes highly recommended by the Meal Matchmaker team for its, affordability, tasty organic meals which fuel training menu plan diversity, community support ,and resources from like minded people, professionals, and experts.
Trifecta’s nutritious meals and companion fitness app help you achieve your body goals, even if you don’t have total control over what you’re eating.
Trifecta Nutrition is one of the few premade meal delivery services out there that can completely replace meal prepping for those who are strict about their macros. The biggest drawback I found was that you can’t select which meals you receive on the majority of their meal plans.
Trifecta Nutrition features fully prepared healthy meals from organic, non-GMO ingredients in a variety of diet plans with a focus on clean eating, and nutritionally geared meals.

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