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✅ Pros

The 3 brushes have very soft bristles a key feature to any brush that I notice before I even use it.
Review Pros
It offers 3 different speeds which give you more options so you can choose three different kinds of comfort.
This toothbrush design cleans exactly where you need to be cleaning to avoid leaving plaque behind.
Its soft sonic bristles are designed in such a way that they are perfect for cleaning in and around implants.
The Triple Bristle Go Travel Sonic Toothbrush is eight inches long and only weighs a pound.
The blue indicator bristles are designed to slowly fade into white, reminding you it’s time to replace your brush head.
The handle has a charging indicator light that helps you keep your toothbrush charged.
The 3 sides flexed to fit perfectly around my teeth as I moved around the arch.
It cleans 3 surfaces of the tooth at the same time.
It has built in 2 minutes timer.
The quality and intensity of sonic vibration was comparable to a name brand Sonicare brush.
The triple bristle toothbrush has a powerful 31,000 sonic vibrations per minute.
Because there is more than one brush head, this electric toothbrush will be able to clean every single spot on each tooth in your mouth.
Battery life is great.
It is affordable.
It has built-in timer and pacer.
There is a good battery life built-in.
This model has a timer that’s automatically set to two minutes. That will ensure that you brush your teeth for the right amount of time.
Its rechargeable battery can last up to 2 long weeks of active users in just a single charging. S
It offers 3 speed for your comfort.
The unique design of triple bristle is engineered in such a way that it adapts perfectly of teeth of any shape and size.
It has three modes built into it-(high/clean, soft/gentle, and massage).
The 360-degree coverage will help you remove all sorts of food stains with ease.
It also has a quadrant timer that pauses every 30 seconds to let you know when to move to a different section of your mouth.
The angle of the bristles was perfect to slide just below the gum line to encourage the proper brushing technique.
It improves oral health.
It has a real, long-lasting battery that lasts up to 2 weeks.
It improves your gum health with its angled bristles, by cleaning areas that are beneath your gum and other places that seem difficult to reach.
It has 3 brushing modes.
The product was designed by a dentist with the education to understand what is important in a tooth brush to allow patients to brush efficiently and effectively.
Bristles are positioned at the perfect angle.
You will only need two AA batteries to power it.
Triple bristle toothbrush perfectly engages the gumline and consistently cleans it to maintain long term oral health.
It has a three-sided brush head. So, it simultaneously and conveniently cleans all three surfaces of the teeth.
The triple bristle toothbrush has 3 soft toothbrush heads.
The triple bristle brush comes with a 1 year warranty.
It is safe for braces.
Because it runs on batteries, you won’t need to pack anything more than the actual electric toothbrush.
Compared to manual toothbrushes, sonic toothbrushes are far more effective in removing plaque from hard to reach areas.

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❌ Cons

It was a little tricky to get used to brushing the front teeth you have to angle your arm in a different way than a typical brush.
There is no travel case.
Unlike other electric toothbrushes, this brush doesn’t have settings so you can change the intensity.
You’re out of luck if your batteries die and you don’t have some batteries on the hand.
If you don’t like the bulkiness of the multiple brush heads, you may not like this toothbrush as much as you might like a different one.
I am slightly worried about the brush drying between uses and I wonder if it holds more bacteria than a brush that can dry out faster.
It comes with bulky charging stand.
Build quality is not great.
There is no pressure sensor.
It replaces your old toothbrush.

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Review Summaries
This toothbrush would be wonderful for people with disabilities, autism or any other kinds of special needs. Perfect for children and even perfect for those who just haven’t mastered the perfect brushing technique on their own. Also perfect for those who rush their daily oral hygiene routine but still want to get an effective cleaning. I love the easy subscription plan and the overall affordability of this three sided sonic toothbrush. I will be definitely recommending this for many of my patients.
Triple bristle is a ground breaking discovery in terms of toothbrushes and is very unique compared to all other sonic toothbrushes available in the market. Also it is patented, so it is likely to rule the market alone in the near future as well.
If you want to take away all the guesswork from tooth brushing so that you are 100% dental clean, then this dentist designed Bristle Electric Toothbrush with a 3-sided 45° angled bristles, and 31,000 sonic stroke vibrations per minute is want you need.
Triple Bristle does exactly what they suggest it does. Make no mistakes, it looks and feels very different to use, but I believe that this is a good thing. The larger brush head might be more challenging for some people to use, but you can feel the bristles working, cleaning the teeth and gums.
After our Triple Bristle Go Travel Sonic Toothbrush review, we concluded that this is a great electric toothbrush that works for everyone. Despite the triple brush head, anyone with braces, dental implants and veneers can still use this model to keep their pearly whites clean. The ergonomic sonic brush handle is great for people who suffer from arthritis or any other hand issues.
There are so many reasons why you need to dump your old brush for this electronic brush, the one that readily comes to mind is how effective it is in helping to reduce plaque, and preventing gum soreness. Dentists also recommend it for those with implants, denture, and braces. The stimulating vibration creates that cleaning micro-bubbles which will help you avoid any abrasion while brushing.
The idea of a 3 sided brush seems simple and efficient and I am excited to try it! The product was designed and produced by a dentist, Max Bibiner DMD who has a passion for oral hygiene and a desire to produce a the first quality 3 sided sonic brush!
This best electric toothbrush has durable bristles that are strategically designed and angled to gently brush away and clean plaque and tartar buildup on tooth along with those under the gumline. It also has 3 SPEEDS namely High, Sensitive, and Massage to give you the best brushing time you have never experienced before. Who could imagine that brushing can be exciting too?

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