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✅ Pros

You can download 6000+ free courses without a membership.
Review Pros
The Platform is fairly easy to use.
High-quality lessons are available.
For a monthly tuition fee, you can explore ongoing or individual private lessons.
TrueFire organizes their guitar courses into five skill levels.
They offer decent membership pricing with money-back guarantee.
There are multiple, linear lesson plans for each genre.
TrueFire has good learning system.
One area that TrueFire separates itself from many other resources is with their classrooms and workshops.
The video quality, and instructor quality is great.
They have easy to navigate through the lessons.
The course enables you to keep track of your progress through a mapping system.
High-quality video content is available.
They have 25,000+ Instructional and educational guitar lessons.
Mostly free lesson options are available.
TrueFire is more affordable alternative to in-person guitar instruction & learning.
They offer advanced interactive video lessons with tabs/notation that plays in sync with video.
Tons of extras are included in membership and new lessons added consistently.
The program offers you a free trial.
40,000+ video lessons are available.
You can learn in the most popular styles – Jazz, Rock, Blues, Country.
You can follow the courses on any device.
They have great content for intermediate and advanced players.
There are over two hundred people that have made guitar lessons for TrueFire.
They have decent membership pricing with money-back guarantee.
They have over 200 experienced and iconic instructors.
The website is easy to follow and clean.
While all 3 top online guitar lesson providers have responsive websites, Truefire has a dedicated mobile app that is very convenient and fast.
TrueFire’s total number of lessons and guitar courses incredibly big.
If you are an advanced guitarist and want to get in the groove of playing with a virtual band, have a look at Truefire’s In the Jam.
It is ideal for those who don’t have access to local guitar lessons.
If you want to learn fingerstyle acoustic guitar, you definitely need to check out Truefire. Neither Jamplay nor GuitarTricks has many acoustic fingerstyle lessons.
At 25,000 video lessons, it’s by far the biggest.
You can learn guitar, bass, ukulele, banjo or even harmonica.
TrueFire has over 40,000 guitar videos! Well, being a platform that exists since 1991, this fact is not too weird.
Superstar instructors are available.
While the beginner material on Truefire is fine, their intermediate and above level lessons are where they really shine.
There are so many courses, and they build on various different styles and techniques.
Some famous instructors are also there.
Feedback is available from tutors.
They have a roster of over 300 award-winning tutors.
TrueFire features some impressive video features that use a Soundslice interactive tab.
If you want to try out TrueFire for free, there is a 30-day free trial.
Perhaps the biggest strength of the site is that you can learn from so many educators in one place.
They have awesome intermediate/advanced topics.
At TrueFire there are tons of courses for all of the popular guitar playing styles.
They have 140+ Highly skilled and professional instructors.
For such a low monthly and annual price, this platform is totally worth it.
It offers you the freedom to be your master and remain in control of your learning schedule.
You also get ccess to tabs and notation.
There are over 40,000 different lessons and 30,000 tabs to play from.
No matter your skill level, the best way to start exploring is to sign up for an all-access 30-day free trial.
Crystal clear video lessons mean you can learn in an uninterrupted environment and gain quality, accurate practice.
All the standard styles are there, like rock, blues, acoustic guitar, fingerstyle etc.
TrueFire’s design is a perfect one for learning guitar.
They have a great variety of genre and style lessons.
Even if you aren’t particularly good with computers, TrueFire’s tab menu at the top of the screen is easy to navigate.
Extra jam tracks and private lessons are available.
The free lessons are useful for getting a feel for the platform.
Truefire is the largest online guitar lesson provider, in terms of the number of lessons.
TrueFire has tons of available courses in most genres.
A jaw-dropping catalog of 40,000 guitar lessons is available.
High-quality lessons are available.
If you’d rather learn on your phone or tablet, you can also download the TrueFire app.
TrueFire has lots of other features you can explore – from bonus lessons and apps to tuners and jam tracks.
They have the best educators in the business.
TrueFire has a 30 day free trial which gives you access to all the courses and videos.
It is easy to navigate through the lessons.
There is plenty of material for intermediate and advanced users.

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❌ Cons

Number of lessons may be hard to navigate.
Their support team is unresponsive at times.
Self-discipline is very much required.
TrueFire beginner courses aren’t as strong as the intermediate+ levels.
There are some rehashed courses.
Many of the extra features are subject to additional charges.
There are too many options for a complete beginner.
Artist courses are more geared towards intermediate players.
They do have a few iPhone apps though, but I can’t test them, since there is no Android version.
Not all videos are interactive.
There isn’t a start here section for the pure beginner.
Lack of individual song lessons will put some users off.
Video teaching can’t take note of mistakes and refine playing in the same way as physical lessons.
Number of courses can be overwhelming if you are a beginner or like me and have severe ADD.
It may not be the best learning method for everyone.
They do not have a ton of songs to learn.
They have one of the most expensive monthly membership prices.
Videos are not in 4K.
There are no modern song lessons.
It is hard to find song lessons via webpage.
I wish they had a section dedicated for learning songs, but instead they have song lessons scattered around in the various courses.
Truefire has not invested in the creation of online guitar tools.
Some extra features will cost you more than your initial subscription.
The number of courses available is fantastic for players wanting to diversify their skills, but not so good for those needing basic teaching.
Some of the older videos have a simpler video player with fewer user controls.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
Truefire is awesome for intermediate/advanced guitarists. For those who never picked up a guitar or are at beginner level, Guitar Tricks or Jamplay could be a better choice. To join Truefre, sign up for the free trial or get a monthly/annual all access pass and just see how much you will like such a comprehensive guitar learning website.
If you choose to subscribe to TrueFire and actually put in the work and utilize all the tools they give you, it’s the best path towards becoming a master guitarist.
To sum things up, you can learn a lot from TrueFire, and it is definitely worth it. Compared to other guitar learning platforms, TrueFire is on the affordable spectrum, but despite the low price, the value you get with this platform is beyond what you would expect for $29 a month.
Make no mistake about it, TrueFire has a lot going for it. Spending just a little time with the platform makes it apparent why it is one of the leaders in the world of online guitar tuition.
TrueFire offers a well-rounded program with a diverse range of courses for all kinds of players. Although the lessons cater to intermediate and advanced level players, beginners can still learn basic skills with ease.
Overall, there are some great learning techniques offered by TrueFire with plenty of courses and styles to choose from.
We recommend TrueFire to everybody that wants to expand its knowledge on guitar playing! Both complete beginners and Experienced Guitar players can learn from this site. It is the oldest, and the biggest of them all. Try it, see for yourself!
TrueFire has good learning system.They have easy to navigate through the lessons. However, number of courses can be overwhelming if you are a beginner or like me and have severe ADD.
After thoroughly researching TrueFire and the competition, the choice boils down to this: How much depth do you want? If you foresee regularly using the content for a lifetime, then TrueFire is unsurpassed. The massive library of content and the number of top instructors are incredible.
Besides the All-Access memberships, you can buy their individual courses. These range between $10 to $30. Truefire also has a free trial offer. Simply sign up on the link below, and you’ll get All Acces for 30 days. Free access to all of their lessons for a month is a great deal if you ask me.
Overall, TrueFire keeps its promise to deliver comprehensive guitar instruction. The beginner lessons progress at a steady, easy-to-follow pace. The playalongs are an engaging way to practice new techniques, build muscle memory and start experimenting with improv. Plus, the auto-scrolling tabs and HD videos make it even easier to follow the educator.
For those that already know how to play and have a good understanding of the basics, TrueFire guitar lessons offer the opportunity to learn numerous new styles, techniques, and overall improve on your existing skill.
For the $19 a month, you get a lot of value with the sheer volume of lessons, especially after the first 30 days are free giving you a great introductory period to see if TrueFire is the lesson site for you.
Overall, Truefire is definitely a legit option for learning guitar online, and their 100% customer satisfaction and money-back guarantee policy makes it safe and convenient for all skill levels guitarists to give it a shot and try the program out without worrying whether you’ve made the right decision or not. What’s there to lose? Basically nothing.
If you are already experienced on the guitar, and you’re looking for courses which really dive into specific genres and styles, it’s worth giving TrueFire a shot.

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