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✅ Pros

Trusy Social puts customer service as a top priority, which is why they have a live chat support system on their website.
Review Pros
You will get a personal account manager who’ll keep you updated on your performance.
They can get you 5,000 new followers per month.
They have secure and safe payment process.
It is not good for you if you are at the beginning of your way.
Trusy Social seems to have real, genuine reviews of their services on display through their website.
Trusy Social promises organic growth.
Trusy also promises that you will grow fast with their plans and all you need to do is take a back seat and let the magic happen.
There is a dedicated account manager for every client.
Their pricing is visible.
They claim to have a large existing audience and relationships with influencers who will amplify your content.
You can quickly grow your Instagram.
They offer to audit your account for free.
Their customer service is good.
It is completely managed service.
Trusy Social provides you with a dedicated account manager.
Personal account manager is assigned to every client.
They have a number of packages that vary in price depending on what you want from them.
It is not good for you if you are an individual/business who is looking for niche specific followers.
Their craft involves a dedicated account manager who will manually grow your followers.
Email and phone support is available.
They have decent customer support.
Trusy Soical offers lots of features.
Trusy claims to have cracked the code for Instagram growth.
You can pay through PayPal.
Trusy Social has gone the extra mile and secured their website with https.
They offer a free account audit.
Trusy Social makes it nice and easy for you to sign up for their services, and you even get a personal account manager to stick with you through it all.
There is a dedicated account manager for everyone. does have visible pricing, which you can find on their homepage if you scroll down a little bit.
You don’t need to give them your account password.
It is not good for you if your account needs to have natural growth and real followers.
It ensures maximum followers from the initiation of the plan.
Their website is secure.
They offer different ways to target followers.
If you need help with anything, or just simply have a question that needs answering, Trusy can be of assistance.
The personal touch means that you will have somebody to guide you through instead of bots and automation.
Their services are available to almost everybody, from businesses, brands, and even personal accounts. does have an FAQ page.
It provides branding support from freelance analysts.
It’ll get you quick likes and followers.
Trusy Social has a secure website.
Trusy has never had a client lose their account and they are proud to say they use innovative techniques and industry-leading service quality.
Trusy provides its customers with free account audits.
They also have an incredible customer support service that is always ready to assist.
It is not good for you if your business is local or start-up.
Creative posts increase the engagement and feedback from the customers.
Trusy Social also offers PayPal as a way of paying, which is by far the most secure method.
Trusy features their real reviews on their homepage so that you can see them before anything else.
Video tutorials are available.
Trusy Social are just as serious about your Instagram growth as you are, which makes them a great partner to have.

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❌ Cons

It can get you blocked or banned.
It provides fake followers and engagement.
It is a time-consuming process.
We’re not sure that Trusy offers a free trial. We know that they have tutorials on their services, but not a free trial per se.
There is no free trial.
It’s way too expensive.
There is not enough info on the way they grow your account.
You’ll lose some of the followers.
Customer service is not very helpful.
They could be more transparent.
There is a low return on investment.
It provides fake engagement.
It may get you blocked or banned.
You get fake followers.
Cost is a little bit high than normal.
It is not suitable for service-oriented business.
It is a bit expensive for smaller accounts.
There is no free trial.
You get artificial and fake engagement from bots.
They have received really bad user reviews recently.
There is no phone support.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
Trusy Social is the kind of growth service you want to use if you’re an up and coming influencer. With lots of services out there, we think that Trusy is unique enough to be worth using. Additionally, they have a money back guarantee if you’re not happy with their service.
We think it’s safe to say that is safe to use, and you don’t have to worry about any risk to your account as a result. They have worked long and hard to provide their clients with real, effective Instagram growth, that will be able to sustain your account for a long time. In a world where most companies are the kind that should be avoided, we appreciate Trusy and the work they put into their features.
Trusy is being marketed as an Instagram growth service that puts your content in front of the right people so that you get more follwoers and more engagement. However, most of the people online complain that they only got false engagement from fake profiles. Either way, paying $200/month for (maybe) a few real followers is debatable.
Firstly, they have great reviews, and it seems their customers have really loved using their service. Even more so – they claim to have created the perfect formula for skyrocketing your Instagram Growth. As well as this, unlike many other services, Trusy Social offers a dedicated account manager. This means that not only is your account monitored regularly for progress, but also to manage your security. Plus features such as a free account audit, and money-back guarantee, are great!
Trusy Social is a popular Instagram automation tool that promises you more engagement. It has many famous customers but it isn’t made for everyone. If you are looking to grow naturally, attract your niche specific followers or even use this app to save more time on other parts of your business you should investigate Trusy and see if it is right for you.
Trusy likes to think of themselves as your personal Instagram growth assistant. They have a number of packages that vary in price depending on what you want from them. Trusy also promises that you will grow fast with their plans and all you need to do is take a back seat and let the magic happen.
At the end of the day, we think that Trusy Social is the kind of company that’s showing a lot of promise as they begin to build up a solid reputation in the Instagram marketing industry.
The service will provide you with a quick boost of likes/followers. This probably won’t result in a better-ranked profile, as you won’t retain most of what you got. My advice is to avoid Trusy Social, as there are many other truly organic growth managers.
Trusy Social brings more harm than good, and all that at a very steep price. Why would you overpay a bot to ruin your account when there are loads of safe organic services out there?
While their rates are definitely a lot more expensive than many companies in the industry, they could be worth it if you’ve got it in your budget. Otherwise, they probably aren’t. So, all in all, we don’t think that this is the best company for your Insta with a good reputation, who can help make a real difference to your Instagram growth.
Trusy Social introduces your online business to a large number of viewers on Instagram. Trusy Social has effective business analysts to formulate the strategy to attract followers on Instagram.
Despite joining the market recently, Trusy has proven beyond doubt that they can get the job done. Based on exceptional reviews, Trusy is an Instagram growth alternative worth recommending.

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