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✅ Pros

Reviewers appreciated Typeform’s many integrations with external software products.
Review Pros
You can build different question paths based on the data you collect from site visitors.
Typeforms are mobile-responsive, so your audience can fill out your form on any device.
One of the best features that it offers is conditional logic which helps respondents skip questions that are not relevant for them.
Templates are also available with a free Typeform account.
Users needing customer support can search the app’s knowledgebase or submit a support request for personalized assistance.
This survey software is beautiful and it can be customized.
Questions can be paired with images and videos.
Smart jump shows different questions based on users’ previous answers.
It is easy to view results in a variety of ways.
The paid plans offer a variety of features, including the ability to create custom forms, collect payments, and integrate with other services.
It offers a drag-n-drop interface and numerous items to give you convenience and flexibility to create forms the way you like.
With smart notifications, Typeform gives businesses the ability to create customized email notifications and pull detailed metrics that provide information about how customers are interacting with the surveys.
The solution’s user-friendly and interactive interface is also a great help when coming up with surveys and forms that are meaningful and exciting.
Logic jumps enable automatic customization.
The drag and drop process of creating a form is easy to perform.
Published forms are beautifully designed.
TypeForm users get a lot of flexibility when they create their forms, thanks to the availability of a number of items as well as Typeform’s drag and drop feature.
It has a basic freemium package to experiment with.
Its minimal design is what most users rave about, and the fact that it is easy to set up just adds to its charm.
It doesn’t feel like a cheap or free way of getting feedback, therefore is often chosen by professionals.
This is an easy to use tool.
There is no limit on the number of forms that can be created, questions that can be added, or responses that can be collected.
The interface is easy to use with the features provided.
Typeform is very user-friendly.
There is plenty of integrations for organizing data.
Logic allows you to create forms precisely the way you want them.
Practical application and deployment are easy thanks to TypeForm’s free API.
It comes with 60+ premade templates and customization options so your forms match your WordPress theme.
It offers insanely easy integration point with Stripe to accept payments.
It allows the more complex type of calculations that empowers building a no-code app.
Typeform offers a wide range of features, including unlimited forms and questions, question branching, a calculator, file uploads, webhooks, and more.
This software’s user-friendly and interactive interface enables you to comfortably design meaningful and exciting surveys and forms.
It is easy to plug into Zapier and other applications.
Typeforms are beautiful and easy to use.
Many users were happy that they could easily create new surveys.
Reviewers like that Typeform came with an extensive template library.
The Logic Jump enables you to integrate your survey logic with Typeform’s tools.
The Core version of Typeform is completely free.
The user’s own survey logic can be integrated with the tools of TypeForm through the “Logic Jumps” tool.
Typeforms typically have high completion rates because they are more enjoyable to use than traditional forms.
Typeform’s high-level reports are attractive and easy to use and are formatted in such a way that you can screen-capture the report and easily/quickly copy and paste it into a presentation deck for your “return and report” meetings.
Learning how to create a Typeform is as easy as knowing which template to use for the form you want.
It has a fantastic document and how to section that I have used extensively to help create things beyond my ability.
You don’t need any coding skills to use Typeform.
The data that is transferred in any transaction is encrypted.
It is a great online survey tool to use if you are looking to build fun surveys.
Typeform enables users to enjoy the beauty of its forms connected to the functionality of their favorite apps.
It is easy to share results with stakeholders.
Reports and data on Typeform are easy to understand.
Typeform offers a wide range of templates and questions, making it flexible enough to use for any type of survey.
Its main selling point is the logic jumps that enable a user to utilize a single form to interact with a variety of respondents.
Some people were happy that they could customize their surveys with their organizations’ branding.
For most small to medium-sized organizations, Typeform has the functionality you need, and gives it to you in an easy-to-use manner.
Multiple reviews mention that their surveys were optimized for computers, tablets, and mobile devices.
It integrates with the most popular WordPress plugins such as MailChimp, HubSpot, Constant Contact, Drip, and many more.
Each form can be branded with a business’s logo and custom backgrounds.
There is hardly any complaint about the process of integrating it into a business’s existing flock of software.
Typeform offers a free API to facilitate easy deployment and practical application.
Users don’t need to worry if they are only using a free account as TypeForm allows for unlimited surveys and forms even with a free account.
Typeform integrates with various popular business tools, including Salesforce, Zapier, HubSpot, and more.
Typeform is elegant and it looks really esthetic.
Typeform helps you to significantly increase the return rate of your forms and surveys.
Typeform is so attractive it is actually fun to use for your survey respondents.
Typeform also offers an extensive library of survey templates.
The API provided by Typeform helps in the easy application and deployment of the software.
It is optimized for users on all devices, including mobile and desktop.
Typeform makes it very easy to get started with their new user onboarding process.

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❌ Cons

Typeform lacks an offline response collection mechanism, making it impossible to use it in kiosk mode.
Typeform is expensive and could be a bit harsh to use for some audiences.
I really feel that Typeform should have more functionality for lower price points.
Typeform does not offer phone support or direct access to the support team except on the Enterprise plan, so users are reliant on the online help center and email for support.
Analytics can be improved to cater to various platforms.
Some people may want to use survey software that has fewer features in them.
Questions with multiple fields for mailing addresses are not an option.
File uploads are only available on paid plans.
The cost to take advantage of the great features is $50 per month.
There have also been complaints about the interface lagging too much when complex and long online forms are being built.
While many users found the system to be intuitive, some users felt that it came with a learning curve.
Although Typeform comes with many powerful features, beginners might feel intimidated by its mandatory use of code.
Customization is too much for simple surveys.
Exporting data takes a few extra steps and requires that you know where to find it.
If you just need to create a single form, something like Google Forms may be a better fit.
Embedding issues sometimes occur with specific mail providers.
A few people were disappointed with the Typeform mobile application’s capabilities
Workspaces can be added to make the internal organization of forms easier.
With the free plan, you do not enjoy features like logic jumps which is a feature that pretty much defines Typeform.
It does not have it’s own collaborative functionality.
The menus can be better organized.
Free plan is very restricted.
The biggest disadvantage of Typeform is that it can be expensive compared to other software such as Jotform.
The paid plans are a bit pricey but cheaper than SurveyMonkey.
It has some basic features that should be in the lower price point but aren’t.

⚖️ Final Say

Read the summaries of what reviewers think about Typeform below.

Review Summaries
Typeform helps businesses of every size to conduct market research with a customizable survey creation toolkit, and it also comes with a robust template library. There are also video conferencing capabilities and a slew of external software integrations with external products. If you are looking for an intuitive survey software solution, Typeform is worth your consideration.
It’s a great form-making tool with impressive features. Anyone worried about having to learn how to use new technology can set their mind at ease with Typeform.
Typeform’s drag and drop builder makes the entire process of customizing your survey absolutely easy. You can create workflows that are perfect for different segments of customers. The API provided by Typeform helps in the easy application and deployment of the software. It will allow you to integrate your surveys, forms, etc., with every other application.
I think small and medium-sized businesses that value form over function will best be served with Typeform.
Typeform allows you to distribute surveys utilizing push notifications and on-site pop-ups. It presents dashboards and reporting that enable you to monitor performance metrics like responses, unique visits, and survey completion status. You can look at survey answers in real time.
Building forms with Typeform is simple and doesn’t require much effort. Its builder is user friendly and takes little time to set up from start to finish. In seconds, you can add and edit questions, customize its look, preview before you publish, and much more.
It’s easy to use, offers a wide range of features, is mobile-responsive, and integrates with a variety of popular business tools. Plus, it’s beautiful and has a clean, engaging design.
Typeform is a fantastic tool for lead gen, business surveys, and for collecting data and insights from your audience. In addition to designing forms, it can supplement your content marketing efforts. Since the paid plans come with an unlimited number of forms and a higher response limit, you’re given a lot of flexibility with what you create.
With many integrations with various tools, including Google Analytics, Slack, and much more, as well as the ability to create polls, collect RSVPs for events, or create quizzes with grading capabilities, Typeform offers a great tool to use in almost any kind of situation.
Typeform has radically made it easier to empower Makers to create dynamic forms without code. Despite its price, its worth it. It is my go to for any no-code project.
TypeForm is the survey software solution aiming to solve this problem. By using interactive mediums and doing away with the “text and blank boxes” typically expected of forms, it hopes to make the intended audiences excited to take part in the task of filling up forms. TypeForm is responsive to a number of gadgets and has a number of advanced and unique features that are sure to catch the attention of an audience.
Typeform is hard to beat if you want to get more respondents to engage with your surveys. But, the platform is pricey and may be too complex for short, simple surveys.
There is no doubt that TypeForm is an important tool that is used by individuals and companies to design, send and analyze feedback online. It is one of the most useful and cheap methods of collecting and gathering information.
Typeform gives businesses the opportunity to easily create beautiful, mobile-ready online forms and surveys for free. With the app’s monthly plan, users have the ability to pay for only one month, giving them the flexibility to only pay for advanced features during those times when they’ll be using it most.

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