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✅ Pros

Ucraft has social eCommerce options for selling on places like Facebook and Amazon.
Everything is easy to find and adding elements and new pages is a snap.
All plans come with a 14-day free trial.
Ucraft provides some basic functionality to enhance your content in front of the search engines.
All of ucraft templates and pages are mobile responsive.
It comes with good templates.
Its editor is simple to navigate.
You can get free custom domain.
It is mobile responsive.
It has high-quality and diversive templates.
The logo design tools are integrated do the job nicely.
You can contact them via email, phone, or live agent at any time, day or night.
The knowledge base is made for you to take advantage of.
It comes with beautiful themes.
Ecwid integration is also offered.
Ucraft’s Articles App is exclusively built for creating blogs and publishing news sections on websites.
They’ve got a decent number of themes to offer you.
Prices are good in general, especially for the Website plan.
Ucraft offers a selection of nearly 40 professionally designed templates for free.
It is of good value with some plans.
Good customer support is offered.
All of its nearly 40 templates are free of charge.
Ucraft is ideal for a small business website, portfolio, one-page website, or a small online store.
Ucraft is exceptionally easy to operate.
It offers robust design templates.
It comes with free landing page plan.
It has inexpensive website plan.
All plans are offering unlimited bandwidth and disk space.
Ucraft has a knack for offering plenty of customization options without overwhelming people.
Ucraft offers a 14-day free trial, during which you can test and try the features of this website builder without being charged for it.
It’s quick, easy and fluid while at the same time staying out of your way so you can get what you need done.
It is very easy to use.
Image editing at Ucraft is effortless.
Integration with Ecwid is seamless and the app lets you build a fully-functional eCommerce platform.
The ability to use UiKit to build out buttons very easily is brilliant.
The logo maker displays a vast array of icons, helping a slightly more creative website creator design a visually enticing logo.
UI wise, the developers have done a great job of giving the system powerful capabilities without overwhelming the user.
Ucraft offers some really neat integrations that will go a long way in helping you build an attractive and functional website.
The CMS makes it easy to make changes and edits on the fly using an intuitive and straightforward posting system.
It offers lots of integrations.
The designer tools make sure that you can add a designer touch to your website even if you’re not that into design.
The free logo maker from Ucraft is a huge advantage for small businesses and creatives.
It is easy-to-master and has powerful theme customization tools.
You can get started for free as ucraft also offers a free plan for those in need of a simple 1 page website.
You have a basic SEO tool built in which will enable you to create a meta description and an alias.
They have a decent blog.
Ucraft offers five subscription plans.
Ucraft delivers a free logo maker which permits users to create logos and emblems, and enhance them with titles, shapes, colors, and icons.
They have a fantastic support team.
Options for customer support are fairly standard here.
The landing page creator is free, and you’re able to make your one landing page within minutes.
You need to pay an extra fee each month to be able to customize your website, which other site builders offer for free.
No coding knowledge is required to get impressive results.
Users can add a blog to their site through Ucraft’s Articles App.
There are simple steps to get started with the website setup.
It has great customer support.
The website builder enables users to create and design landing pages in just a matter of minutes.
Interested users can sign up for a 14-day free trial.
Ucraft is not only a simple website builder but it is also an eCommerce platform that empowers online sellers to establish and grow their business.
Ucraft website builder is clearly for beginners, as it openly lays out the plan for the person using it.
Ucraft has a great blogging platform.
There are five subscription plans available with Ucraft.
You can pay for Ucraft on a monthly or yearly basis.
Nice SEO-optimization tools are available for each article, page, and website in general.
The Ucraft crew has enriched their range of services with some remarkable SEO elements.
It is easy to use.
Ucraft has live chat available 24/7.
Anyone with basic computer skills will be able to build professional pages.
The pricing terms are meant to satisfy a wide range of customers.
Free stock image access is granted.
It has a convenient dashboard with appealing and nice interface.

❌ Cons

It is difficult to make mobile optimizations.
The website takes about 0.65 seconds to respond, which isn’t great
You cannot undo your edits.
The templates are limited.
Ucraft does not offer knowledge base accessibility from the builder software.
Content blocks often look similar.
There is lack of drag & drop freedom.
There is no site export functionality.
It may take some extra steps to understand some design elements.
There are some odd interface quirks.
It has llimited number of templates.
Few distinguishing features are present.
There is no phone support.
They have a sluggish ‘live chat’ support.
Lack of integrations is one of the most common issues mentioned amongst Ucraft users.
Their desktop optimisation hovers around 90%, while mobile optimisation is around 10% lower.
You have to pay for designer tool to edit website.
There is no permanent free account for websites.
You cannot backup your site.
As strong as eCommerce is stressed throughout the site, it uses a third party app which is not fully integrated into Ucraft and remains in beta.
Support needs serious work.
Ucraft does not have its own eCommerce functionality.
You have limited control over page design.
They have a live-chat feature at the ready, but there have been some reports of them responding slowly and not giving satisfactory answers.
It lacks undo/redo buttons, which makes it impossible to go back to previous versions of your website without losing all your content.

Final Say

Read the summaries of what reviewers think about Ucraft below.

Ucraft provides some basic functionality to enhance your content in front of the search engines. There are simple steps to get started with the website setup. It may take some extra steps to understand some design elements.
Ucraft is a new entry in the website builder market. It’s touted as being simple and easy to use with a user interface that is unique. While most website builders have a wide selection of price plans to choose from, ucraft offers all of their premium features at a less than $10 / month.
Ucraft’s landing pages are highly-suitable for personal branding and one-page websites. Websites powered by Ucraft look professional, and because of its ease-of-use, users both novice and advanced should have no challenges navigating its user interface and countless features.
There are lots of reasons to consider Ucraft as your website builder of choice. You just have to keep in mind that some issues will still need ironing out, and that’s normal for a company like this as it grows and develops.
Ucraft is a stylish, modern, and appealing website builder, which will certainly be of great help to newbies. The platform is also a good solution to create complex and large-scale websites. This website builder is a nice choice due to the range of features it offers.
It’s a fun little website builder, but it cannot stand up to the excellence that is Weebly, for example. Even so, investing your time and a little bit of money is worthwhile, and with a little bit of creativity, and a clear idea in mind, you’ll be able to create an elegant, good-looking website in just a few hours.
Ucraft is a website builder equipped with marketing and collaboration tools. It provides users with solutions that include a drag-and-drop website builder, portfolio templates, website hosting, eCommerce platforms, and more.
Ucraft is a fresh, impressive entrant in the website builder sweepstakes. It does what it sets out to do with competence, but doesn’t really stand out in any particular respect.
Ucraft is a nice little addition to the website building market. Packed with great features and a really excellent builder tool, it has the chops to contend with some of the leaders in the field. Still, some of the features such as eCommerce and the baffling charge for the extra design tools makes us recommend it only to users looking for a great platform on which to start a blog, build a portfolio, or create a landing page for a business.
While the templates are limited, anyone with basic computer skills will be able to build professional pages. It is quite unfortunate that you need to pay an extra fee each month to be able to customize your website, which other site builders offer for free. Even then, Ucraft offers some really neat integrations that will go a long way in helping you build an attractive and functional website.
Ucraft makes the most sense for creatives and small businesses. It’s less expensive than so many other website and eCommerce builders on the market, and the company does a great job with its modern, beautiful templates.
Ucraft is an interesting website builder with some worthwhile ideas, but the similar-looking templates and content blocks, clumsy editor and frequent design quirks mean that it’s a little off the pace compared to the top services out there.
If you need a free website builder, but still can afford to pay for some additional features, Ucraft offers the best of both worlds. The Designer Tools section is intuitive and well organized. What’s more, it also saves a lot of time and nerves, since everything is logically laid out. Your task is only to select the themes you like and adjust their elements to your needs.
Ucraft is built with tools for building landing pages, generating logos or emblems, and creating articles and blog posts. In addition, the website builder offers a set of comprehensive tools which permit the customization and styling of a website in one place. This includes the editing of texts, headings, and paragraphs, designing of form fields and buttons, and fine-tuning of page layouts.
Ucraft has done a great job so far creating a robust, easy to use platform that’ll help you create a great looking functional website for your business or project. They also have a fantastic support team on standby which should help you sleep a little easier at night. However, it’s still early days for Ucraft and at this point, it’s not perfect.

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