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✅ Pros

Each coral system is run independently of the others, and each is full of stunning corals.
Review Pros
The corals they are propagating in order to sell, they are not photoshopping them.
The maricultured corals are all removed from their cement bases and allowed to grow out onto regular frag plugs and coral bases.
Their corals are all aquacultured, maricultured, or sustainably harvested…which is a huge plus.
All of their corals are allowed to encrust onto their frag plugs.
Despite the bright lights and the regular feedings that the corals are given in these tanks, none of them has even any hair, thread or nuisance algae in them of any type.
Unique Corals also collects frags and small colonies from hobbyists’ tanks.
New corals are placed in specific tanks for observation and to prevent contamination of the other systems.
Each vat is linked to a huge Apex array and displayed in their offices so that the condition of each vat can be assessed at a glance.

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❌ Cons

They are still experimenting and trying to optimize growth and coloration in their corals.

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Review Summaries
Even though the success at keeping corals has never been greater, it is still good to see guys doing it right on a large scale just in case the availability of these corals from the wild diminishes.
The Unique Corals business model is one that we can really stand behind, and so far it seems to be working great as they continue to blossom into one of the premier coral suppliers in the industry.

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