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✅ Pros

No app or subscription is necessary.
Review Pros
V1CE offers an extensive range of templates for their NFC cards, giving professionals a variety of business card design choices.
It is a free design platform for your NFC card.
It doesn’t include its branding on the cards.
The ability to customize your card’s design allows you to make a unique impression.
With various design and material options, you can create a card that truly represents your brand.
V1CE’s analytics provide valuable insights into your profile’s performance.
With V1CE’s contact cards, you will never have to manually enter contact information in your phone.
Cards can be pretty costly, but there’s no subscription fee.
The V1CE business card has a sleek and modern design that looks professional and high-end.
One great advantage of V1CE cards is that you don’t need to carry stacks of physical cards around with you.
The ability to track who has viewed your details provides valuable insights for follow-ups and relationship-building.
The design process is easy.
Unlike traditional paper-based cards, V1CE business cards offer a rewards program that can help you save money.
It’s completely customizable to reflect your unique identity.
In terms of compatibility, the V1CE Business Card should have you covered as long as you have a more modern smartphone that is NFC enabled.
V1CE has a very flexible pricing structure and tries to cater to a wide variety of budgets for all needs whether you’re a large business or freelancer.
It offers multiple choice of colors.
V1CE offers several security features, such as data encryption and two-factor authentication, that guarantee your personal information remains secure.
It doesn’t require an app to work.
By choosing a digital business card like V1ce, you’re reducing paper waste and contributing to a more sustainable future.
Worldwide shipping is available.
The V1ce Business Card eliminates the need to carry around a stack of paper cards.
V1CE business cards are a cost-effective option for entrepreneurs and salespeople looking for quality cards without breaking the bank.
It offers high-quality card material and printing.
While traditional paper business cards may be prone to tearing or fading, V1CE cards are designed to be durable and long-lasting.
Another benefit is the ease at which you can share your information with others.
The smartphone cases come in a variety of colors and are the ultimate way to always ensure you have your business contact information ready at a moment’s notice.
You can create multiple profiles, for both business and personal use.
QR code is included on the back of the card.
Worldwide shipping is available.
NFC performance is accurate and quick.
It offers fast customer service response times.
It offers a free design platform for your NFC card.
Making use of smart solutions like NFC business cards is an excellent way of embracing modern technology.
V1CE also offers a pretty reasonable warranty (for $29.00 extra) that provide two yearly replacement cards.
V1CE provides excellent customer service with a team of professionals ready to answer any questions you might have.
You don’t have to pay any monthly fee to use a V1CE digital business card.
V1ce Card allows you to create customized designs for your card.
Unlike other digital business card apps, V1ce Card doesn’t require the recipient to have an app installed on their phone.
You can transfer information to other people’s phones with a single tap.
No app or subscription is necessary.
You don’t have to carry business cards anymore.
V1CE cards also help personalize the networking experience.
One of the key strengths of the V1ce business card is its worldwide shipping capacity, making it accessible to customers across the globe.
It offers multiple profiles.
They also offer a pricing structure, and discount, for businesses that want to purchase in bulk.
NFC cards will also have a QR code printed on the back, allowing people with older phones that don’t support NFC to capture your contact details.
Professional profile interface includes name, “about me”, and all contact details.
V1CE offers stylish digital business cards that allow business owners to change their contact details in just a few clicks.
With the V1CE app, networking becomes more than just a handshake; it becomes an exchange of digital possibilities.
Compared to the small array of other NFC Business Cards on the market, V1CE, by far, have the largest selection of different customization and personalization options available.
You can create customized designs and card materials.
With V1ce Card, you can easily share your contact information with others.
V1ce Card is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional business cards.
You can choose from a variety of templates, colors, and fonts to create a card that reflects your brand.
It doesn’t require an app to work.

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❌ Cons

Some users are not satisfied with the support.
It might be expensive for some people.
It has higher price tag than some other options.
Unlike traditional business cards, V1ce Card only allows you to share limited information.
Depending on the material and design options chosen, the V1ce Business Card can be more costly than traditional business cards.
Sometimes, the product you want to buy might not be available.
While NFC technology is widely available, not all phones support it.
This might be one of the pricy ones.
V1ce Card requires an NFC-enabled device to work.
Bad interface design of an app.
V1ce Card is more expensive than traditional paper business cards.
As the company offers physical cards, there is no free option. So you have to spend money even to try the V1CE product.
Its setup process can be overwhelming.
It has higher price tag compared to other options in the market.
It is pricey.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
With customization options that allow your logo to be printed on the front and the ability to include a QR code in case someone doesn’t have access to NFC, this company has everything covered.
All in all, Mobilo and V1ce are two great digital business card services offering different features for users. Mobilo might be a better option if you’re looking for a fully-fledged service, whereas V1CE might be a good choice if you just want to quickly design a few cards with basic customizations.
This is not a card for everyone! Among NFC Cards, this might be one of the pricy ones, but even that sends a message, doesn’t it? Great Quality overall.
V1CE is known to offer classy digital business cards. The company offers NFC-enabled cards with worldwide shipping. Moreover, you can order an iPhone NFC smart case with a message. This digital business card solution puts the power of a business card in the convenience of your phone.
Overall, we highly recommend the V1CE card to anyone looking for a modern and innovative way to share their contact information and make a lasting impression in the professional world.
For entrepreneurs and salespeople looking for a professional look that stands out from the crowd, V1CE is the perfect choice. With its strong yet lightweight materials and array of customization options, V1CE provides more features than traditional paper-based business cards while offering an integrated QR code technology that makes it easier for customers to remember your contact details without any guesswork or confusion involved. Ultimately, having a V1CE business card can provide you with an unbeatable first impression every time!
The V1ce Business Card is a tool for the modern professional, a symbol of a forward-thinking approach to business. It’s not just a physical business card—it’s a comprehensive networking tool that leaves a lasting impression and sets you apart in today’s competitive business landscape.
In conclusion, if you want to level up your networking game, we strongly recommend buying this V1CE card. It’s a long-term investment and convenient to use. We suggest buying bamboo or metal-based material for better long-term use.
The V1CE card gives you everything you need but is a bit more costly than the other competitors. The phone cases seem to have the best options.
In conclusion, if you’re looking for an NFC business card that is innovative, user-friendly, and environmentally responsible, V1CE is a solid choice. Keep in mind the specific features you need for your networking efforts, and consider V1CE as a top contender for your digital business card needs.
With Worldwide shipping, no app integrations (like many competitors), and a 100% Money Back Guarantee, I feel the future of NFC Business Cards is with V1CE and I honestly can’t recommend them enough for this ingenuity and innovation in the business card space.
Overall, while Mobilio is a fantastic business card app with its own set of favorite features such as NFC Business Cards, v1ce offers a more comprehensive solution with a wider selection of subscription services at an additional cost. Regardless of which app you choose, digital business cards are the perfect business card choice for those looking for a more cost-effective and efficient way to share their professional profile with others.
V1CE offers an amazing set of features along with beautifully crafted business cards and other accessories. They do command a higher price tag than many of their competitors but if you are looking for a premium product, V1CE might be just for you. Digital business cards are gaining popularity and anyone who relies on networking to get further in their career can benefit from it.

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