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✅ Pros

Valley Food Storage uses only quality ingredients in each emergency food kit.
Review Pros
High-quality packaging materials have been used.
It has up to 25 years shelf life.
Each mylar bag or bucket clearly states how many calories it contains so you know how much food you have.
They keep their calorie counts high, but they do it by adding real, healthy foods, not junk and fillers.
Their web site allows complete customization.
It gives excellent value for money.
It is made In the USA.
There is 100% satisfaction guarantee.
The products are Non-GMO.
The bucket is durable and easy to store and transport
It has durable and resealable packages.
They have everything you need to start stocking up on emergency foods, from breakfasts and dinners, to side dishes and meats.
Valley Food Storage is good. Like, really good. No GMO’s, no fillers or artificial ingredients, and no preservatives.
They have huge assortments of non-food emergency items.
They use Nitrogen flushed bags rather than vacuum sealed.
There is a reasonable selection of vegetarian, gluten-free and dairy-free meals.
Mylar bags are airtight and resealable.
Shipping costs are less.
Most Valley Food Storage foods have a 25-year shelf life.
No hydrogenated oils or nasty preservatives have been used.
This company offers a 100% money-back guarantee on food products.
Valley food storage has a-la-carte options where you can buy just the meals that suit your family’s tastes, or you can just purchase a pre-made kit.
Valley Food Storage kits have a shelf life of 25 years.
There is 25-year shelf life for all food products.
No artificial colors or flavors are used.
It is easy to prepare.
This kit has 25-year shelf life.
It is non-GMO.
These kits have up to 25 year shelf life.
You can pronounce all of the ingredients.
It has seriously good taste.
With the process Valley Food Storage uses their food can be kept stable and edible for up to 25 years.
There are no Hydrogenated Oils.
They’ve been providing high-quality survival food kits for more than 15 years, and always get stellar reviews.
They offer 25-year guarantee of shelf life.
Valley Food Storage products come in sealed mylar bags.
Variety of meals help prevent menu fatigue.
Large serving size is ideal for a family.
Its all made and packaged in the USA.
Fruit, vegetables and added proteins are included in all long-term food kits.
It is made in USA.
Meals are easy to prepare.
Their meals contain real ingredients that you can actually pronounce.
You can pronounce all our ingredients.
To keep food fresh, each bag is individually nitrogen flushed and is packaged with Mylar.
Their products have a great ratio of price and quality.
The company’s philosophy emphasizes food with no fillers, no artificial preservatives, no hydrogenated oils, no GMOs, and no MSG.
Their kits have great prices.
No MSG is present.
Their freeze dried food is easy to reconstitute and cook.
They are made In the USA.
They use only high-quality materials for the package.
No hydrogenated oils or distasteful preservatives are used.
Valley Food Storage soup was creamy and thick.
They are dedicated to using only simple, natural ingredients. No GMOs, no artificial garbage, no junk.
There is no GMO, MSG, trans fats, or preservatives.
High quality ingredients are used.
It has seriously good taste.
Their kits have high-quality packaging (mylar bags).
They are gluten-free.
Their food is still mostly prepared, meaning that it comes in easy to make entrees that are ready to cook.
Their kis have 25-year shelf life.
They are comfortable offering their customers a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
They offer free shipping on all of their products, unlike a lot of other long-term food storage companies out there.
No fillers are present.
They also offer comfort food staples to keep the kids happy, like apple oatmeal and mac & cheese.
To ensure your food stays fresh while it’s in storage, a special kind of packaging is used. Valley Food Storage uses a resealable, thick, 55 mm Mylar packaging for each of the packets.
It is inexpensive.
Options like mango habanero chili, Thai coconut curry, and chicken teriyaki mean that you’ll avoid appetite fatigue in the long term.

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❌ Cons

There is semi-deceptive free shipping ad.
Valley Food Storage’s return policy is impressive in that you can return 2 unopened food pouches for a refund. However, the 30-day return policy is shorter than many food storage competitors.
Large serving size per bag may not be desirable for individuals.
The breakfast options are more expensive at $19.95.
Their one-month premium food kit costs about $400.
Most freeze dried food, when reconstituted, tends to be like a warm, somewhat soupy type of meal.
The 175-serving bucket did not provide a balanced diet, and with an average of 27,000 calories, it’s just a two-week food supply for one person.
They don’t offer solely gluten-free or dairy-free buckets.
There are no savory breakfast options.
Perhaps when Valley Food Storage goes back to offering a better selection of entrees, their food buckets will improve.
The food cannot be heated in the bags and does require it to be cooked over a heat source .
They have only 30-day refund policy.
The soup is great for fall and winter, but eating this when the temperatures are up does not seem appetizing.
It can take longer to cook than other meals.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
I love how many items they have that are gluten-free, and how good they are (I find that a lot of times with gluten-free you end up with other crappy ingredients that you don’t want, but not here). They also have great dairy-free options.
I was very impressed with the quality of this food and I loved the flavor of the White Bean and Lime Chili. I want to mention that it is a vegetarian chili and you could easily add meat, freeze-dried or canned, to bulk up the chili, and maybe add some freeze-dried cheese too. But I am a vegetarian and it satisfied me, my husband, and four of my kids. My picky eater will either starve or learn to love new foods 😉 This is definitely food storage that I will love to eat!
This company has been prepping us for the worst nearly 12 years now. They’ve made quite the name for themselves with sheer quality rather than fancy packaging and attractive stickers. It’s here because “it just works,” to quote “The Purge”. If you ever get discouraged along the way, just keep this one in mind. Was it raining when Noah started building his ark?
Firstly, with the process Valley Food Storage uses their food can be kept stable and edible for up to 25 years. Set it and forget it! Second, freeze dried food is easy to reconstitute and cook. Just boil water, and dump it in. Third and most important, Valley Food Storage is good. Like, really good. No GMO’s, no fillers or artificial ingredients, no preservatives. Just good ol’ American food that you’ll be really happy to have when the chips are down.
They’ve chosen not to go the cheap route and bump up calories with fillers, rice, or junk food. All of their meals are made with simple ingredients, and real food. A couple of additional wins for Valley Food are their 100% satisfaction guarantee and their Family Table Rewards system.
Valley Food Storage has many more offerings than the sample kit we reviewed, and each one is made with high-quality ingredients and excellent packaging at a reasonable price. All of the meals we tried were significantly better than eating pigeons and rats or starving — that’s not a jab at these products, that’s just the reality of survival. If you are looking to get a basic supply of shelf-stable food for your family, we encourage you to look at the many packs and add-ons that Valley Food Storage offers.
They actually offer you real food where many of the other suppliers concentrate on inferior products which not only hinder your health but also taste awful. If you want to build a food supply for emergency scenarios or you want a tasty meal to have on the trail with you; take a closer look at Valley Food Storage.
Valley Food Storage has high standards for nutrition, taste, and customer satisfaction. The company’s satisfaction guarantee is reason enough to consider making a survival food purchase from this company, but you don’t even have to as free samples are available. You can try five servings of pasta primavera meals, freeze-dried asparagus, freeze-dried blueberries, or strawberry oatmeal for the price of shipping.
Overall, Valley Food Storage is worth considering for anyone who wants to build up a stash of emergency foods. They provide handy kits with an assortment of meals, all of which are surprisingly flavorful. The kits make it easy to stock up on dehydrated and freeze-dried meals, but having the ability to purchase individual items allows you fully customize your order to your needs—perfect for camping or even road-trips. It really is the best way to go for long-term food storage.
Valley Food Storage came top overall in our comparison of the best emergency food suppliers and with good reason. They offer great tasting food at a reasonable price with the option to add on bulk ingredients.
They’ve been providing high-quality survival food kits for more than 15 years, and always get stellar reviews. They’re one of my favorite suppliers because their food tastes amazing, and is a good value price-wise. They go out of their way to source the best ingredients possible, and it showed in my head to head tests. Even their basic freeze-dried fruits taste better than the exact same product from competitors.
I was satisfied with the purchase. I had the feeling that I paid for the freeze-dried food, which was worth it. I strongly recommend you to heed my Valley Food Storage review. You will not regret it.
I recommend ordering freeze-dried meats and fruit from Valley and then purchasing other foods to use with them. Perhaps when Valley Food Storage goes back to offering a better selection of entrees, their food buckets will improve.
When they prepare the foods, they take great care in making sure what you get the best product on the market. They eliminate all the unhealthy preservatives, hydrogenated oils, MSG’s and many other ingredients that limit the nutritional value, shelf life and taste. What you are left with is simply the highest quality long term food storage you can find.
I have tasted emergency or survival food in the past that I did not like and trying risotto for the first time was a risky choice. But the risotto tasted great, and I give it two thumbs up. Thus far, I give everything about Valley Food thumbs up.

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