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✅ Pros

It’s a confidence-inspiring scooter that packs in enough speed and power for a fun ride, yet that doesn’t push the envelope too far.
Review Pros
It comes with safety gear, an inner tube, and grip tapes.
It has four power modes, including an eco-mode, so you can travel at a speed that’s comfortable for you or preserve your battery if needed.
The Pegasus display is an awesome display.
It is interchangeable on and off-road tires.
It offers incredible suspension.
The lightweight build and the durability it has to offer make this unique scooter.
The Varla Eagle One is a high-powered electric scooter with up to 40 miles of range and a max speed of 40 mph.
It has LED headlight and taillight for better visibility and safety.
It is an all-terrain e-scooter.
The innovation with the locking mechanism makes packing it up easier and faster.
It comes with Pneumatic tires and independent suspension for smooth and comfortable rides.
It even has a USB port in the odometer to charge your phone while you ride.
The 3 in by 2 in rectangular LCD display on the Pegasus is by far the easiest to read in full sunlight and complete darkness, and this was probably the most shocking thing that we love about it.
On a single charge you can get up to 40 miles of travel.
Not only did the dual motor deliver, but the pneumatic tires worked flawlessly with the independent suspension to make relatively large bumps and ditches feel like flat land.
It has powerful dual motors.
A thick silicone board on the Varla Pegasus is thick with a good pattern providing excellent traction.
Varla Pegasus has two 500W dual motor design with power output reaching 1600W.
It is great for adrenalin junkies.
Clocking in at a max speed of 40 miles per hour, the Eagle One is scary fast.
The tires require zero maintenance, and the split rim makes it much easier to replace when the tread wears down.
It has IP54 water resistance rating.
You will never have to worry about flat tires when you ride the Pegasus.
It has excellent suspension.
Solid tires definitely give good grip on both paved and off-road surfaces.
Varla also includes a two-year warranty that covers throttle, controller, and frame.
It offers rapid acceleration.
The Pegasus has IP54 water-resistance, a welcome addition for all-weather commuting.
Dual 1000w motors mean neck-breaking acceleration, especially for those who have never owned a scooter this powerful.
It has exceptional long range.
Varla also throws in some extra gear like three additional grip tapes with different designs.
The suspension makes for a smooth ride.
The deck of the Pegasus is beautiful.
Varla’s solid tires are regarded by many shoppers as the best selling point of the scooter.
The Varla Pegasus has full-suspension to ensure each wheel offers a smooth ride.
The dimensions of this scooter are excellent for riders of all height and weight.
This scooter boasts larger than average front and rear coil shocks, making for an extremely cushy ride.
It has great battery life.
It has two 1000w motors, making it powerful enough to climb any hills.
It has convenient and easy-to-use locking clamp.
It has dual hydraulic brakes.
The Eagle One has a 52V/18.2Ah capacity lithium-ion battery.
The folding mechanism feels solid.
The dual 500 watt motors make the Varla Pegasus quick off the line and help rally it up hills giving this electric scooter plenty of power for commuting.
It has long range.
The display has all the information you’ll need and is bright enough to see during the peak light of day.
The scooter feels nicely put together and it never once complained about the abuse I put it through.
It has fully folding frame.
It works well on and off road.
You’ll also find dual-spring suspension, a wide deck with front and rear lights and dual hydraulic brakes that outperform their wired counterparts and require less maintenance.
It has an eco button to help conserve battery.
The speed that the Pegasus can go on is on par with what’s typical city traveling speed, making this street legal.
Safety gear is included in the box.
It ofers a smooth ride.
The chain on the lock is nylon wrapped and good for quickly securing your scooter on the go.
It has an informative and intuitive LCD.
I like the clean design of the kick plate on the Pegasus and the angle is not awkward.
It ccomes with upgraded dual hydraulic brakes for enhanced safety.
It offers advanced independent coil suspension
I have not had any issues with bolts or screws loosening over time and I have had to do very little maintenance of the scooter.
Varla Pegasus comes with an 2 additional brake pad pairs, a spare kickstand, spare deck loop and lock.
It has big power.
It comes with high capacity lithium-ion battery.
Long battery range makes it great for commuting.
We love that the Varla Pegasus comes with extra brake pads and a lock.
The wheels have good traction.
It has 3 gear options.
It is fairly quiet when riding.
With solid tires, it is easy to do a 180 degree power slide.
Power is the name of the game for the Eagle One and the dual 1000W hub motor doesn’t disappoint.
It has IP54 waterproofing.
It is worth the money.
It has cheap price compared to other city commuters.
Between the build quality and unique features, this would appeal to first-time riders and even veterans.

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❌ Cons

The Pegasus is about $1,200. For a little more, you can get something like the KBO Breeze or another electric bike that has a bit more utility.
It has long charge time of approx. 8-9 hours.
It is expensive for some people.
It’s a heavy scooter, so not as portable as other lower-powered electric scooters.
It weighs a decent amount.
The 500W motors will get you up to speed, but you don’t quite get the same “seat of your pants” feeling that some more powerful scooters give you.
Repairs can be a pain. You’ll either have to do repairs yourself or search for someone that is willing to work on electric scooters.
It has higher maintenance pneumatic tyres.
If you don’t fix the setting and are not paying attention to the voltage reader, you could end up with a long walk or expensive Uber ride.
I would like the suspension on the Varla Pegasus to be a little softer.
The headlight is somewhat bright, but it’s low mounted doesn’t help light up much of the road ahead.
The Pegasus is not very portable.
The handlebars don’t fold, the deck is fairly long, and the stem is a bit difficult to unlatch.
28 Miles is good, but no option if you run out of juice.
Going up curbs on the Eagle One causes the rear wheel arm to hit before the tires do.
Eagle One’s lights are pretty standard overall.
Most electric scooters do not offer adequate lighting for safe night riding. The Varla Pegasus is no exception.
It is heavy.
The controller a little hard to learn at first.
Pneumatic tires will sometimes get a puncture.
The instructions were OK – not the greatest.
This scooter wasn’t designed to handle a ton of weight at high speeds (it’s technically rated for a max of 280 pounds, with a recommended weight of under 250 pounds.
It could be too expensive for you depending on your needs.
Handlebars don’t fold.
The tires, though strong, will need to be replaced if used on a regular basis.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
If you’re looking for a budget-friendly versatile e-scooter, going with Varla Eagle One can be your best bet. After all, you’re getting a perfect combination of power, safety, smoothness, and style – all combined in one scooter. In our opinion, that’s one lucrative deal to grab.
Varla found a way to build a quality electric scooter with similar specs to many currently on the market, while keeping the price competitive. And it even comes with some cool accessories.
The Varla Eagle One is an excellent eScooter and one which will thrill any person riding it. It might be on the heavy side, and have large overall dimensions compared to other eScooters, but this is one beast you’ll want to tame again and again. Cost-wise, the price-tag might put some people off, but this isn’t just a scooter for getting to work; this is a scooter that will be heavily involved in your playtime, too. Highly recommended.
I’m no scooter expert by any means, but in my opinion, the Varla Eagle One is an excellent scooter that can make sense for a lot of people. It can work as a primary mode of transportation. You can use it to work on gig economy apps like DoorDash, Uber Eats, and Grubhub. And it can also be a recreational vehicle if you’d prefer to use it for that.
Valara’s electric scooter might be a good choice for those who are looking for an alternative to city buses and taxis. Being battery-powered also means saving money on gas. The Pegasus is simple to use, though takes into consideration what riders need like speed and weight capacity. The range is also decent enough to where it can get you from home to work and back on a single charge.
Introducing the Varla Eagle One, one of the top entry-level electric performance scooters and a key competitor of the Apollo Ghost. Boasting a huge 52V 18.2aH lithium-ion battery grants this monster model a range of up to 40+ miles; one of the longest range eScooters we’ve reviewed. Unsurprisingly, this eScooter claims a speed to match, with a top speed of approx. 40 mp/h. The dual spring suspension ensures a suitably smooth ride, maintaining rider control when going over potholes and speed bumps.
Overall, this is an electric scooter that I can recommend. But I must be clear that this is very much a recreational, enthusiast-level scooter. If you are looking for a scooter to commute to work or school with, or something to ride casually down to the grocery store on, this is not the best scooter for that.
If you don’t care to go over 30 mph and are not very handy, the maintenance free design of the Pegasus will meet your needs. It’s a unique scooter with a great display and it will stand out from a sea full of all black scooters.
Varla Eagle One is a game-changer in more than one way. With an excellent suspension system, pneumatic tires, and dual motor system, Varla Eagle One is one of the smoothest rides in its class. The e-scooter comes off as more powerful to scale steep inclines, has a better range and a top speed of 40 MPH to beat off the competition.
The Varla Pegasus is one of those rare electric scooters that strikes a nice balance between higher-than-average performance and a reasonable price tag. And having spent a couple weeks so far putting the scooter to the test, I can confirm that it has the right combination of performance and value to fit a wide range of riders.
I think that Varla has outdone themselves with this model. Despite ramping up the power considerably, they still managed to craft a scooter that is tight, sensitive, and versatile all while looking modern and sleek. I think that anyone could purchase the Varla Scooter and do just fine, but the power and weight alone push me to say this scooter is best for experienced riders looking for some power or an off-roading adventure.
The Pegasus really is a great value, for the right rider, at $1,299 — with some caveats. It sets itself apart from the crowd with its looks and surprising stats for the price, but pales in comparison when it comes to build and ride quality. It’s a well-performing scooter for someone that can tune it along the way.
While its price is three times that of most entry-level electric scooters, it is worth every penny! In a nutshell, this is the perfect scooter for experienced users who want an adrenaline rush, comfort, style and safety.
The Pegasus brings a lot of features you would expect from a premium product. The practical long-range performance could be better, but as you probably know by now – no one wants to settle for average or mediocre. If you have the money and want one of the most versatile scooters on the market today – this is an obvious choice.
Slick, stylish, and packing a serious punch when it comes to performance and ride quality, the Varla Eagle One is up there with the Apollo Ghost as the best entry-level performance scooter. Flaunting an inky black body with metallic red accents, it not only looks the part but is equipped to handle the most demanding on and off-road environments with ease.

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