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✅ Pros

The upright geometry ensures comfort, particularly with the fast-paced rolling tires.
Review Pros
The Velotric Nomad 1 has UL certification for both the bike itself and the battery.
It has IPX6 water resistance rating.
The 692Wh battery offers riders a range of up to 60 mi. on a single charge and 45 mi. on throttle.
The Discover 1’s pricing is seen as affordable & competitive.
It has great range.
It has a great display.
We like the front and rear lights.
It comes with an app that makes it smarter.
It is a great looking bike.
The design is appealing.
The Velotric Discover 1 blurs the line between a cruiser bike and a commuter bike with its comfortable upright geometry, sporty looks and fast rolling tires.
It is extremely lightweight for an e-bike.
It offers fantastic pedal assist.
It offered solid power performance.
We like the stylish and clean design.
We like the affordable price point.
It has good components for the price.
It is perfectly sized.
It has sturdy and secure build.
It has integrated lights for better visibility for users and others.
The integrated battery matches the frame color.
Torque sensors are just so much nicer.
The price is very affordable yet its overall features are highly reliable.
It has solid build quality.
The Velotric Discover 1 is very visually appealing. The frame design and color choices add up to be very eye-catching.
Awesome paint job has been done.
The Discover 1 comes with three pedal assist settings, which is fewer than the typical five we see on most other affordable e-bikes.
Commute-ready: fenders and lights are included.
It is lightweight.
Display works in direct sunlight.
It is lightweight, solid, and has non-rattling build quality.
26 x 2.5-in. tires offer a very comfortable ride, even on rough roads.
Velotric’s 500W motor can achieve a peak wattage of 900W.
With an integrated battery and internal cabling, the Discover 1 is sleek.
The three-pedal assist feature makes this ebike even more comfortable.
The Discover 1 places riders in a comfortable, upright ride position.
It has powerful front and rear lights.
The Discover 1 is a great value. Its competitive price point relative to its performance makes the bike a sensible choice.
It has hydraulic disc brakes.
It has clean design with internal wire routing.
7-speed Shimano drivetrain makes climbing hills easy.
It handles heavy loads.
It is aesthetically pleasing.
It offers shock absorption on rough terrains.
Integrated cabling gave it a sleek look.
With 1,200W of peak power and a set of fat tires, this e-bike is built to take it to the dirt just as well as it can handle commuting on the streets.
It is easy to assemble.
The 750W rear hub motor is happy to dish out that power all day.
It has a smooth torque sensor.
It has good disc brakes.
It has seamless electronic integration.
It is available in attractive color options.
It is a stylish and featherweight e-bike.
Tail light and brake light is built into the rear fender.
It rides like a traditional bike.
It is lightweight.
It works well on rough terrains.
It offers app integration with data logging.
It is durable and well-built.
Riders can propel the Discover 1 to 20mph, using the bike’s throttle.
The Discover 1 comes with integrated lights to increase low light visibility. Not only can you see better, others can see you better too.
It has clean design.
500W brushless hub motor provides smooth acceleration to a top speed of 20 mph.
I also really like the included fenders for keeping all that sand, dirt, and mulch off of my back and the front of my jeans.
It offers smooth and efficient rides.
It is built for on and off-road routes.
Smart features work well (anti-theft, thumb print reader etc.)
We like the comfy ride position.

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❌ Cons

One more addition that I would have loved to see would be a rear rack included as standard equipment.
More assembly is required compared to other ebikes.
The suggested sizing for the step-thru and traditional frames appears optimistic; riders taller than 6 feet 2 inches should examine the fit carefully.
Battery is not removable.
I have seen complaints about after-sales servicing.
5 levels of power assist felt unnecessary.
It is heavy at 64 lbs.
Some testers find the 64lb Discover 1 to be a little overweight.
Sometimes there is jerky motor engagement.
Bike computer is overly simple.
It requires high maintenance.
The motor feels a little weak for a 500W motor capable of 65Nm of torque.
Limited dealer availability is the major disadvantage.
It could be more responsive.
There is no throttle-only mode.
It has limited range.
Reviewers are unmoved by the performance of mechanical disc brakes.
App reliability is questionable.
It has battery-operated rear light.
It may struggle on large hills.
It is heavy at over 64 lbs.
We’d prefer a quick-release seatpost clamp.
The phone mount is inconvenient.
I do not like the insecure phone mount.
Only high step frame is available.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
Velotric’s Nomad 1 is a solid outdoor exploring vehicle, a worthy commuter bike, and, if you’re a glutton for punishment like me, a great strength training tool when you turn the power off and climb some hills. And at $1,500 this bike is part of a larger push to offer more budget-friendly opportunities to get outside and ride.
The Velotric Discover 1 is a bike that is easy to like. From the sharp-looking frame design to the terrific colors to the frame mounts for fenders, racks and baskets (including mounts in the head tube for a front rack or basket) and the well-integrated battery, the curb appeal on this bike is strong.
Velotric Nomad 1 is a great budget offering that can get you out on a safe, fun adventure (or a normal boring cruise to the coffee shop) without breaking the bank.
This is a great bike and if you can get through initial setup, you might just never open the app again anyway.
The Velotric Discover 1 is a versatile, high-performing eBike that offers riders a comfortable and efficient way to travel longer distances and tackle challenging terrain. With its powerful motor, reliable transmission system, and sturdy construction, the Discover 1 is a great buy for both casual and serious riders.
Overall, this bike is well made, comfortable, stylish with five colors to choose from, and accommodates riders from 5’1 to 6’4 tall. As the company promised, it’s an excellent and affordable commuter e-bike that anyone can enjoy.
The Velotric Discover 1 is now my second favorite bike that I’ve tested over the past five years, and it was honestly difficult to come up with any cons at this $1,399 price point. It is very well built, has fenders for safe commuting, provides excellent lights for safety, incorporates a step-through design so everyone can ride it, and provides a throttle option that is useful for starting from a stopped position. Most importantly, it’s a lot of fun to ride.
We’ve tried multiple Velotric e-bikes, and the company is definitely on to something with its in-house approach to the electric bike market. Even with a $1,799 retail price, we think the Thunder 1 bike is a great value. It offers plenty of features, all of which worked great for us. In addition, the lightweight feel was incredible. The most disappointing thing about the product was its included phone holder. However, we consider that minor detail.
If you are looking for a bike that can be a casual cruiser, or your form of transportation to and from work then the Velotric Discover 1 isn’t a bad choice at all, as you really get what you pay for. It’s a smooth riding, comfortable bike and we are hoping to see an even more refined version in the near future. Velotric is on the right track with the Discover 1.
The Velotric Thunder 1 ST is a great budget e-bike. I’ve enjoyed riding it and look forward to many more zippy, pleasant commutes. As long as it holds up for a few years, I’ll have paid for itself in gas, good times, and fresh air in spades.
The Velotric Discover 1 ebikes are a great choice for consumers on a budget. The hydraulic suspension on the Discover 1 works much better than bikes in the same class which cost 1.5 times the amount. On top of being a great budget ebike, you can choose between 7 different colors. The bikes have a high water resistance rating for an ebike so you should be able to ride it in light rain with confidence.
With no throttle, no visible electronics or batteries, a keyless power-up and a simple-to-use app that replaces techy-looking displays, it fuses the traditional with the modern in all the best ways. A perfect purchase for the urban rider and commuter, you can pick it up, carry it up and down stairs and even track it with built-in GPS.
Is Velotric Ebike Worth It? Definitely, this ebike is worth everyone’s money! The attractive design makes riders proud of using it. Besides, every series of Velotric ebike has excellent features that meet the demand of every rider. So, never doubt to own all series for everyone in the family!
Velotric has done a great job with their first generation of stealthy, road-type ebikes. They offer a sleek design, with impressive features and a lightweight feel for those looking to exercise as they ride. At $1299 the Thunder 1 ST is particularly good value. But the gadget-minded will appreciate the power of the Velotric app that comes with the Thunder 1.
It looks neat, rides comfortably, and comes at an affordable price. Cost-cutting factors include mechanical brakes, a moderate weight, and limited PAS levels. It comes commuter ready; with lights, fenders and a rear rack.

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