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✅ Pros

It saves a ton of time.
Review Pros
They host events with giveaways.
You can cross post on nine marketplaces.
You can keep track of all your available and sold inventory, how much they sold for, what platform they sold on, and the date they sold on Vendoo.
It is incredibly straightforward, so there is no question about what you should be doing and how to do it.
All pricing plans include an image resizer and editor.
Their plans can appear to be more affordable, as they do not block some essential features from users that only buy the cheapest package.
It is a great way to manage your inventory.
The Delist/Relist feature is a way to remove a listing from a marketplace and then post it as a new listing.
It saves time when cross posting (I found it saves me 5+ minutes per item vs cross posting to 4 platforms manually!).
When you mark an item as sold it will automatically be removed from the other marketplaces that it was listed on.
The Seller Analytics Dashboard is a wonderful tool for resellers.
You can create your listings from scratch right inside of the Vendoo app.
It can help you make more money.
You can track your inventory, where it’s listed and when/where it sold.
It’s easier to make global edits to a listing across platforms.
Vendoo allows you to import your listings into their application, as long as you have purchased the import add-on.
Vendoo has two onboarding calls a week for new users to ask questions and get help.
It provides analytics.
I compared Vendoo to other crosslisting services such as List Perfectly and found it to be reasonably priced.
It helps you manage your inventory.
It can help increase listing exposure and sales.
Vendoo gave me the opportunity to try marketplaces that I wouldn’t have otherwise tried because manual crosslisting is so time consuming.
They have a lot of support and dedicated users who love the application, creating a reputable brand name for themselves.
It is easy to use.
You can get started with your existing inventory.
Vendoo offers its users cross-listing to 10 different marketplaces.
The Vendoo interface is intuitive.
There is now a mobile app so you can use Vendoo on your phone.
The software makes it simple for users to learn how to use the app quickly.
It helps you save time.
It has the potential to increase your sales by getting your items in front of more people.

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❌ Cons

While they cater to many selling platforms, Instagram is not one of them.
You will need to manually delist items.
You might sell the same item twice.
If you want to import your listings from a marketplace, you will have to pay $4.99 to be able to use this feature.
Vendoo does not support video currently.
I do occasionally run into a few glitches, but they have been quick to get back to me in resolving any issues that come up.
Because Vendoo is a third-party app, you should always be cautious of whether its use is acceptable for each specific marketplace.
You have to use a computer to use the app. They don’t have a mobile option, yet.
One of Vendoos downfall factors is that they are only available in one region.
If you’re in Canada, you won’t be able to use this service.
As Vendoo’s pricing structure is unique, it can also be confusing.
Vendoo also requires you to buy specific add-ons before you get access to all features, even in the highest-priced plan.
You need to peed to pay for add-ons to optimize the service.
Vendoo’s pricing starts at $8.99 for 25 inventory items and goes up to $149.99 for 4.000 items, which is less attractive for sellers with large inventories.
It is a paid subscription (up to 5 listings per month is free).
Vendoo does not have an app that you can install and access easily with your phone or tablet.
There are a couple of eBay features not available through the Vendoo listing like promoted listings and eBay for Charity.
There is no unified listing form and post button that allows you to list on all marketplaces at once.
There are some technical glitches.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
Vendoo is self-proclaimed as the #1 tool for resellers! They definitely had a lot of traction come their way because of their unique pricing model and simple user interface. However, one of Vendoos downfall factors is that they are only available in one region. You also have to carefully calculate what your bill will likely be for the tool.
As with any type of purchase decision, choosing software to make your life easier should not be based on a hunch. Rather, you should put in the time to do good research and make an educated choice when deciding what is the best cross listing app for you.
If you’re looking to up your reselling game and cross post, or maybe you’re already crossposting your items and you want to save time then I wholeheartedly recommend using Vendoo. It has saved me so much time and helped me make extra money by being able to get my items in front of as many people as possible.
Vendoo has been a great addition to my reselling business. It’s saved me time crosslisting and relisting items, which has helped me continue making sales. It’s reasonably priced for its benefits, and it’s a service that grows with your business. You can use it as a one-person reselling business or if you’re running a team of multiple people.
Cross listing is an easy way to grow your revenue and diversify your income. When you can easily post your items on several platforms at once, you will see an increase in your average sale price, as well as additional income. A cross-listing tool like Vendoo can make your life infinitely easier.
When I started using this amazing tool in my reselling business, my profits went through the roof and I am confident that you can achieve similar results with this amazing tool.
Increasing your items’ exposure through cross-listing in multiple marketplaces is a proven strategy in increasing your sales. This software is one of many in the market that can help you cross-post faster to expose your listing to a bigger number of audiences and eventually have increased conversions.

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