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✅ Pros

The Versadesk that I was sent was all-white and arrived with no scratches, scuffs or dings on the hardware.
Review Pros
It has solid construction.
Minor assembly was required.
It offers one hand operation.
It can be modified to hold multiple monitors and is strong enough to do so.
The Versadesk has a divinely large task area.
Various sizes are available.
No assembly is required.
Build quality is incredible.
Setup for the riser was a breeze after I lifted it out of the box.
It has 80 lb capacity.
The Versadesk riser came in a sturdy cardboard box with a carrying handle which I was very glad to see.
It has excellent height range.
It comes with an easy-to-use keyboard tray.
Video section of the website includes a video on how to assemble the desk.
Electric height adjustment controls make it easy to switch from one height to another.
It has cable management features.
The keyboard tray is nice and wide.
Motor is quiet.
The laminated MDF (medium density fiberboard) work surfaces of the Versadesk look nice out of the box, and a large number of finishes are available.
VersaDesk factory-tests their drive systems and claims this electronic lift will last for about half a century.
It raises straight upward so you don’t have to worry about balancing the front and back.
It also offers 3 cable grommet holes for wire management.
Versatable offers a lifetime warranty on the frame and a three year warranty on all motorized parts.
It has excellent height range.
It comes in multiple sizes and multiple colors.
It holds 80 pounds (double what most converters can hold).
It has large adjustment range.
It comes in fully assembled so you don’t have to put on your Macgyver hat.
It has straight up and down movement.
The good news is that we weight tested the Versadesk to make sure the manufacturer’s claim of 80 lbs was accurate, and to our delight, it was.
It is reasonably priced given the options.
It allows effortless raising and lowering.
It adds much needed versatility to your set up.
Everything feels sturdy and stays sturdy even when extended.
There is very little wobbliness.
It can hold three monitors with standand grommets.
It has quiet and smooth power lift operation.
We have no qualms about the build.
In terms of the height adjustment, it can comfortably accommodate someone who stands 6’ 3.
Monitor grommet plugs are removable.
You can push the button for height adjustment.
It has 3 grommet holes for multiple monitor arms.
It is preassembled and easy to use.
It comes with monitor mount/cable management cutouts.
There are four sizes available: 30″, 36″, 40″, and 48″.
It is very easy to adjust up and down with the simple push of a button.
It has 80 lbs. lifting capacity

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❌ Cons

There is not enough room for a vertical mousepad on the keyboard tray.
Although it would add to the price, it would be nice to have an auto up and down function.
There’s a small amount of ‘bounce’ while typing.
The Versadesk makes a loud and whiny noise while you’re changing your height that you’ll tire of quickly.
Your monitor will need a stand if you do not choose to purchase a mount, or it will not be at an ergonomic height.
In terms of speed, it’s also one of the slowest we have ever tried.
It has low quality electronics.
This converter is ideal with a monitor arm, which raises the price.
It costs as much as some full desk options on the market.
You’re pretty much left to yourself on figuring out where to run the cables for your computer equipment.
There are some safety concerns.
It has shallow keyboard tray.
It takes about 20 seconds to move up or down along its entire height range.
It is slower to raise/lower than a manual desk.
Gaming on Power Pro isn’t ideal with large keyboards and mice.
Keyboard tray can be a bit small depending on your keyboard.
It is expensive.
There is limited space (depth) on the keyboard level where you place your mouse and mousepad.
The button for raising/lowering is on the workstation.
The keyboard tray is a bit shallow.
There is no safety stop.
The drawback to putting the motor at the bottom of the base is the exposed coiled cable running to the power switch.
We would love for it to have an anti-collision feature.
The keyboard tray of the Versadesk was banging into the desktop as you typed or rested your palms on it, making the whole experience uncomfortable and potentially damaging to the desktop.
It is only 16 inches deep – much smaller than the others on this page.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
The simple fact that the Versadesk Power Pro is an electric X-Lift converter with an 80 lb lift capacity means that it has a niche in the market. But for about the same money you can get yourself something like the newer, precision robotics-built Eureka Electric Converter that outperforms it on stability, noise, speed and overall aesthetics and design.
We love the effortless and intuitive functionality of the VersaDesk PowerPro. This model raises and lowers straight up and down with just the click of a button. Because the keyboard tray attaches to the workstation with four thumbscrews, it’s simple to install and remove.
The problem that I have with the Versa Power Pro is that the downsides are very concerning and will affect the majority of buyers. Cheap Chinese electronics, inconsistent lifting speeds, large amounts of front to back instability and several safety concerns are all factors that should be considered prior to making your purchase. At the end of the day, the Versa Power Pro has its positives and it has its negatives.
The Versadesk Power Pro isn’t the cheapest and it isn’t the most premium either. This standing desk converter is a midrange one that has a basic design and motor. But if you love a large working area and a smooth transition. This is a great option for you. It’s also one of the best standing desk converters for taller people.
If the ease of adjustment is something that you really like, this is an ideal desktop workstation to add to your desk and allow you to go from sitting to standing.
The VersaDesk Power Pro just seems like one of those items that will last a lifetime, it’s that well built. You know that feeling you get when you feel like you got your money’s worth when buying something? This is one of those things.
Being able to stand for part of your day while you work is simply healthier for you, and this desk helps accomplish that end. And it’s really the versatility to sit or stand while using the rest of your pre-established work area that hits home with me.
If you’re looking for a standing desk converter and don’t want the struggle of having to manually raise and lower up to 80 lbs of computer equipment, the VersaDesk Power Pro Standing Desk Converter is a great choice with its solid build construction, smooth/quiet operation, and decent stability.
For the current price of $390, it’s a good value for anyone who wants to try out the benefits of a standing desk while keeping their existing desk.
What you lose in size you more than make up for in performance and ease of use.

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