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✅ Pros

Every month, you can ask for two design requests to be made specifically for you with a detailed brief.
Review Pros
They are active on social media in answering common user questions.
It has book covers as well as coloring pages and low content interiors that you can use without any licensing hassle for repurposing.
Subscribers get full access to POD-licensed vectors, PNGs, PSDs, and Illustrator files, catering to any niche of interest.
The templates have been created by their own designers and are customizable to your needs.
Vexels houses a library of more than 80,000 premium design assets.
Vexels offers a cost-effective solution for your graphic design needs.
With Vexels, you can create designs that look as good as those created by professional graphic designers.
Users can request up to 4 custom designs per month.
Every month, 200 free downloads are made available.
It has a good amount of Editable PSD T-shirt Templates.
The interface is very intuitive and easy to use.
Vexels T-Shirt Maker provides an easy-to-use editor-like interface which beats down its competitors.
Merch-ready Commercial and Merch licenses are available in PNG format, which you may download and upload easily (which gives you Merch rights to every graphic available on the site).
You can search for vector elements and import them directly from the Vexels catalog.
Vexels offers text shapes and badges, which makes it easy to make typographical designs for t-shirts.
The T-shirt maker, Mockup Generator, and design request service make customization a breeze.
Detailed responses to questions about licensing, subscriptions, or design tools are also available.
It reduces the tedious effort of finding artwork to use with Merch by Amazon or other PODs.
Vexels offers 70,000+ designs that are updated weekly.
Apart from their cool graphics, they also have design templates that you can use as-is on your t-shirts.
The license covers wide commercial use of graphics for online and offline sales.
One of the other nice things about Vexels is the built in t-shirt maker & mockup generator.
All designs and templates on Vexels are print-ready.
Vexels has over 80,000 graphics that you can play around with.
If you are looking for a specific design and not able to find it in the vexels library, you can submit a design request.
Vexels also has a handful of beautiful covers to choose from.
Their online t-shirt maker & mockup generator tools simplify the design process, allowing users to create and visualize their products seamlessly.
Through the use of the downloadable Vexels templates and Photoshop, you can create designs en masse.
The platform offers unlimited design downloads.
Vexels T-Shirt Maker is free for users who have subscribed to Merch and Business Plan.
Vexels also provides an efficient collaboration feature that allows for smooth communication and feedback in the design process.
It provides access to an extensive Graphic library of over 80,000 pre-made designs, including illustrations, patterns, icon sets, mockups, ready-made t-shirt designs and templates.
Vexels is user-friendly and easy to use, even if you have no prior design experience.
Vexels is a must-have tool for POD sellers wanting access to an ever-expanding library of creative designs.
Vexels also has a library of more than 50,000 vector graphics at your disposal.
They offer a 15-day money-back guarantee.
With Vexels, you can create professional-looking designs in a fraction of the time it would take using traditional design methods.
Vexels offers designs that are ready to be customized and used on various POD platforms, including Amazon Merch on Demand.
All designs on Vexels are originally made by their in-house design team, ensuring uniqueness and quality.
Compared to other graphic design tools such as Adobe Illustrator and Canva, Vexels stands out for its versatility and customization capabilities.
Vexels has a T-Shirt Maker Mockup Generator specifically for merch designers.
Every download from Vexels comes with a Merch license, ensuring you have the rights to use the design for your business.
They also have a text creating tool with a wide variety of fonts if you’re looking to create text-based designs.

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❌ Cons

Support articles could go more in-depth on topics like licensing nuances.
You will need to keep your subscription active to sell designs you have previously downloaded from the platform.
There is no 24/7 live chat support.
It may make more sense to buy individual licenses if you intend to download a few designs here and there or are just starting in the POD industry.
It could be more proactive in reaching out to users about issues.
The Merch Lifetime Plan allows you to make only 2 custom design requests per month and get you only 200 downloads/month, which may not fulfil the requirements of advanced designers or print-on-demand sellers who do a lot of design work and intend to download more designs.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
Vexels is one of the most popular t-shirt maker tools in the market. With its wide range of graphics and design tools, creating designs with Vexels is easy and quick.
Vexels is a powerful and cost-effective solution for small businesses, marketers and designers looking to create professional-looking designs without advanced design skills or expensive software. Its user-friendly interface, wide range of design elements and templates, and the ability to upload your own graphics, make it a versatile tool for creating designs for various mediums such as social media, websites, print materials, and more.
Leveraging the Vexels graphic design platform gives you the opportunity to scale your business regardless of your design skills. When it comes to determining the right design partner for your business needs, choosing the best one may not be an easy decision.
In the world of design and e-commerce, Vexels stands out as a platform that not only offers quality designs but also tools and resources to monetize these designs effectively. Whether you’re a seasoned POD seller or just starting, Vexels offers the tools, resources, and support to ensure you unlock that extra income potential.
In the end, Vexels niches down to cater to print-on-demand business owners. While tools like Canva do a better job at social media content, they don’t come close to providing the features, designs, and flexibility for merch creators that Vexels does.
The company offers over 80,000 graphics, covering every holiday, niche and hobby. Their online tools allow you to create custom designs quickly and easily. Their website is professionally designed, and their customer service is quick and responsive. It should be an easy decision to subscribe to their paid plans.
With its extensive library of graphic elements, customizable templates, advanced editing tools, and collaboration tools, Vexels has everything you need to create professional-looking designs quickly and easily. Whether you are a professional graphic designer or just starting out, Vexels is the solution you need to take your designs to the next level.
There are over 80,000 graphics to choose from, covering every holiday, niche, sport, and hobby you could make money from. Coupled with their online tools, it’s no brainer to jump on their paid subscription plan. Their website is beautifully designed, their customer service is fast and responsive, and having the ability to get custom designs made is just icing on the cake.
For print-on-demand entrepreneurs looking to scale up efficiently in 2023, Vexels is an essential graphic resource. It provides everything you need – from merch-ready templates to customizable graphics and niche mockups – for creating best-selling products faster.

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