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✅ Pros

The keyboard is backlit.
Review Pros
You can cycle through 19 different color effects.
Split is capable of doing pass-through charging
This thing is surprisingly thin and light.
The Vinpok Bolt-S USB-C magnetic cable has Instant connection.
Vinpok Split turn android smartphones into working stations.
Vinpok Taptek Wireless Mechanical Keyboard is durable build.
The Vinpok Bolt-S USB-C magnetic cable is 87W compatible.
There’s a mini HDMI interface.
VINPOK Plux Wireless Charging Stand provides an option to charge the AirPods wirelessly.
Vinpok Taptek Wireless Mechanical Keyboard has Great design.
Vinpok Split work with all laptops via Type-C/mini HDMI.
The Bolt Cable is capable to power up any 13-inch or 15-inch MacBook Pros.
The Bluetooth option on the keyboard can pair up to 3 different devices.
You can switch between 10 different backlight modes and colors
VINPOK Plux Wireless Charging Stand takes up less desk space than all three devices charging on their own.
There’s both a Mac or Windows version with operating system-specific keys.
The weight of the Taptek holds it firmly in place.
Vinpok Split is flexible Viewing Angle/Rotatable.
The Split can receive audio, video, and power through a single USB-C cable.
Vinpok Split work with PS4 / XBOX One / Nintendo Switch.
It passed rigorous 4000 times tensile test.
The Bolt-S does in fact deliver 87W of charging power.
Vinpok Taptek is sturdy and solid build.
It is quick release.
The Vinpok Duo 2 Cable is a 1-meter (3.3 Ft) nylon wrapped iPhone charging cable.
It is easy to use.
It is compatible with MacOS, iOS, Windows, and Android devices.
It has 2x USB Type-C.
Its mechanical switches feel good and perform well.
It is bluetooth or wired modes.
Vinpok Bolt is the world’s first USB-C magnetic cable .
The Vinpok Bolt-S cable has a USB-C detachable end.
It fits with Apple’s current style.
It has 2x 1-watt speakers.
It is compatible with 29W, 61W and 87W MacBook Power Adapter.
The Vinpok Taptek keyboard is a solid.
With the cable itself held in place with a magnetic ring.
Vinpok Split easily attach 1 or 2 extra monitors to your laptop.
Vinpok Taptek has gorgeous lighting effects.
Connecting the Vinpok Taptek is also extremely easy.
It is Compatible with many devices.
It has charging spots for the Apple Watch, AirPods, and of course, the iPhone.
There’s a micro-USB port on the back.
Having the flexibility of bluetooth and wired connectivity.
It’s designed to be for those who want the Magic Keyboard style.
It has touch screen capability.
RGB Backlighting is another key feature of the Taptek keyboard.
It works nicely for general window operations and gestures.
You have the ability to simultaneously charge your iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods by just laying them on the charging base.
The Vinpok Duo 2 Cable is the world’s first 2-in-1 versatile cable.
The color is quite good on the Split.
Vinpok is looking to remedy.
You can connect your Lightning Connect earbuds to the Vinpok Duo 2.

❌ Cons

The right shift button is too small
Its magnetic stand/cover is option with extra charges.
The cable does not carry data.
It is in Black/Silver only.
Vinpok Duo 2 Cable is no ordinary iPhone charging cable.
The Vinpok cable requires a bit more force to remove at all angles.
It can transfter maximum current 4.3A.
It has 10 point capacitive touch screen.
If you have a case on your Mac, this may not fit.
It Does not transfer data.
The Split is all cheap-feeling plastic, even the screen.
There is poor placement of right shift key.
This unit heats up when charging devices.
Some odd button placement favours Mac users over the rest.
The two single-watt speakers probably sound worse than the ones in your laptop (and maybe even your phone)

Final Say

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Review Summaries
By default the square keys are labeled with Apple modifier conventions, though there is also a hardware switch to put it in Windows mode and an add-on keycap set for PC users. There’s a micro-USB port on the back, for charging or non-Bluetooth use.
That little USB-C end designed to plug in to the computer goes in there very firmly. the connections inside the plug itself aren’t symmetrical along the horizontal axis.
Vinpok Bolt-S has going for it is that 87W support. The cable performs admirably when it comes to charging, as long as it doesn’t get bumped off by accident.
The Vinpok Split is a very capable and useful secondary monitor for USB-C MacBooks and can even be used with the new USB-C iPad Pro models. The touchscreen capability is especially cool with a MacBook.
Vinpok’s mechanical answer to the Magic Keyboard is incredibly satisfying to type on, while its RGB lighting effects are some of the best around.
The Vinpok Duo 2 Cable is a brand-new item and is not yet available for general sale. With an expected release in May 2018, the Vinpok Duo 2 has an MSRP of $59.00.The nylon wrapped Vinpok Duo 2 Cable stands on its own just being a premium charging cable.
Vinpok Split is the perfect on-the-go external touchscreen monitor that are compatible with your laptop or your Android phone. it is Lightweight & compact.
The Vinpok Taptek is designed to fit in that space. It’s designed to be for those who want the Magic Keyboard style, but the feel of a fully-mechanical offering. The Taptek is meant to be used in one of two ways, either wired with USB or wirelessly with your Mac, Windows, or Android devices.
Split works just fine on Chrome OS. It responds to touches with no noticeable delay, and even multi-touch gestures like pinch-to-zoom work just the way they should. On a pre-USB-C MacBook Pro, though, touch input requires both HDMI and USB connections, and it’s janky to the point of being useless.
The Vinpok Plux Wireless Charging Stand is a nifty device, but I think it has some kinks in it as far as design goes. It could be better engineered for more even power distribution and the design could lend itself to being more flexible with assembly.
Despite a few button-placement oddities, the Vinpok Taptek is an undeniably good keyboard. It’s definitely a niche product but if you think you’re within that niche, it’s currently the best thing you can buy
The Vinpok Taptek Keyboard (starting at $89 on Indiegogo) is a wireless mechanical keyboard for the Mac. It features a low-profile design, RGB backlighting, clicky mechanical keys (something akin to cherry blue).
The Vinpok Bolt USB-C charging cable is appropriately priced. You get pretty much what you paid for. Quality cable, good build quality, decent charging speed, more importantly the compatibility across a wide range of devices.

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