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✅ Pros

You can find all the information you need to make an informed sourcing decision, all in one place.
Review Pros
The market intelligence also offers you with the real time reviews of the products.
It is available as an extension to Chrome as well as on mobile devices.
It comes with a market research web app and Chrome extension that provides Amazon market data, trends, and analysis to expedite market research and infuse it with data.
The software will estimate the monthly potential sale and provide you the review quantity of the particular product in the market.
It’s a very user-friendly interface with lots of options to choose from.
It even gives out a warning if they consider the product is very popular and there might be a lot of sellers entering that niche.
The cost calculator tab is a nice thing to have.
It also acts as a listing builder helping out optimize your Amazon listing for the giving keywords.
You can access the software from mobile and through the web.
It helps to know about the real market and make your business grow better.
Everyday the software would take into account the BSR fluctuation.
Better estimates and better suggestions lead to better products.
It helps to find the product which makes a good market on Amazon.
They have successfully executed thousands of launches for large brands all over the world.
Viral Launch is great for ranking products on Amazon because of the massive volume of shoppers on their deal site.
It leave the spreadsheets behind.
If you are launching into a super competitive niche and you need to giveaway 30+ units per day, then Viral Launch is your service.
At Viral Launch, Amazon sellers can consult with a professional Amazon coach about business strategies and the tactics to make your launch a success.
You can keep track of every movement of the product, which helps to know about the present status of the product.
The Market Intelligence platform of Viral Launch helps sellers determine the sales potential and success rates of newly launched products.
Viral Launch helps Amazon sellers to drive window shoppers into actual buyers with their eye-catchy photography.
The software would help you to understand Sales estimation which utilizes the BSR Amazon’s Best Seller Rank and with the time how it will be trended.
Expert copywriters at Viral Launch position the keywords meticulously to optimize a brand’s ranking in organic search.
Viral Launch Review helps more As easily your product can be seen it will get sold much quicker.
This tool is very helpful for the buyers and the sellers as well.

❌ Cons

Some of the data it shows as profit, tier size or profit margin is not accurate enough.
A fairly new FBA seller would take it for granted without doing a proper double check.
There are cheaper versions out there that have similar features.

Final Say

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Review Summaries
Once you will use this application you will obviously love it because this application helps you in every aspect for making a good business on Amazon.
Viral launch helps your products to get listed on Amazon. They are a diligent team who work constructively to help your business with their tools and services. Their team is entirely creative and they work to set the bar high. The viral launch is like a launch pad for your business on the Amazon website.
Product Discovery is a game-changing software release for Viral Launch and for Amazon retailers, creating a seamless market research experience. With unparalleled access to the most comprehensive and accurate set of Amazon data available, sellers can gain key insights into the Amazon marketplace to increase their success and help them make smarter decisions about which products to offer.
Viral Launch is the most complete tool in the market today. Of course there are cheaper versions out there that have similar features but you will not find one that can take you from finding a product to measuring the competitiveness and creating an optimized listing.
Viral Launch is a great product launch and market analysis tool to help novice sellers. It is available as an extension to Chrome as well as on mobile devices. In a rapidly changing Amazon market, every merchant needs Viral Launch to stay ahead in the competition.
Viral Launch is an Amazon seller’s dream. Besides their launch services, they are known for their market leading research tools. They have successfully executed thousands of launches for large brands all over the world.

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