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Pros and Cons

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✅ Pros

It is built on clean and performant React.Js – no slow-loading or unoptimized shortcodes.
Review Pros
It is easy to use for people who do not know web design.
Visual Composer has 10 templates available for the free version and over 200 for the premium version.
Visual Composer comes with a Front-end editor which allows you to design and see the changes in real-time.
It offers search engine optimization (SEO) possibilities.
There are 300+ elements to help you quickly and easily put together attractive and dynamic pages.
Visual Composer also has a big selection of integrations with some of the most popular WordPress plugins like WooCommerce, Ninja Form, Toolset, and many others.
The frontend editor provides an accurate view of what your content looks like to your visitors so that you can hit ‘publish’ with confidence.
It comes with a powerful theme builder with comprehensive header, footer, and sidebar editing tools.
I like that Visual Composer automatically picks up the custom fields from supported plugins (like ACF).
We didn’t experience any issues with the plugin.
It is SEO Optimized.
It is the perfect tool to create professional quality pages.
It has an outstanding and professional support.
It comes with lots of professional and good-looking templates.
It’s a built-in content analysis tool that gives you suggestions on how to improve your content. And this feature is available for free.
Dynamic content options are available.
It has the ability to save rows/sections as template.
We also love that all of the Visual Composer’s templates are SEO-friendly, which is essential for any business trying to extend their reach and boost their traffic.
Visual Composer boasts a comprehensive knowledgebase.
Visual Composer comes with a drag-and-drop editor, making it easier to add various elements to your site pages.
If you want a tool to help you create more styled posts and pages, Visual Composer can definitely get the job done.
It is one of the most widely used themes.
Visual Composer gives you the option to create a completely unique layout for your pages with custom elements, size, and shape.
You can create your custom header, footer, and sidebar from the many features offered.
It has a front end page builder.
Once you’ve finished editing a web page, you can save it as a template and use it again at a later date.
Since Visual composer comes with a pop-up builder, you can create pop-ups on your site to boost your conversions and display various notification messages to your visitors.
You can design and launch near-on any post or web page — without having to write a single line of code.
It has Woocommerce compatibility.
With Visual Composer for WordPress, you can find a huge selection of templates and themes.
It is extendable.
Margins are easy to remove, and any images are left behind sit flush with the edges.
Visual Composer has a ton of integrated elements to choose from.
It has responsive design.
It has drag-and-drop editor interface.
It also comes with back-end editing too, it is actually not required.
It is affordable for personal and one-site use.
Compared to others, the price is reasonable.
The ability to edit a page both on the front and backend makes creating pages easier on the whole.
Every time there is a new version of Visual Composer, you get it for free.
You can choose between 30 content elements for the free version and over 300 for the premium.
It has the ability to save element presets.
Visual Composer comes packed with over 50 templates to choose from for about pages, blogs, home pages and more.
I would say that Visual Composer’s interface is well done and on par with other tools.
There is a developer-friendly API for extending and unlocking the full potential of your WordPress website.
Visual Composer packs more than 160-page templates that can be easily incorporated into your WordPress site to make it look elegant.
It has lots of content elements.
A good number of add-on and extensions are available.
If you want to try it out yourself, you can experience the interface using the free version at
Over 200 premium, third-party addons are available.
One of the most powerful features of Visual Composer is the content elements.
You can find templates for popular industries like restaurants. Beauty, real estate. Moreover, by the type of page you’re looking for.
Visual Composer has an easy and intuitive interface.
If you have multiple people working on a website, you can set what elements can/can’t be used.
At 300+ elements in the premium version, you have a lot of flexibility for creating designs, including lots of unique elements that other page builders don’t offer.
The Visual Composer Hub provides a seamless and integrated mix of content elements. In addition to templates, add-ons, stock photos, and GIFs.
It has two types of editors, one for the backend and the other for the frontend.
With Visual Composer Premium, you are not restricted by any theme-defined design.
One of the features that make Visual composer so powerful is that you can easily make your site responsive.
The best part about adding elements in your Visual Composer is that it is fully responsive and will automatically adapt to different screen sizes on any device.
Visual Composer integrates with multiple third-party apps, offering a wide array of functionalities that help you accomplish different things.
Visual Composer is cheaper than Elementor.
This plugin has both a front end and back end drop-and-drop builder system.
Visual Composer comes with tons of elements that can transform your site completely.
Visual Composer is comparatively easy page builder plugin owing to its drag & drop interface on the front end.
Visual Composer has clean and modern interface.
It requires less time learning the actual process of creating pages and posts with it.
The drag-and-drop web page builder makes the complete process of creating a website easier than ever.
It has a back end page builder.
It has a massive library of 200+ website, page, header, footer, sidebar, and block content templates.
Visual Composer will look great no matter what theme you already use.

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❌ Cons

Many features that should be built into it, instead are sold individually. So for each little feature, the cost is $20 – $50 per site.
It doesn’t quite match other popular tools in terms of flexibility and sitewide conditional rules.
The front-end is quite slow and sometimes suffers from interruptions.
Resizing images is nearly impossible.
Visual Composer is a shortcode based builder that I found very slow to use and websites created with it were sluggish as well.
We were told that drop shadows could easily be applied. In our experience, you’d need to play around with CSS code to get it working.
There is no option for adding third-party widgets.
Users also report having to put aside a fair amount of time to familiarize themselves with the platform.
The builder though easy to use has a bit slow interface.
It has a complex/confusing design.
You should watch some tutorials to better understand the functions of certain back-end options.
There is no undo button.
It is expensive for multiple sites or client work.
We weren’t able to customize the background images used.
The loading speed of your website is often negatively impacted.
Some functions are blocked, as they require the purchase of the Premium version.
Visual Composer hasn’t adopted the style of WordPress’ dashboard, so it always feels like you’re using an external app — rather than WordPress itself.
Visual Composer is great for building business websites only.
There are no global elements, sections or templates.
All fonts are inherited from the theme, which is why we were not able to alter them in a page specific way.
Not being able to create single templates is a key limitation when it comes to more advanced theme building, though it won’t affect casual users who already like their themes’ templates.
Unfortunately, Visual Composer isn’t GPL friendly (General Public License) –which means you can’t freely copy, distribute, and modify their source code.
The other major pitfall is that Visual Composer is entirely shortcode based.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
Visual Composer is a drag and drop page builder, which has come of age but is now faced with stiff competition from a growing number of plugins that serve the same purpose. The one thing that’s going in favour of Visual Composer is the fact that it is virtually bug-free. We didn’t experience any stutters or icons disappearing when building pages. The resulting pages are also pretty stunning thanks to the depth of customization options.
Based on my experience and others, Visual Composer is an awesome plugin. It’s going to save you time and energy from having to code a website from scratch. It will also save you money, as you won’t have to pay thousands for a company to develop one, either.
Visual Composer seems the obvious winner with so many benefits and a low learning curve. However, when it comes to Divi, you get a theme with a page builder plugin along with a theme building feature at only $89 which is quite a deal.
If you are looking to build a website with WordPress, Visual Composer is the perfect fit for your project. The plugin handles all types of websites – from simple portfolio sites to complex eCommerce stores. Whether free or premium, there are no limits on what you can create.
To wrap it all up, Visual Composer is an all-in-one tool for creating a beautiful website. You get everything from the basic elements to a full popup builder. And as a cherry on top – there’s a free version so you can try it out without any commitment.
Visual Composer is definitely the superior plugin in terms of raw customizing power as well as the massive amount of predesigned content you get to get your website up and running quickly.
Visual Composer is a great and a feature-rich page builder for those who want to build amazing websites without writing a single line of code. With this page builder, you can not only build pages faster but also build pages that look visually stunning. The builder has all the different features to help you throughout the process of building a page. You can also take advantage of the different templates that come with Visual Composer to get a quick start with your website design.
It is one of the most popular drag-and-drop page builder plugins on WordPress that offers you inline and front-end website building experience and complete control over your design. If you are a designer, developer, or blogger looking for a unique design to use in your project, then the Visual Composer plugin could be what you need.
Looking at the data gathered on our platform Elementor has a higher FindrScore of 84 which indicates that it could be a better fit over Visual Composer However, you get a lot more functionality and flexibility with Visual Composer which you may need to take into consideration.
It is very useful for almost all types of content and we recommend its free version that unlike other plugins offers a variety of services that will be very favorable, especially if you are starting in the world of web developers, but if you already have experience, you can opt for some of their plans that have advanced features.
Visual Composer is an intuitive page builder that makes it easier for you to customize your pages easily. While the free version offers you 30 elements, the premium version offers you 300 elements for styling your WordPress site. Not to mention, Visual Composure features multiple customization options for styling and editing such elements. The theme builder lets you customize, style, and edit various elements of your theme. In a nutshell, Visual Composer is an easy-to-use, intuitive, and versatile page builder.
If you’re running your business on a tight budget, then Visual Composer is usually the preferred option. You’ll still get access to plenty of sophisticated features and a relatively easy-to-use interface– after all, thousands of WordPress users have tested and reported Visual Composer to be a top-notch web page builder and theme builder.
Overall, I would say that Visual Composer’s interface is well done and on par with other tools. It was speedy in my testing and you now get features like inline text editing and drag-and-drop column resizing, which are really convenient for creating designs.
It’s really hard to find anything good to say about Visual Composer. Let’s just say people don’t choose to use Visual Composer, it’s kinda forced on them because it’s bundled in a theme they purchased. This is primarily why I would never purchase a theme that has it bundled.
Visual Composer has been in the page builder market for a looong time, and it’s definitely made some leaps since it’s early days as a back end only editor. Unfortunately, though, age doesn’t count for much in this case, and the new kids on the block have definitely shoved some of more established page builders to one side. Visual Composer was no exception. Whether you’re looking for ease of use, speed, flexibility, affordability or anything else I’ve mentioned in this reviewed, there are simply better alternatives on all fronts.

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