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✅ Pros

All-in-one kit lets you customize your experience with the offering of different cover sizes.
Review Pros
Designed to keep dust off the lenses and stop any scratches, the Lens Cover does an admiral job.
The added nose guard keeps steam from rising and fogging up your vision.
It is covered in velcro, so on top of it you can easily install different facemasks.
They are extremely easy to clean.
The included cloth cover that can be used with either the PU or velour pad.
This is a full replacement for the foam pad that comes with the Oculus 2, including the plastic frame that snaps into the headset.
It’s also covered in soft PU leather that makes it very easy to wipe down and keep clean.
The covers and accessories are designed with perfection using highly absorbent materials.
It’s easy to wipe because of its waterproof attribute.
Two pads make it easy to swap out a clean one quickly.
It is a comfortable and “breathable” pleather.
It is made up of skin-friendly materials.
It is more hygienic and can be cleaned.
It offers a great fit.
The nose piece is a little bit bigger/wider, so that will further reduce the level of light leaking into the headset from below the nose, and also help improve immersion.
It has some little holes on top and bottom that make the air flow from the inside to the outside of the headset, so when you do fitness, inside the headset there is less humidity and heat, and the lenses don’t fog up.
It is more comfortable than Quest 2’s foam pads.
It is inexpensive.
The facial interface and foam replacement set comes with two face covers that you can swap out quickly.
It comes with foam replacements that you can change anytime as per your requirement.
You get those two linings which, not only can accommodate different comfort preferences but also provide quick and clean switching between users.
There’s a nose guard too that lets in less light for extra immersion.
There is no light-leakage.
It is easy to clean.
It is washable, wipeable & hygienic.
It sits on the face well.
You just need to install this cover in the headsets and you’re good to witness an excellent VR experience.
The Velcro holds the padding in place reasonably well.
Passive vents help cut down on lens fogging.
The whole new interface material is now a mix of rubber and firm plastic which allow the facial interface to bend and wrap a little bit better around your face.
There are a lot more air circulation channels around the top and bottom of the facial interface.
It has a fine-textured polyurethane synthetic leather cover similar to the type used in some headphones, that won’t absorb sweat, and can be cleaned easily with antibacterial wipes.
I found the PU material far more comfortable than I expected it would be.
The new plastic attachment velcro for attaching the new foam bad, which is softer and more pillowy than the stock foam.
Installing the facial interface is very easy.
The leather lining is great for when you’re playing more active VR games.
Being 100% cotton they were washable.
It has reasonable price.
Nose guard helps block out extra light.
The whole kit comes complete with two foam PU leather pads of two thicknesses.
If you have got defective or damaged products from this brand then you can easily go for the option of returns or exchanges.
Installation was super simple too.
It came in a specially designed plastic clamshell, and everything was entirely secure.
It comes with fantastic foam replacements.
The Oculus Rift replacement cover fits easily over your existing Oculus Rift Facial Interface.
What I like the most about the replacement set is how easy it is to use and clean.
It comes with 2 covers.
I never felt any ache on my face.
VR Cover offers a great way to make interface more comfortable and more hygienic by giving you several padded replacements that are easy to use and easy to clean.
I had no fog and my face kept feeling not too warm.
The VR Cover facial interface allows you to replace the various foam, velour or washable covers onto their facial interface.
It blocks out light.
Given they both come in the same kit, there’s no need to worry about which to choose.
The Velour adds a sense of luxury to your headset.
I love the way they feel snug in my hands and alleviate my fears of launching controllers around the living room.
It is wipeable.
The rear of the VR Cover cushion uses a felt-like material similar to the one in the original HTC cushions, and attaches to the headset securely.
The Foam Set is waterproof and is easily cleanable after every fitness session.
They are easy to install.
It is RoHS tested and approved.
I could take the headset off, wipe the lining clean, and then pass it over to my partner without much hassle
These covers are comfortable.

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❌ Cons

It is too sturdy.
The foam cover was a little too long for the facial interface.
When using the cotton cover with an active title like Beat Saber, FitXR, Synth Riders…etc, the ends quite often loosened and in the process began to rub (making for sore cheeks).
It will cause sweat to drip down your face.
It takes 3 weeks to arrive to the USA.
It doesn’t clip or secure better.
The only shortcoming is that notwithstanding the rubber nose gap, I have a slight light leak from below the headset. It’s not much and it is not annoying, but it’s there. Maybe it’s because of my big nose.
If you have to replace the batteries you will have to take the grips off to get to the battery door.
It only works with Oculus Quest 2.
They are made of hard plastic and do not add to any softening of the grips, so if that is what you are looking for this is not the product for you.
It can be damaged if not carefully removed from velcro.
There is a slight light leak on both sides of my nose, but it won’t obstruct the field of view.
It doesn’t have the notch on the sides for users who wear eyeglasses.
One major caveat is that it is not compatible with the glasses spacer I use.
Velcro line is not long enough; not all third-party foam replacements will fit.
I found the nose guard tickled my nose a bit if the headset wasn’t in the perfect position, but if you find it irritating it’s very easy to remove.
It doesn’t include the little nub on the original HTC face cushions that makes them easy to align with the headset.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
There is a lot to like about this facial interface. It clips in very well and securely into the Quest 2. The rubber and plastic interface material, mixed with the better airflow and bigger nosepiece, as well as the thinner foam PU leather pads create a very comfy interface, that I can safely say is their best one yet.
If you’re a kinetic VR player like myself who refuses to sit down and wants to really cut loose, the VR Cover Silicone Cover will serve you well.
If you are looking to replace your stock foam for comfort alone, you might get a little benefit. It really could be up to preference, and with the cost, I don’t know if it would be worth it. If the foam on your VR headset is getting wet after long use or you like to share your headset at parties, I highly recommend the basic kit. The easy to clean PU leather is an excellent replacement for the stock foam, and your guests will love not putting on a soggy HMD.
Personally, I find the Oculus Rift headset already comfortable and don’t particularly feel the need to enhance it. Adding the washability is certainly a nice feature. However, the cost to add the “cleanliness” will probably put most people off. If your headset is getting gross, then sure, go ahead and try them. If looking for more comfort, just wait for CV2.
VR Cover for Oculus Quest 2 is a hygienic PU leather replacement for the foam pad that ships with the Quest 2. It’s easy to clean, easy to change out, and even helps reduce the chances of fogged up lenses.
They all have their own merits but if VRFocus was putting its own money on the table it would have to either the Silicone Cover or the Facial Interface & Foam Replacement Set. For sheer cleanliness whether at home or during an event, the Silicone Cover is a perfect choice. Quick to clean with an anti-bacterial wipe, the fact it comes in a range of colours helps give it that extra visual appeal.
This facial interface is more comfortable, easier to clean, and more durable than the stock foam. If you’re looking for the best option for improving the facial interface, this is it.
The line of VR Cover products is great and affordable, and if you are looking to have longer VR sessions they are almost a must. As previously stated, my only gripe is the incompatibility with the glasses spacer. I may just get some prescription inserts to cover that issue. Having all of the products under $30 makes them great gifts, even if they are just for oneself, so give VR Cover a try!
I tried the VR Cover face cushion and it was quite comfortable. I never felt any ache on my face. With careful placement, it did not reduce the field of view. It was also easy to wipe off the sweat using baby wipes.
VR Cover is a one-stop destination where you can buy hygiene and durable range of VR headsets covers. The products of this brand come with numerous features such as waterproof, ease of cleaning, and easy replacement of the foam.
We like VR Cover’s basic set for $29 plus $7 shipping which is just about the same price as the replacement foam covered insert from the Oculus Store. The VR Cover’s basic interface is more comfortable than the Rift’s original interface, and although it doesn’t really absorb perspiration, perspiration is easily wiped off during a session. Best of all, the pleather interface is breathable so it doesn’t feel badly against the skin like many plastics do, and it is easily wiped down with a non-alcohol containing cleanser.
I love the design, the comfort is good, but probably I wouldn’t wear it every day. But I will happily wear it on the days that I want to feel cooler or when attending VR events.
In all, we absolutely recommend the VR Cover Facial Interface & Foam Replacement for Oculus Quest 2.
We truly went all out for this one! We found the current leading VR cover brands and dissected each one down to its core. And if we were to place a bet on the best one of them all, we’d go with the AMVR VR cover kit! The design is simply stunning, and each set component is made from high-grade materials. The facial interface bracket is unrivaled in terms of durability and flexibility, and the two side patches ensure that your headset stays in position at all times.
It shouldn’t come as any surprise that the already well-liked VR Cover brand remains consistent on Quest 2. The padded leather linings maker for a nicer fit than the solution you get with Quest 2, and keeps your headset clean when playing apps like Beat Saber and Until You Fall.

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