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✅ Pros

WATI has a good support agent dashboard that comes with agent management & ticket assignment features.
Review Pros
WATI turns WhatsApp into a help desk where customer requests are categorized as tickets.
It’s a cost-effective solution for those who want to start a virtual assistant business.
It also has a reporting dashboard to compare agent performance by resolution time and total tickets solved.
It offers 5 Live agents on the base plan itself.
You can easily integrate it with Whatsapp Business to leverage all its benefits.
WATI offers a drag-and-drop chatbot builder that can be used to build WhatsApp chatbots & conversation flows for sales & support.
It automates FAQ responses and offers immediate responses to common customer requests.
You can directly buy a plan according to your requirements and set up everything on your own.
You can determine the privacy of your messages and photos.
You can buy a plan, set up your account, and send outbound messages immediately.
It’s light and simple to use.
WATI provides a no-code chatbot with a drag-and-drop interface for creating conversation flows.
A variety of integrations are available in each plan.
You can save your messages on your phone or computer.

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❌ Cons

The mobile app of this platform is the same as WhatsApp, which some people would need clarification to use with its rules and regulations.
You must have an Internet connection on your device to use it. Therefore, you cannot turn off data.
WATI is a platform for WhatsApp Business only. You must purchase an additional CRM tool to provide multi-channel marketing and support.
WATI doesn’t offer chatbot & conversation design consultation in its plans.
Getting the ‘verified business’ tick is not free.
There is no way to connect more phone numbers to the platform and consolidate the communication of different teams/stores on the same plan as your business grows.
WATI offers a pre-made sandbox account during the trial that can be used to test the platform only on a single number.
WATI only offers a pre-made sandbox account during the trial. Trial users can only use a single number to test the platform.
As of today, WATI is available only for WhatsApp Business. If you offer multi-channel marketing & support, you will have to buy an additional CRM tool.
WATI does not have tools that can prompt a purchase decision and push sales to close more deals in chat, such as a product sharing function, a payment feature, and sales performance tracking.

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Review Summaries
WATI presents itself as the perfect solution for businesses that want to create WhatsApp-based chatbots and use them to interact with their customers and employees. This should allow you to communicate more efficiently with your target audience, leading to potential growth in user engagement and, ultimately, more revenue.
If your business requires a WhatsApp-based CRM to set up business communication using most of the WhatsApp Business API features Chatbots, broadcasts, APIs, Web hooks, and third-party automation tools, you should go for it.But, based on your business domain & requirements, you may end up paying some extra for some functionalities that you’ll barely enable.
WATI is a customer engagement tool built on WhatsApp’s Business API. It has a shared team inbox, broadcast management, chatbot builder, and other WhatsApp engagement features. This WATI WhatsApp review shows the software’s strengths and weaknesses. Additionally, it compares WATI alternatives in terms of scalability, customization, and ease of integration.

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