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✅ Pros

At only 8 pounds and about 1 1/2 feet tall when folded, it is easy to take on the go.
Review Pros
Since it’s mashed, it doesn’t overheat even in summer. Plus, it’s super easy to clean.
You can install it without top tether.
It’s small size and fold makes the Wayb Pico the most ideal booster seat for those who travel a lot.
It has ventilation system.
It is FAA-approved to use on flights.
It is FAA approved for airplane use, but can also easily be stored in the overhead compartment if you don’t plan to use it on the plane.
It is so small and so light.
The narrow seat design gives them a little more space between each other, helping avoid normal roadtrip squabbles.
It comes with removable shoulder strap covers.
It is incredibly lightweight.
Their website offers a wealth of videos on proper installation techniques.
It only weighs 8lbs in total.
It is easy to install.
It keeps kids harnessed.
It is eco-friendly with aluminum frame and other recyclable materials.
A final advantage is its friendliness to being attached to vehicles not designed for modern child safety seats. This is great when traveling overseas.
Once you’ve figured out the proper installation, you’ve adjusted to the learning curve, and it’s super easy going forward…and yes, it’s safe for everyday use.
It’s like a high-end office chair in what your kids are sitting.
The Pico is slim enough to fit 3 across in a backseat for those with multiple small ones in transit.
The Wayb Pico is a super compact.
The adjustable headrest means that your child will be comfortable as he grows.
It meets FAA standards for inflight use.
It is FAA approved.
It is made of high-quality material.
It folds up in half and can be attached to your luggage when traveling.
This car seat is so slim that it fits in the back of Porche Carrera 3.
It is easy to use while traveling.
The Wayb Pico (patent pending) has passed all safety testing according to U.S. standards regulated by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).
I am obsessed with the aesthetics of this car seat.
At 8lbs, this is a manageable carrying weight to add to any trip with your kiddos.
The colors for the Pico are just gorgeous.
The frame is made out of super light and super strong aluminum, which is typically used in the Aerospace industry.
It is FAA approved car seat.
It is remarkably lightweight.
It uses NHTSA rules for replacement after a crash.
Kids ages 4-5 can ride more safely for longer in a 5 point harness instead of a booster on trips where bringing a standard car seat isn’t feasible.
It’s a minimalist car seat that’s strong and light and comfortable at the same time.
Easy LATCH install means you don’t need to worry about installation.
There is no other product like it for air travel – that can both fit in the overhead bin and be used on the plane.
It is narrow for tight back seats to enable three kids sitting across.
It is safe for four or 5-year-olds.
Optional carry backpack makes transporting it a breeze.
It’s lightweight and compact when folded.
It’s FAA approved for airplane travel, so we love that we can bring (and use) it on board – as well as while we’re overseas without any extra bulk.
The WAYB Pico manual outlines its Safety certifications for automobiles and airplane use.
The kids felt they had increased mobility – without compromising any safety whatsoever.
Wool blend ASTROKNIT™ mesh is breathable and reduces the need for foams.
I love the fact that the shoulder straps are easily adjusted, one side at a time, via LATCH-like mechanisms on each side of the seat.
It is compact.
8lb weight and easy folding make it perfect for city travels when you’ll need to use a taxi.
It’s ridiculously easy to fold, clip, and store in the travel backpack.
The car seat installs with LATCH anchors for an easy and safe installation.

❌ Cons

It has low height limit.
It is an expensive car seat.
The fabric pads are not machine washable and not that easy to wipe clean.
It is expensive.
They could’ve added some padding to the straps of the travel bag.
The amount of cushioning is also a problem if the seat is used on a daily basis.
It has high price.
Max 50lbs and 44 inches gives a limited lifespan (around 5yo for average size kids).
It is only a front-facing car seat; this might not be safe to use for younger toddlers.
It cannot be used rear-facing, which is the safest position for children under forty pounds.
Because the WAYB Pico is a forward-facing car seat, you don’t want to use the seat prior to your child turning 2.
The price is high.
At $320, the Pico is a premium product that may be out of the price range for many families, especially as a second or third car seat.
WayB Pico has a short crotch buckle.
It has short tether strap for some cars.
The big one is the tether length. It simply won’t reach in every vehicle, which is unfortunate. This is likely to be the exception rather than the rule in most vehicles, but it’s definitely a consideration.
The cover isn’t machine washable, which isn’t a huge disadvantage as it would be pretty easy to hand wash, but it’s worth noting, I think.
It is quite a high price to pay for a traveling car seat.
Top tether strap is too short for some cars.
It might not be right for you if you are going to use it for daily travel with a younger child who still requires a rear-facing car seat.
High price tag for a seat that’s unlikely to be used as a daily ride.
Some people questioned the safety values. Those are legit. If there would be problems, then there would’ve been a recall already.
Seatbelt install can be tricky.
Crotch strap is too short for some kids.
For a seat designed to fit kids within a fairly narrow age range, that is quite a bit of cash to drop.

Final Say

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Review Summaries
This lightweight aluminum foldable car seat for travel has the potential to be a real game-changer for kids who are old enough to forward-face (minimum age 2, but ideally closer to 4yo). It weighs a scant 8lbs and integrates a full five-point harness, making this a solid contender as your child’s travel car seat.
This Wayb Pico review presents the easiest installation part due to the crotch buckle and other attachments, the maximum foldability, the top safety features, and the highest quality material to keep your children comfortable.
Like any great travel gear, the WAYB Pico car seat takes some figuring out, but I’m so incredibly glad to have them now. The kids say they’re comfortable, I love the safety, and I can’t get enough of how sleek they look as opposed to traditional car seats.
The Wayb Pico is great for parents who are always on the road or in the sky and need to tote along with their little ones. While there are other seats that are better for an everyday car safety seat for a child, the WAYB Pico is near impossible to beat on portability.
The WayB Pico was made for families who travel often and who need a lightweight car seat to fit into their lifestyle. It was made for bigger toddlers and kids, and will last a few years. It is definitely worth the buy if you travel often or need a lightweight seat to use when running errands. It offers a convenience when traveling that many other portable car seats don’t, and this might be just what your family needs!
The WAYB Pico is game-changing for family travelers. I only wish it had been around the past three years so I could have started using it sooner with my youngest. The only real downside is the high price, but since the product has many non-travel uses, it can make sense to invest in one even if you don’t travel as much as my family does.
The WAYB has outdone them. At first glances, it looks like any ordinary travel seat. But it’s not. It’s a car seat as well, and it has the safety ratings to prove it. It has both NTSB and FAA approval. So all you need to do is fold it and go.
The WAYB Pico does everything it promises to do, and it does it with genius design and eco-friendly materials. If you’re looking for a car seat for travel or a tight three across, or both, look no further. It’s an expensive seat, but it is a niche seat using state of the art materials.
The Wayb Pico is revolutionary, but it might not be right for every family. If your typical family vacation pattern involves traveling for a week or two per year within the US to places where you’ll rent a car, you might be better served by sticking with one of the awesome lightweight convertible car seats for a younger child or a Ride Safer travel vest for an older one.
I know the price can be intimidating, but it is worth it. If you leave your house, this is a great solution. If you Uber, this is a great solution. Essentially, if you have a child, this is a great solution. I encourage you to do your own research as well, but I love the Pico. I’ve regularly used the Cosco Scenera Next and Evenflo Tribute LX Convertible Car Seat and find this to be my personal favorite option. And as a mama who spends a lot of time in transit, I definitely don’t say that lightly.
The WAYB Pico is a product I can easily recommend to families looking for a versatile forward-facing car seat. This little seat will travel with you to the ends of the earth, even if that journey happens to only be from your Odyssey to your husband’s Pilot.
When we saw the new Wayb Pico car seat, we were simply stunned – it’s such a cool product and ingeniously engineered, that we’re banking on it quickly becoming a top pick. If you love to travel and want a car seat small and efficient that you can bring with you everywhere the Wayb Pico is for you.

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