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✅ Pros

WebHostingPad promises to deliver 99.9% uptime.
It’s among the cheapest options available to you.
User-friendly Weebly website builder is also available.
99.99 % Uptime guarantee is also offered.
If you need to contact WebHostingPad’s support team, you have a choice of email, live chat and 24 hour toll-free phone support.
It has an excellent customer service.
They announce service disruptions, both planned and unplanned, on their Twitter account.
100% uptime test result has been observed.
Webhostingpad has its own data center resided in Chicago, Illinois.
Money back guarantee is offered.
PayPal payment option is also available.
Live chat is blazing fast.
It has a great amount of resources.
It has attractive shared hosting packages.
30 day money back guarantee is offered.
WebHostingPad’s customer support is said to be first-rate.
WebHostingPad’s support team is generally knowledgeable and able to help quickly with easier questions that most beginners would face when starting a new account.
WebHostingPad also handles customer service well, considering their rather low prices.
You also can use their unlimited parked domains, subdomains, and mySQL.
Every piece of text on this website is meaningful and useful.
WebHostingPad has a rock-solid, 30-day money back guarantee if you don’t find their services reliable.
cPanel control panel with Softaculous applications installer is offered.
WebHostingPad offers unlimited domain accounts.
Web hosting products and services offered are of high and good quality thus it ensures satisfaction to clients.
Their packages are not very expensive.
WebHostingPad offers the same features as most every other shared web host including unlimited disk space and bandwidth, a free domain name, 30 day money back guarantee, free website builder, and so on.
The 99% uptime guarantee indicates a high quality of servers.
Cheap Web hosting services are offered.
Webhostingpad includes a Weebly subscription with every purchase.
It offers Automated Malware Scanner and Malware Quarantine for their WordPress hosting plans.
It offers quick and easy installation of popular apps and CMSs with Softaculous.
It is very affordable.
It has decent customer support.
They offer free setup with no hidden fees.
It offeres unlimited parked domains.
When you sign-up with WebHostingPad, you would be provided with a free domain you can immediately customize for your niche website.
They get rave testimonials from their customers and they are often praised for their superior customer support.
It offers free domain name with shared hosting.
WebHostingPad’s customer service used to be good.
Server response time is fast and my websites loaded quicker than on competitors servers.
Webhostingpad offers a 30 days money back guarantee to their customers if they are not satisfied with the services offered.
It offers 24/7 live chat.
One thing that Web Hosting Pad has going for it is price.
With the company’s customer-first attitude, it’s no surprise that you’re promised polite, knowledgeable technicians.
WebHostingPad provides multiple hosting options.
WebHostingPad offers package plans for all levels of customer needs.
Both WordPress plans include automated malware scanner and malware quarantine, keeping your site secure.
Considering more than one thousand reviews, the majority have had no problem with the software or using complicated functions within the hosting site.
WebHostingPad has partnered with VPSDepot to introduce additional customization and scalability to users through a VPS hosting platform.
You also get secure POP 3 and IMAP email included with either plan.
“Welcome” e-mail includes the information required to set up your website quickly.
In our group of the best 10 hosting companies, WebHostingPad has risen to the third place in record time.
They support more than 200 scripts, including blogging software, shopping carts, forums, polls and more.
Security add-ons are also available.
This host promises an outstanding server uptime guarantee to its hosting clients.
They do use cPanel which is a huge plus for me and a lot of webmasters.
Customer service offered by Webhostingpad is available for throughout the day, week and year.
You will have 30 days money back guarantee to determine if you are satisfied with WebhostingPads shared services.
With WebHostingPad you can get what is probably the lowest priced hosting plan of all web hosts due to the special promotions they offer.
cPanel control panel is also provided.
Reliability of servers is stable at the guaranteed 99.99 per cent uptime.
Webhostingpad offers hassle free web hosting to clients with free website transfer and free website builder available.
They offer price lock guarantee.

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❌ Cons

It has less-than-transparent renewal pricing disclosure policies.
There are long commitment times to enjoy lower prices.
You could potentially have problems with uptime with WebHostingPad.
WebHostingPad provides no information on its infrastructure.
The shared facility offered by WebHostingPad is more of the ‘no frills’ variety, although this is offset by its ease in terms of usability and impact on the hip pocket.
The performance outside of US is questionable.
WebHostingPad struggles with posting a page loading time of 1,423ms over the past ten months.
You can’t create as many websites as you want.
You might expect your performance to be lacking because of how inexpensive WebHostingPad is.
They have business hours for their support.
It has restrictive backup option.
If you are looking for far more advanced features that are a staple in other more prominent hosting providers, you are unlikely to find them here.
The suspicion is that this company is run by a limited staff, without the backup of a large staff that knows the ins and outs of web hosting.
Some of the negative comments reflected that in their experience the site’s reliability and uptime was not at the advertised 99.9%.
You aren’t going to get all of the additional features you may get from other hosts.
There are restrictive website transfers.
Slower-than-average page-load speeds have been observed.
The offer of a free domain name registration is also misleading.
WebHostingPad claims to maintain 99% uptime, but it turns out that’s not always true.
There’s no mention of the unlimited bandwidth afforded to normal shared hosting.
Your backup cannot exceed 1GB.
No dedicated hosting packages are available.
There are no month-to-month shared hosting plans.
Many users reported a lack of response on the part of customer support, submitting multiple tickets and emails before their issue is even addressed.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
All signs point to this being a reliable, stable host. From the fine-tuned WordPress hosting to the simplistic website to the stellar support, there’s no denying that this is a host worth using if you want simple shared or WordPress hosting plans for your blog. If what you’re after is a company with great services that cares for your needs, this one is worth a closer look.
Webhostingpad is mainly recommended for individuals, small business owners, bloggers and espcecially for beginners. It is cheap, user friendly and reliable and does not include all the features offered by other web hosts, so it is good for freshers or beginners as initially they don’t required advanced features. Those who are having a simple and small website whether for personal or commercial purpose, for them it is a good option.
WebHostingPad has proven to be very popular, offering 24/7 support services, unlimited web space, and a very high percentage of uptime guaranteed at a budget price. Since 2005, WebHostingPad has provided fast, reliable, and efficient service at an affordable price. You can get Award Winning Web Hosting as low as $1.99 per month.
Webhostingpad has been providing hosting services since 2005. The company is supposed to offer the cheapest web hosting, yet reliable and fast. With hosted 150,000 domains they are confident in their services and products provided to individuals and small/medium businesses.
WebHostingPad is a great selection of website builders, small business owners and bloggers who are looking for a simple web hosting package.
Their customer support is decent, but their uptime and page loading times are completely unsatisfactory.Then when you consider how restrictive their Terms of Service and limits are, it’s really a no-brainer.
Web Hosting Pad is recognized as one of the cheapest web hosting companies in the industry, focusing on the individual website enthusiast as well as small and medium sized business owners. They support more than 200 scripts, including blogging software, shopping carts, forums, polls and more. Web Hosting Pad also comes with free domain name, unlimited addon sites, data transfer and disk space, 30 day money back guarantee with all packages and 24/7 customer support via real time chat.
If high availability and the possibility to upgrade to a dedicated server are important to you, WebHostingPad may not be the suitable web host for you. If you’re looking for beginner-friendly shared hosting for affordable rates, and long-term commitments are not an issue for you, then you can rely on WebHostingPad’s shared hosting plans to provide everything you need to get online.
Despite its ease of use and a wealth of valuable features — slow page-load speeds, and at-least-somewhat-deceptive pricing disclosure policies prevent our unqualified endorsement at this time. Web Hosting Pad has earned 4 stars and is recommended with reservations.
WebHostingPad review revealed that this host provides its clients with state of the art reliable, blazing fast servers, and a very good service that makes you understand why we have selected it as one of our top 10 best hosting companies. Many regard this host as among the best that the hosting industry has to offer.
WebHostingPad is a great choice for beginners. It is cheap, easy to use, and reliable. You won’t get some of the features that other hosts include, but these features are not useful for customers who are new to web hosting. It is a great starting point for a new customer and it will get you familiar with how to run a website without being too overbearing.
With Webhostingpad, you don’t necessarily get what you pay for; cheaper is not ALWAYS better. Their uptime is kind of questionable, but not horribly bad. Response times are average, at best. In addition, their support is amateurish at best. The suspicion is that this company is run by a limited staff, without the backup of a large staff that knows the ins and outs of web hosting. Not a horrible web hosting company by any means, but there are much better ones out there. I just can’t put my good name on WebHostingPad for a recommendation.
WebHostingPad is a cheap option for the small business or startup – but only if you don’t mind no frills and stay small. Large businesses and websites will be able to find better options for their capacity. And even some small businesses may find all the hidden fees too much to make it worth it.
In terms of resources and features, you get plenty. Weebly website builder, hundreds of Softaculous applications and unmetered websites/bandwidth/disk space is a great combination. Live chat support being available 24/7 and responding in a matter of seconds is also really great.However, the performance outside of US is questionable. Also, no pre-installed SSL and no assisted website transfer makes this host not perfectly suited for beginners.

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