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✅ Pros

The entire system is covered by a two-year warranty from the date of purchase.
Review Pros
Omnidirectional antenna stops dropped calls and improves data speeds.
It is very much worth the price if you absolutely need your phone/coverage to work.
It works on all US carrier networks and is 5G ready.
It is adaptable as an in-vehicle source for all RV classes.
It reaches cell towers up to 74% farther than Drive X RV.
It includes exterior ladder mount optimum for the antenna.
It is FCC certified.
It works for all phones and all carriers.
Because your cellphone doesn’t have a tremendously strong amplifier when it comes to upload speeds, using the DR can help greatly increase upload speeds.
It can hard wire into rig batteries.
This is the most powerful and effective multi-user mobile RV cell phone booster on the market.
The device is FCC approved. It meets all formal FCC guidelines and won’t harm carrier signals whatsoever.
The WeBoost comes with a couple “U” shaped bolts for attaching the outside antenna to the top of an RV ladder.
It is compatible with all U.S. cellular carriers.
It results in powerful gain.
The installation process may seem a bit daunting after opening the box and seeing all the components, but it is quite straightforward with clear instructions.
There is a clear upgrade in the performance of this new newer model. 74% performance increase to be precise.
This device supports all the major US carriers. Whether it is Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T or Sprint, it has you and your passengers covered.
It also comes with installation accessories consisting of a small hole saw, a plastic installation cover and gasket.
The WeBoost RV improves our 4G LTE hotspot connection almost 90% of the time and often allows the use of streaming Netflix, Youtube, or Zoom meetings for work.
WeBoost products are designed, assembled and tested in the USA.
The build quality and fit and finish are excellent.
WeBoost has multiple cell boosters that range from $200 – $650.
The Drive X works with all cell phones, hotspots, cellular-connected tablets, and other cell devices on all U.S. mobile carriers, including Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint.
It works with any cellular service provider.
WeBoost increases already existing cellular service to improve connections while at home, work, or travelling.
It is easy to set up.
It is designed to reach cell towers at distances up to 74% farther away than comparable boosters.
We saw an increase in signal strength around 35 to 40 dBm.
It is pretty simple once you understand how to set up.
The system boosts both 3G and 4G LTE cellular signals up to 50 dBm and can support numerous users at once.
It does an incredible job of extending cellular service reach in remote areas.
It is great for a van, camper, or more permanent basecamp set up (if you’re moving constantly, this would be a little excessive).
The sleek, metallic exterior is designed to displace excess heat for peak performance.
It is easy to use SMB connectors.
This booster is easy to setup.
The system was pretty simple to install, set up and use.
Up to +50 dB of gain – the max allowed for a mobile signal booster in North America.
It comes with two-year warranty.
The DR comes with cables that are long enough to work with most RVs.
We were impressed that we could stay connected in an area where we never have been able to use service.
It supports all US mobile carriers.
It showed great performance out in the boondocks.
It comes with two 30-foot coax cables.
It can support a medium-size home.
It is an easy piece to install.
It is easy to install.
The box comes with hardware to commonly mount the outside antenna to the ladder of an RV.
It comes with a handsome, wall-mountable panel antenna.
The WeBoost boosts the signal very well when there is some signal to work with.
Flat window cable is included.
It comes with 90 Day money back guarantee.
It even features a rapid charge port.
It can boost multiple carriers
Equipment and accessories are included.
It works on all networks.
With the WeBoost Drive 4G-xRV installed, we were able to boost our cell phone mobile hotspot signal to full bars.
If you are a travel blogger like us, will it allow us to continue to use the internet when we are parked for the night and get some work done.
WeBoost has booster kits for RVs as well as home/office.
WeBoost is not a subscription service.
The weBoost Drive Reach has improved the battery life as well over the previous model.
weBoost works amazingly well – even in Mexico.

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❌ Cons

WeBoost cell booster does not create a cell signal where there is already no cell signal.
If you use a router or one of those hotspot devices from your cell provider, then the DR might not be able to help you every time.
The phone must be very close to inside antenna for best results.
You need two separate pieces to place in your home.
Directional antenna requires more setup.
In my opinion, the WeBoost is a bit too expensive for the job it actually does.
Kind of a lot to this product, but we read that the slimmer versions more portable versions don’t work as well.
With the DR coming in a $499 and many MIMO antennas can be had for between $50 and $100, your personal situation is even more important when making the decision to drop that kind of cash and buy the DR or not.
It doesn’t work in the areas you want it most, such as deep in the backcountry.
It is expensive.
You need to work with many cables in order to install it.
Internal antenna range continues to be limited to just a few feet.
The cell booster does not come with a 12V power source.
If there is zero connection nearby then WeBoost will not work.
You may not want to have it always plugged in. The device can become really hot!
A hardwire DC power adapter kit is not included.
It doesn’t boost T-Mobile band 71.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
If you’re a road warrior and experience frequent dropped calls and slow data speeds when driving, this device deserves a look. If you are in the market for a cell signal booster, then the Drive Boost from weBoost certainly is worth the money.
The product works and does exactly what’s it was designed to do—boost weak cell signals. Now that we have it and use it, we can’t live without it and that’s the mark of a great product.
If you really value your signal on the road, the Drive Reach is a no brainer. It may cost $50 more, but it is simply a better product than the Drive 4G-X. Wilson Electronics has truly created an impressive booster here.
If there is a small connection nearby, it amplifies that connection so you can use it to make a call or connect with the internet. The WeBoost has allowed us to travel more since we can work while on the road.
The WeBoost Home MultiRoom significantly improves in-home wireless signal, but there are less expensive boosters available.
For those of you who travel a lot in your RV and find yourself a long way away from cell towers on a regular basis, the weBoost Drive Reach RV cell signal booster could be a valuable addition to your RV.
After using and testing the weBoost Drive Reach during a multi-state rural road trip, I’m astounded at its ability to connect to cell towers and provide service in remote areas. If you want a mobile cellular service booster for increased range and safety purposes, the weBoost Drive Reach is an astounding tool. Very highly recommended.
The weBoost Home 4G Cell Phone Signal Booster is a quality cell booster for homes and businesses up to 1,500 square feet, for users with all main carriers except, perhaps, Verizon.
This is the go-to RV cell phone booster package I would recommend for RV owners looking to improve their cell signal quality in remote areas.
If you are just looking to scroll through social media and just boost your signal for non-work related activities, then I’d think twice before buying this. But, if you need service in those areas where service just isn’t quite loading, and need that extra little boost, then the WeBoost is a great option.
We weren’t even sure the WeBoost would be effective in Mexico, but it worked flawlessly and we will be traveling with one from here on out.
If you need a signal booster in the first place, you’re probably not looking for a slightly better connection — you need serious improvement, and not only in one room in your home. If that’s the case, the WeBoost Home MultiRoom is a good fit — so good in fact, it was a winner the Tom’s Guide Ultimate Home Office Awards.
As a full-time RVer and digital nomad, I find this to be an important tool to have on the road and would recommend it to anyone else that shares a similar lifestyle. If you are an individual that goes on the occasional camping trip with your recreational vehicle and might not even work your job during the time you are camping, then this may not be worth the trouble of installation and shelling out the extra $500.
We’re giving this system high praise when it comes to RV-specific Wi-Fi connections. This new model is designed specifically for RVs, with adjustable antenna guide wires that let you place the receiver wherever is best for your RV. With 30-ft of cable, cable ties, this device simply makes the signal of an existing Wi-Fi network stronger. This is a huge help if you’re at a campground and your campsite doesn’t have a reliable Wi-Fi connection.
All in all we are thrilled to have improved internet capability wherever we go. No more chasing signals like ghost hunters, no more driving an hour out of our way to find a coffee shop that may or may not have Wi-Fi.

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