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Pros and Cons

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✅ Pros

With its visual editor, you can make changes to your automated translated content right from the frontend of your website.
Review Pros
It is trusted by 50,000+ businesses worldwide.
In addition to rapid, automatic translation, you can edit translations manually.
It automatically translates multiple URL slugs at once.
Weglot works with dozens of leading web agencies to help them develop premium multilingual websites.
Weglot comes with a cloud-based dashboard.
It is an easiest plugin to use.
Weglot is a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) friendly plugin, which means you don’t need to tinker too much with translated content
Translation happens nearly instantly as soon as you connect your Weglot account with the plugin.
There is a visual editor to translate any text on your store.
It is used by big brands.
Weglot is compatible with all CMS and website technologies.
It supports manual translations wherever you want.
The plugin will automatically detect the visitor’s browser language and redirect the visitor to his native language version.
Weglot translate content at the instant.
Each option is simple and intuitive.
It works on virtually every CMS/web technology.
You can choose up to 100+ supported languages.
Weglot didn’t affect the performance of my website.
It also does translation of the checkout page and email notifications.
Weglot can detect a user’s language and redirect them to feature content in their language – automatically.
Weglot is also offering professional translators from an external agency.
The enterprise plan of Weglot allows you to have multiple domains for each of your translated versions.
Options are intuitive and is really easy to use.
It offers a seamless automatic translation system.
There is an option to order professional translation.
Automatic translations are supported, which saves you a great deal of time and effort.
It’s a quick and easy way to start a multilingual website.
It is SEO friendly.
It is easy to manage translations from the Weglot account.
It supports automatic translations, saves time and efforts.
It is very simple to use, so you will have your website translated in just a couple of minutes.
The plugin is relatively easy to configure.
It offers machine translations into dozens of languages.
It has great customer reviews.
The ease of integration is one of the amazing benefits of using Weglot.
It is one of the easiest ways to create a multilingual website.
You will be able to export or import your translations through the Weglot settings.
Even if you have websites on multiple platforms, like WordPress and Shopify, you can easily manage their translation from a single account.
Without a doubt, Weglot is probably the easiest platform-independent translation solution available on the market.
It is available with all CMS.
The Weglot platform has an intuitive interface and it comes with plenty of documentation.
Weglot offers world-class customer support via email.
Weglot offers efficient automatic translation.
There is a great support for SEO.
It has a lot of SEO advantages, helps you create SEO friendly multilingual websites.
Weglot helps you decide which form of translation you want to use: manual, automatic, or hybrid.
Weglot complies to Google’s recommendations and their outlined best practices regarding SEO and multilingual web platforms.
It is SEO friendly.
They offer good customer support.
A standout feature for me is Weglot’s Visual Editor, which lets you browse your website and make translation changes directly.
It is easy to use.
The statistics page breaks down translated page views over any time period, and displays a line chart showing how views have changed over days, weeks and months.
It translates content on the server-side, so search engine bots recognise the translated versions of pages.
It does not slow down your website.
It offers SEO friendly content.
Weglot has the capability to translate content into more than 100 unique languages.
With Weglot, delegating translation is hassle-free.
Weglot does almost all the content detection and automatic translations work and it has a friendly user interface.
It is so easy to use.
It supports 100+ languages.
It doesn’t slow your site down.
Weglot also lets you disable language names from the language selector, and you can style languages individually using CSS.
Automatic translation is a big plus point as it saves time and effort.
It is super quick and easy to turn your website into a multilingual one.
Weglot doesn’t affect website performance.
It won’t slow down your site.
You can manage translations on multiple platforms such as Shopify and WordPress, with a single account.
Weglot is pretty affordable.
It also allows customizable appearance of the language selector.
Weglot features one of the most robust libraries of language translations.

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❌ Cons

The app’s UI is not embedded into Shopify’s store admin, managing translation is available only externally from the Weglot account.
It is more expensive than other options.
As far as price is concerned, Weglot is a relatively expensive option.
The plans are expensive.
You need to review translated strings manually, which requires you to understand the language or hire someone who does.
The free version is limited to a single language translated and up to 2,000 translated words.
It is expensive for blogs with higher word count.
It is a bit pricey, but it saves a lot of efforts, time and is a good tool for an organized and systematic translation of your site.
Automatic translations in most cases will need manual corrections.
The paid plans are not cheap.
The paid plans are not cheap.
Though machine-generated translated, you still need manual corrections. Not good for big websites
As you have more languages, you could reach faster the word count limit.
There is no live chat support.
Translation on your sites will not show anymore once you cancel their subscription service.
Automatic translations could be better.
If you have multiple sites and long articles on each site, we cannot recommend the free version.
URL slug translation and URL exclusion could be improved.
Ownership of translated website is not clear.
You can translate URLs and add team members to the project only in the Pro plan.
10-days free trial is limited to 1 translated language, 10,000 translated words, and 5,000 translation requests.
The ownership of the translated content is unclear. As it seems, as you cancel the subscription, you won’t be able to display the translated content on your site.
Once you use Weglot, it’s really hard to opt for another translation tool: you will no longer be able to see the translation on your website after cancelling your subscription.
Weglot is not cheap, but you pay for what you get.
While it has a free plan, it’s limited to translating up to 2000 words and 5000 translated pageviews per month.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
In my opinion, there is no other translation solution as simple as Weglot for WordPress. If you have a reasonable budget and need the most intuitive translation plugin available, this is the plugin that you need.
There’s no question that Weglot is one of the most practical, user-friendly translation solutions on the market today. It supports 100+ languages with automatic, manual, and professional translation capabilities. It’s incredibly easy to install on both websites and in CMS, and it’s currently available as a plugin for platforms such as WordPress, Shopify, and Wix.
Overall, Weglot is the easiest way to translate your WordPress site and subsequently manage those translations. There’s not really any competition as far as ease of use and thoroughness of translations.
Weglot is a powerful translation tool that takes content from a WordPress site and translates it into many languages. It can do all of this in just a few moments without requiring any code. Weglot definitely does what it says, in over 100 different languages.
Weglot is a powerful translation tool that translates content from a WordPress site into many languages in just a few moments without needing any code. Weglot definitely does what it says, in over 100 different languages.
Weglot is a powerful solution for anyone looking to translate a website into multiple languages. It’s easy to use, SEO friendly and flexible enough with the translation process. If you’re searching for a multilingual solution that doesn’t hamper your website’s speed and performance, check out Weglot.
Weglot is one of the easiest translation solutions in existence. It supports 100+ languages with automatic translation. It’s a bit expensive compared to other translation plugins on the market. It’s the best bet for you if you have the budget and want the most intuitive plugin on the market for translation. If you’re under a tight budget, you might consider some alternatives to Weglot.
Weglot is quickly becoming one of the best multilingual plugins available for WordPress, even giving powerhouses WPML and Polylang, both of which only offer manual translations, a run for their money. Setting up the plugin is a breeze, and you won’t have any trouble configuring its appearance or position. The automatic translations aren’t always accurate, but they provide a great starting base. Plus, having the ability to use the Translations List and/or the Visual Editor to make edits manually or hiring a professional translator with a few simple clicks is a great compromise.
Weglot translation interface is really user friendly and modern, making Weglot translator a real plugin to be considered. If you have the budget for your website, go ahead, we recommend it. Otherwise WPML is a good option that will allow your website without word count.
If you want to use machine translation to add new languages to your WordPress website, Weglot is one of the best options at your disposal. The plugin is easy to connect to the Weglot service and the latter makes it easy to review your site’s translations. The only downside of using Weglot is its cost. Subscriptions are relatively expensive since each plan limits the number of words that you can translate. For a website with dozens or hundreds of articles, you can end up spending a sizable amount on a Weglot subscription each month.
Weglot is one of the most popular Shopify apps for store translations and localizations. It supports machine and manual translations for all elements of your store. The free plan includes one language and up to 2,000 words.
Whether Weglot’s premium plans offer value will depend on your situation: It’s easy to recommend it to online shops and businesses, as they’ll quickly see a return on their investment, but its pricing structure means blogs and other websites that publish content frequently will be priced out.
This is the time where regardless of what your site is about, the competition is intense. And you should put in all the efforts to make sure your website provides the best experience to the users, giving them the reason to interact, and come back to your site. A translated website can do that for you. And Weglot is one of the best translation tools. We tried the WordPress interface and it doesn’t fail to impress.
Weglot is the best multilingual plugin for your website, all its features make it completely worth it. The Weglot interface is very easy to understand and it has six different subscription plans to choose from, this assures that you won’t have to pay more than you need. The only downside is the automatic translations which don’t work great for every language.
Adding multiple languages to your WordPress plugin is pretty simple. With a plugin like Weglot, you will be able to easily add any language you wanted. The free version plugin is an excellent way to test their features. You can only translate your site to 1 language and 2000 words with the lite version, as we mentioned above.

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