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✅ Pros

If you struggle mostly with pace out on the real greens, this is a great mat to help hone those skills.
Review Pros
Wellputt makes mats of varying sizes and designs too.
Excellent quality fine carpet like material leads to very true roll.
Free smartphone app features a vast array of games and training exercises.
26ft length option enables distance control practice.
There is lifetime guarantee.
Multiple markings allow for varied and effective practice.
There are lots of useful alignment aids.
The best part is the 3ft ‘safe zone’ it provides around the hole, giving you a great drill to practice lagging putts close to a gimme length.
Wellputt is great for practice long lag putts.
It offers high fidelity experience and great feel.
It comes with an accompanying app with training exercises.
It is made up of high quality material with two different speeds.
It comes with an app that has over 50 games.
It also offers 30-day risk-free guarantee.
I love the various lines and marks.
It takes seconds to rollout and be ready for use on any flat surface.
The app is brilliant. It really focuses your practice.
Matt rolls up in seconds following use and is easily stored in box.
It is a premium-quality mat.

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❌ Cons

The size is great, but if you don’t have the room, you will not enjoy using it.
It is not good if you like putting the ball into an actual hole.
The major downside is the price. It is expensive.
You need a lot of space to use this effectively.
Edges of mat can curl up very slightly after rollout but these can be easily reversed and do not affect practice.
There are no breaking putts.

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Review Summaries
This is the best indoor putting green for golf players who are serious about their practice. If you’ve got the space to set up a large practice putting mat, then you really should check this out.
To summarise, this is aimed at the serious golfer who has the time, space and work ethic to get the best out of what is a premium quality, extremely well designed training aid.
The Wellputt mat is in a category of one. It’s a well-constructed putting mat combined with a unique concept and system to make you a better putter. The accompanying app (with over 50 games) helps keep you engaged in your putting practice. I putt on mine every day.
We think this is the best putting mat to help with speed and accuracy control on the greens. If you struggle mostly with pace out on the real greens, this is a great mat to help hone those skills. Download the Wellputt app and a library of exercises and instructional videos will allow you to get the most out of the mat too.
In short, the Wellputt putting mat is low maintenance and very easy to keep clean and maintain in a good condition.

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