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✅ Pros

You can easily change the straps.
Review Pros
It has a great design.
Silent alarms are included.
Accurate heart rate monitor is present.
It is customizable.
It has just the features you need to track your activity along with some smart features.
It has sleek design.
It has a stylish design.
Nearly month-long battery life is great.
It has simple, attractive design with lots of color and style options.
It tracks your steps, sleep, and a surprisingly large variety of activities.
It has attractive design.
I’ve found the app really easy to use.
It has long battery life.
It has superb battery life even with tracking.
It has clean, clear app.
Comfortable band keeps you happy.
It comes with long battery life.
It includes heart rate monitor, activity tracking, sleep tracking, smart alarm, and notifications.
It is lightweight and durable.
Battery life is amazing.
It is compatible with multiple apps.
It has long battery life.
We liked the full body composition metrics.
Subtle vibrations are a welcome change from beeping and blooping.
It has a cean, intuitive app.
It is not too expensive.
It has long battery life.
The battery lasts up to 25 days.
It has sleek minimal design.
Software works really well.
It has long battery life.
It comes with a comfortable strap.
It has fifty-meter water resistance.
It is simple, affordable, and attractive.
It offers seamless pairing and automatic fitness tracking.
Sleep apnea well be handled.
It has long battery life.
It has all the features we are looking for in a smartwatch.
The Withings Steel HR is also a Smartwatch, meaning you can sync it with your phone to get have your phone notifications displaying on your watch.
It is easy to use companion app.
I love the alarm on the watch because it just gently vibrates on your wrist.
Price is justified.
It also provide helpful sleep scoring.
It has stylish design.
Data seems to be accurate.
It tracks 30+ sports.
VO2 tracking is included.
Step and sleep tracking is relatively accurate.
It is easy to use.
It has sleek, sharp design.
The two circular displays are really clever.
It is easy to use.
It has 25-day battery life.
It comes with an accurate heart rate monitor.
No charging is needed.
Price is right.
It has elegant design.
Multisport exercise tracking is available.
It is water resistant.

❌ Cons

It fits snug and is heavy.
There is no heart rate monitor.
I woud like to add a gesture to show the data on the OLED display without pressing the button.
It offers inconsistent sleep tracking.
Price might be too high.
Withings’ Health Mate app isn’t as socially connected as Fitbit.
Plastic face gets scratched easily.
It has erratic heart rate tracking.
It doesn’t add much over general sleep devices.
There is small display for notifications.
App could be improved.
Plastic casing easily scuffs and scratches.
It shows inaccurate distance measurements.
Tiny OLED second screen is hard to read.
There is no heart rate monitoring.
There are no smart alarms.
It gives limited notifications.
It has some wake up logging issues.
It has superficial performance analysis.
There is lack of actionable advice.
It is pricey.
It ddoesn’t automatically turn on.
It is expensive for a fitness tracker.
Limited fitness features are preesent in it.
Notifications cut off.

Final Say

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Review Summaries
I want a watch with fitness tracking and basic notification features that just works and isn’t fiddly. The Withings Steel HR Sport is that fitness watch.
Even though my first one broke, I still couldn’t find anything better and even after a full refund I bought it again. If you’re looking for a stylish activity tracker then I can’t recommend it enough!
Withings Steel HR Sport is worthy fitness tracker tucked inside a polished analog watch.
The Withings Steel HR comes as close as we’ve ever seen to an everyday watch with full heart rate fitness tracking, but it’s not quite as good as it looks.
The Withings Steel HR may be on the expensive side of fitness tracking, but it has a gorgeous design and could be a great choice if you don’t want a normal fitness tracker.
The Withings Steel HR Sport is well designed, good looking, and comes with enough fitness features and smart notifications to remind you that it’s not a traditional wristwatch—even if it looks like one.
We really like the look of the Withings Steel HR Sport as well as its 20-day battery life, but it’s expensive for the features you get.
If you’re looking for a classy analogue watch with discreet activity tracking thrown in, Withings’ Activité range has always been a great place to start. The Activité, Activité Steel and the Activité Pop are all eminently stylish timepieces that monitor your activity throughout the day, while transitioning happily from the gym to a gala dinner. They positively ooze classy French design.
We like several analog smartwatches. Unfortunately, I can only recommend the Move if you don’t consider yourself an athlete, or if you lead a very cuddly lifestyle. Otherwise, it’s worth ponying up for the Withings Steel. The Steel might not have fancy doodads like connected GPS, but this is one case where the less you add to the watch, the less you screw it up.
The Withings Sleep Analyzer delivers good solid data, on the whole, without having to wear anything to bed. It’s generally reliable and offers some of the best sleep apnea insights on the market. However, we feel the lack of education and ability to use t to make meaningful changes to your sleep will be disappointing for those that have forked out for a dedicated sleep device.
The Withings (Nokia) Body+ Body Composition Wi-Fi Scale gives users a full view of weight, muscle mass, and fat and water percentage. It’s easy-to-use, priced fairly, and makes a good choice for those who want to track their fitness progress.
Withings has taken the fundamental features of its higher-end Steel series watches and pared down the quality and features to a sub-$100 price. And it mostly works.
It’s clearly not a smartwatch. You can’t run apps, and can’t read full notifications (let alone reply to them), so think of this more as an advanced fitness tracker with a classic analogue watch face and a battery that lasts a full month on a single charge. Perfect for some.
Overall, this is a very good working product, it looks good, supports a lot of activities and the software works well. I’m really happy with the purchase of this watch and recommend it to everybody who is looking for a smartwatch.
It looks great, tracks more than just steps and lasts ages on a single charge. It might not deliver full-text notifications, and it might be limited compared with fully fledged smartwatches but it offers a compelling alternative for those who prefer a more classic look.

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