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✅ Pros

The two vents on either side of the massager also ensure that the gun does not overheat when being used.
Review Pros
Color resistance guide is also provided.
WODFitters offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
These bands are strong and durable.
They are simple in design.
It is excellent value for money.
They are also cheaper.
WodFitters are made from very high quality rubber.
These loop bands do not require other attachments.
It is made of high-quality rubber.
Weighing in at a light 2.5lbs. It’s heavy enough to apply pressure without having to push down and light enough to hold and position in hard to reach places.
This resistance band takes the prize of being the highest ranked band.
They provide resistance between 35lbs and 175lbs.
WODFitters Resistance Band comes available in 5 different resistance levels.
They are easier to transport.
The WODFitters Percussion Massage Gun offers 6 different power levels.
The battery was detachable and can be charged as a separate piece for the gun.
It is better than some other products on this list.
The bands come with a handy string bag for portability, so you may use this if you prefer.
These are great bands for people who are rough on their gym equipment, they can stand up to the abuse
They are small and bendable, so you can fold them and put them in your suitcase.
The best thing about these bands is their versatility.
They are made from rubber latex rather than more commonly used natural latex, which offers added strength.
It is very sturdy.
It comes with a free guide.
It comes with instructions.
It has modern design.
For this quality of the workout bands, they are amazingly low priced.
Many reviewers have nothing but great things to say about how they support their product.
It is sturdy and compact.
They work well for doing pull-ups and other exercises.
This muscle foam roller costs about $28 but if you order from the website, you can enjoy various discounts.
The product maintains its elasticity for years to come.
They are lightweight and easy to move around.
The bands have a slick coating
It has the smallest band at 35lbs of tension.
It offers five different colors and resistance levels.
They are made from multiple layers of tough rubber.
They are designed to be an aid when doing pull ups.
They are great for pull-up/chin-up assistance.
The patterns reinvigorate and stimulate muscles evenly.
It offer choice of levels.
You do not have to worry about band breaking.
The gun is very quiet.
WODFitters flat bands are versatile enough for pull ups, chin ups, ring dips and muscle ups.
They make the perfect tool for adding resistance to other accessory lifts and even providing support.
They offer lifetime warranty.
The foam roller is slightly soft, but gets deep into the tissue.
At the most expensive, the 5-pack of resistance bands will run you $129.99 including free shipping, which is already a great price for a quality product.
These 41-inch long bands are sold in set of four or five, as well as individually.
Reviewers have raved about the versatility of these bands.
This glossy design gives it a nice look and the petite size makes it an ideal travel roller.
Each band is lightweight and easily foldable making them great for travelling.
The bands are perfect for using during bench press, dumbbell pressing and other upper body accessories.
They feel sturdy.
They fit well within the draw string bag provided.
No other company can offer the quality of bands, money back guarantee, and lifetime warranty that WODFitters offers.
It has outstanding durability.

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❌ Cons

They are expensive for what you receive.
You might find small defects here and there.
There is no door anchor.
A few reviewers have mentioned their bands tore after one use.
Resistance between the bands feels very drastic.
Their durability is questionable over 250 pounds.
Thickness of bands make almost all exercises past the red band unusable.
It has narrower range than others on this list with 5 bands and a minimum band of 35lbs.
It has too strong smell.
There is no grip or handle.
There have been a few complaints of the bands snapping or tearing quickly.
It has poor quality as compared to many on this list, with customer concerns being raised frequently regarding durability/snapping bands.
Some reviewers feel that the price is too high for just one band.
The WOD Fitters Muscle Foam Rollers do not come with color variations.
It is basic for experienced users.
Neither does the foam rollers have options for sizes.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
WODFitters offers durable, high-quality bands that are just like the kind you’ll come across in many gyms.
WodFitters are made from very high quality rubber. The assisted pull up bands are very popular with crossfitters due to their strenght, reliability, and ability to retain their shape year after year. They come in five diferent resistance and power levels baed on their thickness.
WodFitters can be applied in many ways, from home fitness, stretching to even powerlifting at the gym. This is the band that intermediate athletes will find most suitable, though the instuctions will also aid newcomers.
This is recommended by most professionals because of the quality and effectiveness.
We’re suspicious of the actual tension-ratings of these products looking at the thickness and damage sustained by the smaller red bands, so you might give this product a miss!
I can only recommend these resistance bands for those who need help with suspended body weight exercises such as pull-ups and chin-ups. They can also help with dips if set up properly. Do not buy these if you want to train standard exercises at home. The jump in resistance from each feels to great and may cause injury.
With a ton of reviews, the WODFitters Resistance Band comes available in 5 different resistance levels which are color-coded according to their specific resistance level. This resistance band takes the prize of being the highest ranked band. For the vast majority of people you won’t need to look any further.
We don’t always get excited about using extra workout equipment, but when we do, it’s WODFitters. We’ve loved training and improving our mobility with their resistance bands and we think you will too. With their near 5-star rating and money back guarantee, what do you have to lose?
Are you ready to hold a CrossFit session and push yourself to the maximum limits? You won’t find a better set of resistance bands for this purpose!
We need this, you need this, everyone needs a WODFitters Percussion Massage Gun in their life. We use this thing on the daily and it’s really been a welcome addition to our ongoing quest for optimal performance, health and wellness. Whether you’re using it for a specific sport, recovery from training, or just to help eliminate the aches and pains of everyday life, WODFitters has designed the perfect tool to help you live life to the fullest.
WODFitterspull up bands are high-quality resistance bands that can help get you fitter and healthier.
These bands also have a nice thickness to them. They feel sturdy. You will feel very supported as you perform your exercises. The WODFitters are resilient, consistent, durable, and long-lasting and are the best resistance loop bands.
Simple in design and excellent value for money, WODFitters flat bands are versatile enough for pull ups, chin ups, ring dips and muscle ups. They can also be used for power-lifting sessions. Each band is lightweight and easily foldable making them great for travelling and a accompanying e-guide helps users of all levels expand their exercise repertoire.

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