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✅ Pros

Firmware updates add functionality.
Review Pros
If you want to increase your gaming experience, this device is surely for you.
With 3350 milliampere hours, the Woojer’s Vest has plenty of power.
If you’re a big fan of console-style games on mobile, Woojer is for you.
It is best for newbies who want to experience physical audio at an affordable price.
Excellent information and documentation is available.
The operation of Woojer Vest is practical, and it needs no extra explanations.
Action-movie watching on my phone benefitted the most.
It can deliver a unique music experience and bring you another level of excitement while using it.
It’s a fun experience.
The little device is certainly simple to setup, requiring no actual software interface to translate a game’s audio into tactile feedback.
There is built in amplifier.
The build quality is great.
The battery can last up to 8 hours.
In order to establish a better balance, there are a lot of control components on this device.
I must admit the four main buttons on the wheel of the Strap function really well.
The straps are adjustable so the control panel won’t be out of your reach.
When paired with the right games, it really delivers.
It can be therapeutic as the built-in speakers act as sort of a message.
It is light and comfortable.
It was charged in less than the three hours.
It comes with simple directions.
The elasticated strap is fairly easy to put on and move around.
The Vest Edge is very effective for video games.
It has very high-quality materials and construction.
Green, black, white, and red color choices are available.
Once you configure the Woojer Strap Edge correctly for music, it will sound great, with awesome bass enhancement and a real kick in the chest.
It is compact.
The low frequencies on my chest feel controlled and powerful.
Everything can also work via Bluetooth.
Setup is pretty painless.
To prevent situations where the plugs do not match the socket depending on the region you live in, Woojer provided five additional tips.
The vibrations that reach you will really enhance your virtual gaming experience.
It offers powerful haptic feedback.
The operation of the Woojer Edge Vest is quite simple and intuitive and does not need too many explanations.
Once you’ve connected the vest with your phone via Bluetooth, you can play any song you wish.
The Woojer Vest can also be paired with VR glasses and make your gaming experience as real as it can be.
You can actually feel bass.
When it comes to background audio, such as the ever-present rattle of nearby war in Battlefield 4 or the hum of a deep space craft in Elite: Dangerous, it does add a certain presence to your experience.
It is easy to use.
It’s a great accessory if you move beyond gaming into movies and music regularly.
The experience is unique.
It gives great aesthetics with the flashy front.
It has great look and design.
It is lightweight and portable.
It has cool styling.
There are no drivers to install as it translates the vibes in the hardware itself.
Thanks to the various adjustable straps, the dress can be worn on the most different subjects, starting from quite small people, up to important dimensions.
It works far better than anticipated.
The devices would allow you to feel the sounds without blowing out your speakers, potentially damaging your hearing, or annoying your neighbors.
It is excellent for use in gaming.
To help with navigation, Woojer has included a lighting notification.
Since this device has great sound, it will benefit everyone.
It holds a charge for about 8 hours.
The sensations that it gives whenever something happens on the screen are immaculate and create an unforgivable experience.
It is comfortable to wear without hurting your back.
No additional drivers are needed to make Woojer devices work.
Belt works great both wirelessly and connected.

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❌ Cons

The cord is too short if you wear it above your butt.
The device heats up.
It is pricey at $99.
It doesn’t have the option for fast charging as it’s nowhere near as small as a mobile phone.
The device contains one output, which means that connecting a set of external speakers or headphones is a more intensive process.
With a three-hour battery life you can bet there’ll be times where you’ll actually bother to wire yourself into the little silent sub-woofer only to find it a light on the necessary juice.
The Woojer devices can’t differentiate between game sounds and music.
The problem is, that vest costs about $800, which has mainly limited its use to VR arcades and other location-based experiences.
You’ll need to turn the headphone volume up pretty high in some games to get that woojer thumping.
It is not inexpensive or altogether necessary.
It only works with headphones/headsets.
The biggest issue with the Woojer Strap Edge is that it requires some adjustment where its effect is greatly enhanced or reduced by the quality and or loudness of your headphones.
It takes time to acclimatize to improve immersion.
If the bass on the chest is insane, but it’s not on the headphones, your brain may not link the two as one listening experience, mine does not at least.
The price point feels fairly high.
$300 is not reasonable for anyone.
It is not a featherweight.
The immersive effect is not the same as the vest.
The Woojer doesn’t actually deliver anything integral to the experience.
It lacks the ability for multidirectional feedback.
Despite its size, its not terribly comfortable on the go.
The cable is on the short side.
The frequency you feel isn’t clear, it’s just a vibrating mess on your chest.
The plastic clip is not very sturdy.
It is expensive.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
The Vest Edge is a hugely enjoyable addition to a VR gaming setup. You’ll love the comfort, the styling, and the added sensation it gives to music, movies and games. Just don’t expect it to provide all-encompassing directional haptic feedback – if you’re looking for that prepare to spend an even more eye-watering amount.
Woojer adds the thump your earbuds have been missing. They are a little pricy, and occasionally a little warm, but totally worth it. Even more so if you are hearing impaired like I am.
It does do what it says it will, but is that anything we’d actually want to pay for or would bother to make the effort of attaching to ourselves whenever we wanted to play a game Woojer? No, we wouldn’t.
The Woojer Strap Edge rests on the side of gimmicky which probably doesn’t come as a surprise. Whilst it’s a neat concept and works with a bit of tweaking here and there to suit, it’s not something that will replace normal listening of music or playing games. It’s a fun, well made device, that is easy to set-up and use for specific experiences if you want the extra enhancement much like 4D experiences in the cinema.
It’s an experience that’s hard to put into words, but the Woojer haptic devices allow you to feel sound. Developed by Woojer co-founder and chief technology officer Mor Efrati, the Woojer Vest Pro delivers 7.1 surround sound straight into people’s bodies so that they can immerse themselves into music, movies, and video games like never before. The problem is, that vest costs about $800, which has mainly limited its use to VR arcades and other location-based experiences.
To sum up our Woojer Vest review, we can say that this is a great choice for a new VR experience. If you’re looking to create your own VR set before the metaverse launches, investing in the Woojer Vest is a smart choice. It’s the most expensive out of your potential VR set, however, it is the biggest piece of the puzzle. The price itself is high because of the quality and expensive features that you won’t find in other vests.
If in doubt, keep in mind that this device alone has made millions. The reason is quite obvious. Thanks to great specifications, comfort and affordable price, it will offer you an unprecedented experience. Woojer Vest is the right choice if you want to fully feel the melody. The best way to do this is to use it while watching a movie, playing video games or listening to music. Once you enter your music library with this futuristic vest, you will not be able to stop listening to music.
This isn’t an audiophile product and it doesn’t pretend to be. It prioritizes the haptic experience over audio quality. With that in mind, however, it’s seriously fun. Want your pelvis to vibrate while you listen to some deep bass hits? Want to feel the video explosions as well as hear them in a blockbuster movie? The Strap Edge is not for everyone. It’s a bit of a novelty and a toy, but a really nicely made one.
It’s compact (which allows it to be used outdoors), easy to use, affordable and offers the basic haptic experience which will probably make you want to ask for more and since at the end of the day that’s what really counts, I strongly recommend checking it out.
Final verdict after 2 days of use. Can you go around the loss of sound quality? Yes, you can plug the device using its usb cable to the PC, it makes it better. Can you go back enjoying music fully without it? Absolutely, categorically, hell no.
If you want to increase your gaming experience, this device is surely for you. The sensations that it gives whenever something happens on the screen are immaculate and create an unforgivable experience. It might be hard for you to get back to regular gaming since this item will change the way you play forever.
It is comfortable to wear but if you sit on a chair and wear it around your chest, the battery on the back will poke you. So you can simply wear it on the waist or turn it so that the battery is on your side rather than back.
The part I found useful was how simple the directions were. I find that ease of directions can be the one part that makes or breaks a product and the directions that Woojer includes for this device are great. I found the belt to actually be therapeutic in a way as the vibrations from the built-in speakers act as sort of a message. The overall best part about the belt is the look.
If you prefer more action-packed, console-style gaming on the go, Woojer does a fantastic job of delivering the force feedback that gaming on-the-go otherwise fails to deliver. It’s just a shame that you probably won’t want to wear it out of the house.
Overall we can define ourselves definitely satisfied with the product itself, we really appreciated his abilities, but maybe it’s not his time yet. For now, it will probably remain a niche product, but we are sure that, even with the advancement of 3D technology, can become a tool not to be missed.

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