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✅ Pros

I successfully tested on up to 2 GB database size.
Review Pros
WPvivid Backup Pro offers incremental backups to ensure it isn’t slowing down your site as it works in the background to backup all your data once it’s been configured to your needs.
It offers scheduled automatic backups.
It helps back up multisite networks.
You can include/exclude files.
It allows white labelling.
It has simple interface.
There is a free version on They also offer a pro version available with additional features.
It ensures database backup encryption.
You can set a size limit for files that you’re not interested in backing up.
It can also do split-archive with custom sizing, useful when your server has storage or processing limits that won’t let you generate huge archives.
The plugin comes with a very easy-to-use interface.
It allows incremental backups that are not supported by most other backup plugins.
You can choose whether you want to back up the entire website or just the database or files.
It can create or recover a backup by using a single button.
With a single click, you can switch your WordPress account to a different domain.
It supports a wide range of cloud providers, from Amazon S3, Dropbox, Azure, Google Drive, FTP, etc.
You can store your backup files on your local server or on any remote server of your choice.
You can set each file’s size boundary. Files exceeding the size limit will not be backed up.
You can select from numerous cloud storage providers including Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon S3, Microsoft OneDrive, FTP, SFTP, and more.
WPvivid don’t limit backup size, the only limits may be your cloud storage or hosting account.
You can create a staging site on a subdirectory of your production site to safely test changes before you make them live.
Creating backups with WPvivid is a piece of cake.
It offers backup support for large databases and files.
It sets a schedule for your website’s backups to run automatically.
You can transfer your site to a new domain, from a development environment to a server or new domain, or from one live server to another.
Database has the largest support.
It supports website migration.
You can store backups to Google Drive, Dropbox, Amazon S3, Microsoft OneDrive, etc.
You can restore from local, FTP, or remote.
Multiple cloud storage options are available.
You can upload your backups to remote storage sites such as Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, SFTP, FTP, and Google Drive among others.
With the help of WPvivid, Off-site copies can be sent to a different site.
It allows customizable backups.
It has user-friendly interface.
24/7 ticket support is available.
You can schedule automatic backups on a frequency of your choosing.
The plugin allows you to automatically delete all the images that are not used in your posts and pages.
It allows staging sites with ‘push to live’ feature.
It is a single plugin with multiple features.
You can make as many backup copies as you think necessary.
It is also useful when webhosts block other backup plugins but not this one.
Free Version and affordable premium plans are available.
The design works on all devices, tablets for phones, and PCs.
It supports multiple types of migrations including dev environment to a new server, dev environment to a new domain or live server to another.
One of WPvivid’s most powerful features is the automated backups that save you plenty of time.
It has customizable backup potions.
It is easy to use.
The plugin allows you to transfer your WordPress site with a single click.
It can also do migrations.
The plugin keeps a trail of activities during the backup and restorations so you can easily troubleshoot it.
It supports up to 2 GB database size.
You can create or restore your website with a single click.
You can clean up all the temporary and junk files created during the backup and restoration process.
It is easy to use.
It secures backup data by encryption.
They’ve been used on more than 90,000 websites to do more than just back up and safely migrate data files.
It offers complete migration and backup for WordPress websites.
You can start using the plugin for free.
It is compatible with many local hosting providers.
WPvivid offers you to build a copy of your WordPress account in seconds.
WPvivid has all the features of a paid plugin, but it’s free.
It helps create a staging environment for your site.
Temporary and junk files are all cleaned up.
It supports five of the leading cloud drives on the web for free.
You can scan your WordPress media library for unused files, and then select whether to clean unique or all unused images with the help of it.
You can split your backups into smaller sizes, useful if you have size limits for your backups.
It offers incremental backups.
As far as its backup migration capabilities, WPvivid Backup Pro supports manual migration methods, as well as auto migration and migration via remote storage (as a premium feature).
It has comprehensive multi-tasking core features.
Full backup features include granular options, scheduling, and backup remotely.
They have a comprehensive privacy policy.

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❌ Cons

Its free version does not allow a website staging environment for testing updates (Luckily, the Pro does).
Cloud restore might experience issues for shared hosting.
For now, there is no MU support.
The free version doesn’t allow an incremental backup. That’s why the whole process may take longer to finish.
More options are needed for cloud storage.
It does not support real-time backups.
Migration feature is not functional yet.
It is not multisite subdomain compatible.
It doesn’t have a built-in website security aspect, which can prevent malware.
We’d like to see more cloud storage choices.
Shared hosting might deal with cloud restore issues.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
The WPvivid Backup plugin is one of the finest backup plugins for WordPress. And it really includes all of the tools that you’ll need and has a great user interface that makes using the plugin a breeze.
Using the WPvivid Backup Plugin to backup and/or transfer a WordPress site is very easy. Not only does it provide an impressive range of backup features and an extremely user-friendly experience, but it also compares favorably to industry favorite UpdraftPlus.
WPVivid is a WordPress backup plugin that offers basic features of backup, migration, and staging for free. You can send your backup files to remote storage locations and use the files to migrate your site. One thing that stands out about WPVivid is that it lets you clean up unused images before you backup your site. This way, your backup files will be smaller and free from clutter. The backup and restore process becomes faster and lighter.
This is an amazing free plugin to use for any WordPress site. Hopefully Easy Site Migration feature will be added to the plugin soon. Again, this plugin is free, so it costs nothing but your time and curiosity to download and try it out.
The plugin is excellent, with a free trial for new users and a premium version, WPvivid Backup Pro, with a lot more customization options. It includes features that allow you to create staging sites, do incremental backups, and display only certain sections/features based on user roles.
WPvivid is an amazing backup and migration plugin that I highly recommend. It is easy to use and offers a lot of useful features. Apart from BlogVault and Updraftplus, I recommend this plugin for backing up your WordPress blog or website. You should check out WPvivid if you haven’t already.
WPVivid backup is one of the newer backup plugins, and it does not look bad. It supports a wide range of cloud providers, from Amazon S3, Dropbox, Azure, Google Drive, FTP, etc., and incremental backups that are not supported by most other backup plugins. Creating a backup can take a while, especially on huge sites.
The WPvivid Backup plugin is without a doubt one of the best backup plugins for WordPress. It ships with all the features you need to backup, restore and migrate WordPress sites like a pro. On top of that, it comes with a nice user interface that makes using the plugin a breeze. Oh, and you can grab it for free from
All in all, WPvivid will effortlessly suffice any kind or backup and migration operations for a WordPress website of any size or niche!
Tons of pro features all for free. It backup and restore locally, remote backups, site cloning. Incredible stuff. I just tried it and I love it. It has even more features in its free version than BackWPup.
Overall, this plugin gives you a lot of helpful functionality at a very attractive price point (free!). It can help you put your entire backup schedule on autopilot, including safely storing those backups at remote storage locations. What’s more, it also makes it easy to restore from those backups. And the site migration feature is really handy for development because you can use it to move from local to live or create your own staging site.
WPvivid Backup Plugin is a comprehensive backup WordPress plugin that simplifies the process of cloning and migrating a site, performing scheduled and manual backups, and storing backups in the cloud. Users can also restore and download backups from their WordPress site’s WPvivid dashboard.
WPvivid Backup Pro is a great backup plugin you can safely set up and start using to migrate your site. They’ve been used on more than 90,000 websites to do more than just back up and safely migrate data files.
WPvivid is the best backup plugin and must-have tool for a WordPress website. Being full of useful features, it doesn’t fail to perform well, regardless of the size and type of a website. Moreover, the features like site staging and data encryption make your website more secure. This plugin also makes it easy to move your website from one domain to another. We recommend WPvivid to all our readers.
We think that with WPvivid Backup Plugin, backing up, restoring, and transferring WordPress Websites has never been this easy. If you are in the hunt for a new WordPress backup solution, WPvivid could be perfect for you.

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