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Pros and Cons

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✅ Pros

It offers low price.
Review Pros
Good training videos ara available.
It is slick in operation.
There are training modules with videos.
You can find jobs within the platform.
It also has portfolio feature.
It has wWord Processor function.
There is a range of places to pitch writing work.
New writers will leran how much to charge the clients.
Organized job listings are present.
Great distraction-free text editor is available with readability functions.
It’s good for both newbies and experienced writers.
It also has track your work function.
You can learn how to write.

❌ Cons

On Writers.work website there is no about page.
There is hyped up advertising by outside individuals.
There is no free trial.
Goals feature needs far more options to be worthwhile.
There are so many negative reviews.
It does not have a 5-star rating with Trustpilot.
The writers.work team’s previous project leaves a sour taste.
The owners of Writers.work are the same people behind a confirmed scam called Writing Master Jobs.
Advertising for this product is uncomfortably misleading.
There is no way to filter older opportunities.

Final Say

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Review Summaries
While writers.work may not be something every writer needs, it’s a decent bundle for people getting started at a friendly price. However, some people will inevitably be put off by the company’s somewhat seedy previous foray into products for writers and their rather exploitative advertising.
$47 for a lifetime membership does not sound like a lot of money, and they offer good tools. But after reading the negative reviews and the people complaining about not getting refunds then I would not invest in it.
In reality, a $47 price tag is a good deal with everything that’s included in Writers Work. It seems peanuts when you compare it to the benefits that you are going to get to obtain a new freelance writing career.

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