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✅ Pros

The admission is free for children under the age of 4.
Review Pros
There are several large buffet style restaurants in the park.
The main gym is just as nice and as state of the art as any big-city gym.
You can save 15% by booking online.
If needed, you can rent lockers, towels, wheelchairs, strollers, and snorkel gear.
If you buy online, there’s even a weather guarantee that will let you rebook any day within one year.
It is a very good value for the entire day of entertainment.
The rooms feel lavish and comfortable, perfectly designed to offer a blend of nature, art, and contemporary design.
There are lots of hammocks along the beach to the right of the lazy river exit.
There are many animals you can observe in the park.
Xcaret is very family friendly.
If you’re staying in Cancun, you can get a free admission to the Cancun Scenic Tower with your Xcaret bracelet.
You will get the best price when you buy the tickets online. Getting them in advance will give you a discount.
There are lots of things to do at Xcaret.
You will discover coves, rivers, caves, and lots of jungle throughout the property.
Xcaret is an experience of Mexican culture and history.
It offers galue for money.
Change rooms are available for everyone.
You can add on optional activities when you buy your tickets online.
All of the menus have been designed to surprise your palate as well as to accommodate any dietary preference your lifestyle requires.
They offer life jackets and they have lifeguards patrolling.
The park is fully wheelchair and stroller accessible.
Xcaret natural adventure park has many snack areas and several buffet restaurants.
The Mexican cowboy show is quite entertaining and worth watching.
Xcaret often has specials on the website.

❌ Cons

Because Xcaret is not all-inclusive, you may find that the expenses start to add up.
It can be a little confusing with all the different options of tickets.
The park does not allow outside food.
You will need to bring cash and a credit card with you.
You’re unlikely to explore the entire park in one visit, especially with young children.

Final Say

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Review Summaries
Xcaret Park (pronounced ish-kah-ret) is the biggest and most popular destination in the Riviera Maya of Mexico. It’s a huge eco park that features a wide variety of activities, shows, and exhibits which showcase the history, culture, and natural beauty of Mexico. It features animals, physical activities in a natural setting, and lots of exhibits and live performances.
In our opinion it’s worth the price.However, you’ll want to be prepared before you go. We learned a lot during our first visit to the park. The big realization was that we were not fully prepared for our visit.
With an average entrance fee of $100 USD per person you are getting a great deal when you stay here because all ccess to all of Xcaret’s parks are included in your stay with transport so make the most of them.
We really like this park and highly recommend it to all visiting the Rivera Maya. It is a huge park with so much to see and do. It highlights some of the natural beauty of the area as well as the rich culture of Mexico. We are sure anyone that goes will have a good time. This park is good for people of all ages and even good during all weather.
If you buy online, there’s even a weather guarantee that will let you rebook any day within one year. You can add on optional activities when you buy your tickets online. Xcaret often has specials on the website.

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