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✅ Pros

They were easy to install.
Review Pros
The print work, padding, and details on the box for both these kits were better than anything I’ve ever seen.
They are reasonably close to the color of the factory LED low beams.
The kit was a perfect OEM replacement.
Xenon Depot’s shipping and packaging were both incredibly clean and professional.
The Xenon Depot Xtremes had instructions with high-quality vector graphics that were just easier to read.
The design of the Xenon Depot Xtremes look and feel like an Apple product.
They have an even light output.
You will be able to actually speak to a human at Xenon Depot.
The install for both kits were very straight forward.
They are noticeably brighter than the factory halogens.
Working with Steve and Xenon Depot the last couple of days has been nothing but smooth and easy.
All of the connectors fit snugly and very securely.
The functionality in the Xenon Depot LED bulb features the ability to dial the bulbs into whatever position you need to.

❌ Cons

The only down fall was that they still errored.

Final Say

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Review Summaries
Both HID kits made a good initial impression with their packaging. Their initial impressions were only reinforced by excellent build quality and lighting characteristics. I would highly recommend either of these two kits to e90 / e92 owners. The only down fall was that they still errored, we’re working on a solution and should have answers soon. The e90 is getting a software update and the e92 will try out a new harness and fix.
There is a reason why Xenon Depot is known for 4Runner headlights. They have a bad ass product, are well-trusted, and have satisfied hundreds of 4Runner owners across the USA and Canada. Well done Xenon Depot. Cheers!
At least for now, I’m pleased with the Xtreme ED pro high beams. I just hope they last at least through the warranty period which is likely longer than I’ll have the 2019 Ridgeline they’re installed in.

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