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✅ Pros

I think they’d feel wonderful on a thicker, more voluminous foot.
Review Pros
They look great too.
Sandals are comfortable and lightweight, making them pleasant for a variety of uses.
The durable design is most easily noticeable around the toe box, which is reinforced with multiple layers of this same synthetic layer.
The boot also has a cozy flannel lining, which is great for keeping my feet warm in cold weather outside.
The rubber sole allows my feet to really feel the road surface.
It is made of durable yet breathable materials.
I found the Denver Leather boot to fit true to size.
It is very comfortable if you’re used to this type of shoe.
They have the best traction of any Xero shoe I’ve tried, and I had no issues conquering a few summits in these bad boys.
It is durable and minimal/barefoot-inspired road running shoe.
It has grippy and durable outsole.
My feet were comfortable all day.
Another pro is the removable insole and the finished interior construction in this model.
It has a foam pad in the insole for recovery.
They’re perfect for all seasons and ocassions.
These shoes offer wide, toe-spreading fit.
It gives natural road feel and flexibility.
I stayed true to size, and it felt just right.
The third aspect that I like about the Xero Shoes Prio is its thicker upper construction.
This is a great trainer, offered at a great price.
They’re great value for money.
Xero Shoes will be fine for anyone with a regular to narrow foot.
It has minimal stack height.
For those with patience, has plenty of nice learning resources and barefoot running tips.
They have just enough protection to make hiking feel safe while maintaining that minimalist feel.
The shoe flexes in all directions, giving your foot the freedom to do as it wants while still providing some mild protection.
There is a 5,000-mile sole warranty on these bad boys.
The sole on this shoe comes with Xero Shoes 5,000 mile warranty which is also a nice perk and thing to keep in mind.
Pricing is fair.
They’re roomy, and provide flexibility and space for feet that have been hiking and walking all day.
The Daylight Hiker Fusion will do great in hot climates and on summits.
All of their shoes are made with a zero-drop heel and wide toe box, allowing your feet to move and flex naturally.
They come in two different widths.
The lockdown was good enough that I would even take these on trails.
Featuring wider and anatomic fit, the mesh upper provides plenty of room and breathability.
They have wide and deep toebox (allowing my toes to spread out).
My feet tend to get hot quickly, but I felt more breathability than usual with this shoe.
It is versatile.
The outsole and construction feel grounded.
A thick ankle cushion offers a comfortable fit.
Compared to other barefoot shoes on the market, this is one of the more cost-efficient barefoot shoes that have adequate construction features in regard to prolonged durability.
The Denver Leather boot is lightweight at 11.6 oz, with a 4mm lugged dual-chevron tread on a FeelTrue® rubber sole.
The waterproof feature was effective as my feet were still dry after walking through mud and puddles.
The mesh upper makes them extremely lightweight.
Sole material is durable, flexible, and comes with 5000 mile warranty.
These shoes are literally like running barefoot.
At $150 the Xero Xcursion is comparable to most boots of the same quality.
They are really comfy, light, and easy to adjust both at the thong strap and at the heel.
There’s plenty of depth in the toe box.
They also use durable, high-quality materials and construction techniques to ensure their shoes will last.
DIY sandal kits offer a wide variety of colors, charms and pendants.
The layered toe cap and thicker materials are great for abrasion resistance and for protecting the shoe from ripping.
The colorway choices that are available go great with most hiking gear or outfits you may be wearing.
There is zero-drop between the heel and the ball of the foot.
They are extremely lightweight.
They’re good for your feet.
If you are looking for a minimalist summer hiking boot, look no further than the Daylight Hiker Fusion.
There is a solid strip of material to cover and protect your tootsies from any gravel and other debris.
The Xero HFS is a super flexible.
Wide toe box allows the toes to splay and grip.
An 8.5 mm stack height provides protection and solid ground feel, with an option to drop to 5 mm without the insole.
It is durable.
At 20 ounces for a pair of women’s mediums, they’re significantly lighter than most mid boots.

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❌ Cons

Feet and ankles might become sore at first.
Trail runners and hikers may find barefoot running sandals too risky for certain environments.
DIY kits take a healthy amount of time to assemble the first time.
I know cushion was not the main goal of this shoe, but just a little more cushion in the insole would give this shoe a wider appeal.
It has overly padded upper.
Amuri Cloud ready-to-go lacing system requires patience and fiddling, I’ve had a hard time getting mine right for running.
It is weighty.
They’re not the best-looking barefoot shoe on the market.
If your feet are strongly fan-shaped, meaning your forefoot is much wider than the mid-foot, you may find the forefoot too small.
If you’re a serious athlete in need of a super lightweight barefoot shoe, then the Prio may feel a tad bulky for you.
While I appreciated the lockdown feel in the ankle, the shoe was a bit tight in the toe box.
The sole is more minimal than I expected but will take some time to wear in.
Feet can take a battering.
It is bulky.
I have to wear them pretty tight to be secure.
They are not ideal for people with narrow or shallow feet.
There is no support for high arches.
This is not a year-round hiking boot.
You may need to order half a size bigger than what you would normally buy. This is trial and error.
The upper feels cheap, and a little flimsy.
There’s a bit of stiffness inhibiting all-around foot movement.
They are not waterproof, I could even feel morning dew on tall grass getting into the breathable mesh on the top of the shoe.
It will take some getting used to for people accustomed to cushioned shoes.
The unstructured heel provides little support if you need it.
I also don’t love the look of all the toggles and doo dads, but these are sport sandals not stylish sandals.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
The Xero Shoes Prio comes in at a price point you can’t complain at. It ties that price with durability, which is a win-win in most eyes. The only reason I’d advise you to look at other shoes is if you’re looking for the closest to barefoot as possible or you have an overly wide forefoot.
A zero-drop, lightweight, running shoe suitable for short road races right through to the marathon. The breathable mesh upper and effective tension straps keeping your foot snug allow you to improve your running style to be more efficient and in contact with the ground.
Overall, I’m very pleased with the Xero Shoes’ Denver Leather boot. It’s made with high-quality materials, features a zero-drop heel, and allows my feet to move and flex naturally. Plus, it looks great and is lightweight and durable. I definitely recommend this boot to anyone looking for a comfortable and stylish barefoot shoe.
Ultimately, Xero Shoes can make walking a fun experience again. It’s a footwear trend that’s here to stay and that has the potential to change the way you think about shoes. If you’re looking for an innovative alternative to traditional shoes, Xero Shoes are certainly worth considering.
For anyone looking for hybrid training and running barefoot shoes, the Xero Shoes Prio is a pretty good bet. This shoe has a great price point and is also a solid introductory barefoot shoe for anyone wanting to train with this footwear.
Overall, I like these shoes most for training for running quicker and smarter, however, I don’t think I can do long runs in them. At least not yet.
The Xero HFS is one of the best minimalist running shoes out there for simulating barefoot running while providing defense from environmental hazards.
Based on the materials used, I don’t know that I’d pay $170 for another pair. But maybe next time, I’ll give one of the brand’s iconic sandals a spin… and take the next step forward to full barefoot freedom.
I recommend this shoe to anyone looking to try something new. If you are feeling weighed down by heavy boots and looking for a little more ankle support than a trail running shoe, this boot is your sweet spot. Despite the sizing issues, this is a good shoe to give a try. With a price comparable to most hiking boots and trail running shoes, you won’t break the bank on your next durable hiking boot.
When it comes to minimalist training, the Xero Shoes Prio is a shoe that offers solid protection while staying true to its barefoot-running roots. From the adjustable huarache-style straps to the optional insole, no other shoe we tested provides the same flexibility of design features. As our Top Pick for Road Running, this shoe is likely to inspire your running for years to come.
Given the reasonable price points of Xero Shoes, especially the DIY sandal kits, if you can handle the aforementioned qualifications, why not try them out? Worst case, you’ll have gained a fun pair of walking sandals.
Each barefoot shoe brands brings its own unique flavor to the table, and I love that. But I also love seeing a brand evolve and improve over time. Thanks Xero Shoes for listening to the needs of the community!
A versatile and robust training and racing shoe that requires adaptation but delivers a natural stride for those who want to feel as connected as possible to running.
Overall, I’m a fan. After all, I have more Xero Shoes than I know what to do with. However, not all their shoes are worth it. They aren’t cheap, and it is good to read many reviews before making your purchase. Xero Shoes does a great job marketing their products, and they have good products, but not all Xero Shoes were created equal.
Overall, the Xero 360s are a decent quality pair of comfortable shoes. I am a fan, all things considered. One of the new products from Xero, I’m excited to see what other huarache-inspired shoes the company comes up with. They’re not the most high-quality nor the most high-tech, so I do think the 360s are a bit expensive for what you get.

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